Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Lis Pendens was filed against me today. Still have not been served yet with papers.

OneWest Bank is the plaintiff....funny how they told me they could not modify my loan because they did not own it, yet they can foreclose on me. Imagine that...

MERS was listed as mortagee & nominee and there has been no assignment of mortgage filed either.

Here we go.....
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Don't worry so much, you have a good lawyer. Check the post I post today about a foreclosure case dismissed with prejudice after 4 years fighting.

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Hi Ann!

I sent Mr. Graham an email last night letting him know. Still no word yet from him. I will call tomorrow if I don't hear anything by then. They still have not served me with the papers yet though.
My dog started going nuts a few times today, so I looked, but nothing yet.

No matter how confident you are seeing those papers filed is still gonna shake ya a bit.

Thanks for your help though. Makes me feel better knowing I have a friend
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Don't be afraid it is a legal farce take a look at this:As described in the Massachusetts Case of US Bank vs. Albanez, after the Originator closes the loan, the mortgage is sold several times before it ALLEGEDLY ends us in the hands of
the Trust.

2 critical points blow the foreclosure out of the water and
may be used as evidence against them for fraud and criminal violations:
1) The sales of the mortgage are never recorded locally, yet
the prospectus normally requires this, as does State Law. Therefore the Trust can NEVER prove they own the mortgage and have standing to foreclose. If any law firm ever did due diligence, this would scream at them. And all the Affidavits
by the Servicer and the Law Firms representing the banks are evidence of Perjury and collusion. 60 million cases of perjury and fraud.
2) The entities between the Originator and the Trust are almost always NEVER members of MERS. Therefore, according to MERS Rules, the mortgage is supposed to be assigned out of MERS,
to the non-member, and then back in again, if it ever gets recorded. Whoever signs the alleged assignments as “MERS Certifying Officers” is also guilty of Perjury and Fraud.
Often times, this MERS Certifying Officer is a top attorney
for the foreclosing law firm!!!!!!!
You can then get SANCTIONS against all the parties and get reimbursed for all your legal fees
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It will be a long fight to defend our home. Get some Yoga lessons to learn relaxation and control stress like I do. It will take a couple years to litigate and each legal steps is unexpected and depends on the Judge humor of the day. I try to learn and be informed as much as I can to get ready for the battle. I even have flexible plan B and even plan C to fall on just in case.  At least we have an execellent lawyer to lean on. For now , Foreclosure Defense Manuals are my bed side books, the Court house & Law library are my playground and Msfraud & Livinglies  are my favorite websites  Thanks for all your guys support .
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4 Justice Now

"Get some Yoga lessons to learn relaxation and control stress"

Great advice that is all too often not considered by us victims. 

Thanks for the reminder.


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I'm OK now, but my first reaction to seeing it was finally filed was stress...LOL

Cannot do yoga due to most of my back being fused. I have a harrington rod going from my neck to my waist. Though I know many who never had surgery that is has helped. Will have to think of some other ways.

My pets relieve stress for me....cannot get angry when you have a ten pound dog scraping at your leg to pet her. I also have a Black Lab who is very senstive....when he sees me cry he comes and sits next to me....always faithful....loves unconditonally... 

Annyone know how long after they file the lis pendens that we get served? It had been five day since they filed and nothing....not even a letter in the mail.
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Got the papers today; they were laying on my front envelope even. Just thrown on the ground, like the paper boy throws your morning paper. 

I was home all day today and they did not even ring the bell or knock. They noted they came on Saturday too, but that is also false as I was home all weekend with a stomach bug.

I have been waiting on them, so it is not like I have been avoiding it. Oh & they filed a lost note claim as well
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Hi Margaret,
Don't worry , you are in good hand. Mr. D. Graham will take good care of us.
Keep yourself in good health, be informed and we are together with you.
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Hi Ann,

Yes, I am very happy with Mr. Graham so far.

He has been very responsive to my emails & actually called me several times to explain things to me.

He seems like he actually cares about his clients.
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