Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Please be advised that the continuous posts on this forum and related posts and videos on the internet about me are authored by Markana Smith – she emails me and tells me so.  These posts are most recently as a result of the legal action pending against her in Pinellas County, Florida, captioned Nickolas C. Ekonomides, P.A. v. Markana Smith.


In response, Markana Smith is attempting to harm the reputation of Nickolas C. Ekonomides, P.A., Nick Ekonomides individually, and my wife, children and family as clearly evidenced by the Slapp suit thread wherein she posted my Social Security Number and made derogatory comments about my wife, my children and my mother.  That thread has since been removed.


Markana is being sued for breach of contract for firing me and then accepting the settlement I negotiated while refusing to pay her legal fees or any costs for even copies and postage incurred on her behalf. I believe the proof will show the settlement negotiated that she took advantage of was in the tens of thousands of dollars. Her representation stemmed out of certain real estate transactions specifically involving alleged mortgage fraud.


As to her allegation(s) that I attempted to delay her case, or keep her file, or steal her file, it is Markana who refused to respond to any request for necessary information to file her action (such as medical records to support alleged damages suffered by her mother and sister), even though she was informed I had a large settlement on the table for her, after which she fired me, did NOT hire another attorney to file suit against her lender, and accepted the settlement I negotiated even contacting me first to ask me how much she would have to pay me for my fees if she did accept the settlement. I was entitled to copy costs before returning her file. I waited for her to pay at least that but she did not and I returned copies of her file anyway.


As to her allegation that I tried to keep her insurance proceeds, she requested we hold the proceeds in my trust account along with certain of her mortgage payments so as to not indicate acquiescence by her accepting and using the insurance funds. Consistent with her desire, the two insurance checks were sent to her endorsed to my trust account (not business account) to be held until her claims were resolved. Her allegations are patently false and none of her funds were retained by Nickolas C. Ekonomides, P.A. Most clients would be thankful for finally getting their insurance proceeds with no lender strings attached.


As to coming to this forum to find clients, I do not. My office phone rings weekly and at times daily with foreclosure defense questions. It is not well paid work as can be imagined since people in foreclosure are strapped financially.


My complaint against Markana must now be amended to allege slander and libel per se for her continuous on-line false statements attacking me in my profession. Markana should prove her breach of contract defense, if any, in court but instead elects to purposely post false statements on the internet. Unfortunately, even if Markana were to agree to remove the statements in question, it is unlikely she has the access to do so. For example, sites that do not provide a specific user account can not be edited by the user of the site. Therefore, what she has posted on various sites on the internet if found by the court to be damaging to me, likely will be permanently damaging thus increasing her liability.


I have come to this forum occasionally to witness my character assassination. It appears it has been ongoing for 3 years. It is difficult to witness.


But the most daunting challenge I will face is to explain to my children, as they get more Google and Youtube savvy and find videos and posts about their name, the motivations of the person trying to hurt them and their father. They love their father so much yet must be convinced hate in return is not justified by the hate received even when publicly ridiculed and falsely accused.


Please let me know if you have any questions or feel free to contact me at for further information.


Nickolas C. Ekonomides
Nickolas C. Ekonomides, P.A.
791 Bayway Boulevard
Clearwater, Florida 33767

Telephone 727-447-1075
Facsimile 727-447-1035


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1. Nick NEVER one time asked for any money for copies to return my file. I have pages of Proof he tried to STEAL my file.

2. I NEVER talked about his children or his wife. I told the person that did, not to.

3. The medical info and other stuff Nick requested was AFTER I TOLD HIM I WAS FIRING HIM. He sent more them 3 emails day after day to try to show a paper trail that I was not being corporative. I have letters and emails to PROVE what I say is TURE! Why would I send him anything after telling him I was firing him?

4. The settlement was not even close to Nicks unauthorized settlement offers he was sending out with out even telling me. I have proof. He will see.

5. As far as children, Nickolas Ekonomides has been hurting my children since he took my cases in 2005. He called my mom and told he that I was the cause of a Young mother being put in the street with her small children. That's about the 19 others thing. He tried to get me to come to a FAKE settlement meeting. Him and the AQ attorneys tried to blackmail me, Telling me in email that I was hurting other because I would not show up 300 hundred miles away.

I did make a video about him, All the info in the VIDEO was TRUE and can be proved.

He posted my case info and private info on the and other forums.

If he feels the stuff I posted is untrue, Then I challenge him to PROVE ME WRONG!

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