Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I third that and .  and >. don't really give much name for name calling. As for Moderatorsplease This IS & all ways WILL be a FREE country regardless of how the fat pig swine try to "redefine", "contribute" (bribe), "amend", "regulate"(which in my eyes is a false sense of security), "stabilize population" (kill people in mass numbers), & "socialize" (enslave) America. If justice is blind then why does she condemn a man who resorted to strong armed robbery (in order for him to provide and his family to survive) to life in prison, (when the victims were shaken up at best) & condemn men who survive in order to disarm, rob and imprison people (leaving families resort-less) to life in paradise & permanent power (when the victims saw no other alternative to taking their own life before it could be taken at worst) ?    

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"neighbers freinds etc
 our moto is if its right its right if its wrong its wrong i promis i will do my absolute best to help improve our country for our children as an archangel knight im setting up an email where you can send your info and breif desscription of your woes please take this serious 1 really want us to grow 1.000.000 strong"

krsrepos did you ever get the 1,000,000 people?????? i now steven signed up but was hethe only 1??????
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what we need to do is do it like how the federal reserve got w. wilson to sign the fed act. we contract with any potential politician to make specific changes by specific dates in exchange for our votes. there is a reason why obama is getting away with broken promises we never got it in writing.

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Even though I find some of Mike's comments disturbing, I don't see a reason to ban him.  He brings his own way of enlightenment to a discussion. LOL!

Actually Mike does have his own views on different issues.  We all do.  Not everyone is going to agree on every single issue.

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   Since this is "Memorial Day", where we honor the memory of those who gave their lives for this country and the ideals of Liberty,Equality and Fraternity, I think we should think back to the struggles of the early
Federalists like Washington and Hamilton who risked their very lives and
fortunes to give birth to this Nation. After much debate, they pushed through
a political masterpiece called the "Constitution of the United States".
   Unfortunately, this document is largely ignored by "our" political leaders
in the name of expediency.
   Washington warned us against "entangling foreign alliances" which would
draw us into foreign wars which would bankrupt us and serve no useful
purpose. Hamilton warned us against excessive debt as being the enemy of
"Liberty". He proposed a largely government owned Bank to use the "National
Debt" as the basis for the issuance of an "interest free" national currency,
backed by silver and gold, and based on the taxing power of the US Congress.
    Instead of this, what do we have? A Congress and President controlled by
a foreign power and a financial system controlled by a private banking system
"the Federal Reserve System". The result: a country bogged down in foreign
wars and a population in debt up to their necks. Yes, change is what we need, a change back to the principles that made America great!
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4 Justice Now
Yes, we in deed do. Nice post Mike.

Thanks to all those who have given so much so that we could enjoy liberty.

The very least we can do is refuse to assist those who are clearly taking it away. Be very selective in choosing the businesses that you deal with and the politicians you support, etc. Only speak the truth and repeat as much as necessary, whether it is PC or not.
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