Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Demand to be Heard
Let the Borrowers/Victims be Heard at future Hearings and Investigations

The public needs to hear the truth from the homeowners who had their lives ruined by the corporate greed and criminal activity that caused this economic crisis.

Jack Wright, victim of mortgage servicing fraud and founder of says, "Borrowers were denied equal protection and due process under the law by a mostly incompetent judiciary who aided and abetted the corporations in their "torture of huge numbers of people". Washington MUST allow homeowners to testify at the Bailout Hearings.


Here are just some of the comments made by ex-employees of Ameriquest -

- Sell the loan no matter what it takes

- Cut and paste credit reports,

- Use white out,

- Brain wash,

- Close loan at all costs

- Minimum quota -or lose your job

- We play with peoples futures

- Unethical practices and even fraud

- Free trips, cash prizes and cars -incentives to push sales

- Fill out stated income paperwork later...

Watch video:

For more on mortgage servicing fraud see earlier blogs and videos: Think your home is safe?...

Video: Jack Wright Testifies: Here's why we need...

[QUOTE from's website made back in 2003]: "The biggest investment most Americans will make is now the target of one of the country's largest financial scams and labeled: "The Perfect Crime." When fully exposed, this will make Enron look like a parking ticket. - MSFraud 2003

Homeowners on were well aware of unethical and fraudulent schemes that resulted in losing their homes. They diligently called and wrote the media, judges and government officials desperately trying to raise awareness to the extent of the fraudulent practices, save their homes and expose the truth.

They fought in vain to warn everyone what would happen if these practices were left to continue -all while Ameriquest became the Super Bowl sponsor and appeared as though they were an all American company. Nobody seemed to believe them nor did they take the time to investigate and expose the truth.  When one reporter tried - she was abruptly gone from her station. Seems many victims who sought out media coverage were blocked from telling their stories due to advertising dollars -a valuable commodity to news agencies. We will never hear the real truth unless these victims are allowed to speak at any investigative hearings to come.

Let your representatives know that you want to hear the whole story and the only way that will happen is if the very people who have been screaming FRAUD for many years are called upon to speak!

Click the link and demand to be heard:



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O -

This needs to be pinned. Great Job Jack!

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4 justice now


There’s no doubt that we need to be heard loud and clear: The criminals of Wall Street are attempting sell us (tax payers) the largest fraud in history. They have done their utmost, via their own controlled media propaganda, to deflect public anger and blame from themselves and onto their victims, the homeowners who thought they had bought the American dream but instead were sold their worst nightmare.

The media’s ploy or mantra has worked quite well in the past, but using this same tired, B.S. such as: "Homeowners spending beyond their means"; “Homeowners providing false income data”; “Homeowners wanting something for nothing” etc is finally beginning to be acknowledged for the totally fabricated garbage that it is. Don't believe it for even a second. They, the criminals of Wall Street and their “bought and paid for” politicians created and profited from this fraud (their fraud) from the very beginning.

They alone lobbied to deregulate the Mortgage Lending and Servicing industries. They alone created a system that allowed mortgages to be bought sold without any real form financial and/or legal scrutiny. They without question planned and created the entire system that has now failed so miserably. But of course this didn’t happen before they had a chance to rake in hundreds of billions of dollars from defrauding and extorting the poor and middle class of this nation. They have destroyed countless families, lives, and dreams. And have done so all in the name of GREED.  

They want you, the public to blame their victims for this crime, so that they may go forward and collect on their latest scam which may include a get out of jail free card. The same victims who in many cases have loss just about everything they had, still continue to try and expose those who have done so much harm to this nation, its credibility, its honor and its people. They have continued this fight for justice even after Local & State law enforcement, the FBI, FTC, OTS and almost every other Federal Law Enforcement agency, our courts, our politicians and our entire legal system have turned their backs and ignored their cries for justice.

Bailing out the very same criminals that have done their utmost to destroy this country and its people for their own selfish and personal gain would be inexcusable at best and would very likely be a death blow to the working class of this nation who were mainly responsible for making it the free country that it has been until now. I find it especially egregious that one of the biggest proponents of this truly outrageous 700B plus extortion plan was also one of the true master minds who created this entire economic disaster in the first place.   
My Opinion
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Breakthrough Reached

Boston Globe
Breakthrough Reached in Negotiations on Bailout
New York Times - 2 hours ago
Lauren Victoria Burke/AP Speaker Nancy Pelosi, left, Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr., center, and Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, early Sunday.
Video: Congress Reaches Tentative Budget Deal AssociatedPress
Lawmakers Reach Tentative Bailout Deal Wall Street Journal
Forbes - The Associated Press - Los Angeles Times - WGRZ-TV
all 1,279 news articles »

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Paulson’s Goldman Sachs

Fire Hank Paulson Now
Seeking Alpha - 3 minutes ago
The report mentioned that many foreclosures were being pursued by Litton Loan Servicing, a company owned by Goldman Sachs. That’s right…Paulson’s Goldman Sachs.

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we can't find $24 billion
NBR Transcripts- November 18, 2008
Nightly Business Report - Nov 18, 2008
BARNEY FRANK, CHAIRMAN, HOUSE FINANCIAL SERVICES COMMITTEE: $40 billion for AIG and then we can't find $24 billion on the mortgage foreclosure, is part of the reason we have the real problem with the country. DHUE: Paulson says industry efforts to ...
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Media is missing an important story!!! -

Media is missing an important story!!!
Click to view Roggie's profile Posted by: Roggie // 2 weeks ago // viewed 44 times
Los Angeles, California // embed media
That important story is lenders who are treating their borrowers like crap! Those that seemingly WANT their customers to fail! Do some investigating, you will see. Behind in payments, have a payment to make to try and come current? What if the lender WON'T accept the payment?! Read My story below.

To whoever may be interested, and those willing to help:
My wife and I are struggling with our mortgage and are wondering where to turn?! We have struggled for well over a year and have not missed a mortgage payment until this past october. After struggling to put that payment together and offering it online and by phone by our lender, they told us that THEY WOULD NOT ACCEPT THE PAYMENT!!!
Since November is now due, they called making the October payment a partial payment and that they don't accept partial payments! Do they WANT us to fail?
They also recently turned us down for a workout of our mortgage. After following their procedure submitting a bunch of paperwork and promising a decision within 14 days, we never heard from them. When we called to see what the status was, we were told almost as an aside that we had been turned down. When asked why the "phone rep" of course had no reason and no authority to speak on this subject.
They cannot be reached by phone, 30-40 minute waits are common. No one that can provide any information or initiate a serious dialogue about our situation is ever available. They cannot (or will not), disclose who actually holds our mortgage, and of course any dialogue at this level is impossible.
I was in the Financial Services industry and left my job in March 2008 as the market sunk and making a living was virtually impossible. I was unemployed and my wife shouldered the mortage for months. I am now employed and we can afford, through a workout to keep our home, however our "lender" which is really a mortgage servicing company, will not work with us. What are homeowners to do? We work everyday, we send our 2 teens to school, and we work to pay our bills... but given the circumstances where do we turn when our creditors seem bent on seeing us fail. Afterall, a rework is beneicial to both us AND the lender.
I have called my congressman, sent a complaint to HUD, again tried to contact the lender, told my story to the media, and yet here we sit with a mortgage payment that our lender puts stipulations on how they will accept it.
Advocacy agencies are powerless, can reveal little and are ovewhelmed in terms of the complexity of the housing crisis. They aren't empowered with the tools to even begin to offer real help, real solutions. We have been let down by our elected officials, regulatory agencies, and the private sector of the banking industry.
In a country like ours, with multi-billion dollar corporations getting billions more to stay afloat, it's obvious that the middle class has been abandoned. My wife and I both work, collectively we make just short of a 6-figure income, have 2 teenagers to support, we are solid middle class voting responsible people.
PLEASE INVESTIGATE AND REPORT on these mortage holders that are still taking a hard line, an even a predatory and suicical posture. My lender would rather lose $250K by foreclosing than rework our mortgage and yes, $150K, but have a viable customer for decades to come....
A Tax paying working citizen

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Click to view ctlss's profile ctlss // 2 weeks ago
Yeah, my sister is in the same boat, and cannot refinance because of credit issues. What is killing them are the gas prices, thank God they are finally going down, but the damage is already done. They each have to drive at least 40 miles each way to work and have no option to get a different job. Their loan ARM is coming due in June and that will be the straw that broke the camel's back I'm afraid. It is so hard knowing what to tell these poor pe...
Click to view Momof2's profile Momof2 // 2 weeks ago
ctiss...ok, it's cool, no harm done. I tend to be pretty blunt in my responses. My situation is similar but my payment is only $1400 (5.5%) so maybe the problem is with an adjustable interest rate. Those adjustable interest rates are destroying lives. Maybe this poster could try and re-finance at a lower rate. Rates are at about 6.5% fixed for 30 years right now. I guess without more details it is hard to offer advice.
Click to view ctlss's profile ctlss // 2 weeks ago
If you figure this amount at 8% for 30 years, you have about 2300.00 a month. That seems like a lot, when your income is less than a 100,000.00 a year.
I think that is what they are talking about when they talk about predatory lending.
Click to view ctlss's profile ctlss // 2 weeks ago
It is a sad day when, in this country, people who are really trying to make ends meet get no help whatsoever. We all need to realize that, at some point in our lives, we are going to need help. And I hope to God, that when the people who work at these large mortgage companies come to that day, the people who deal with them have a bit more compassion than they do.
Click to view ctlss's profile ctlss // 2 weeks ago
I wasn't trying to be mean spirited Momof2, I was just asking, as I am not sure what the % of income is considered in giving out loans. If I came across as being mean, it is because I have seen too many mean spirited people on here and your question came across as a little sarcastic. Sorry.
Click to view Momof2's profile Momof2 // 2 weeks ago
That's why I was asking for more information. At least I was attempting to help by getting a clearer understanding. Is that all you have to offer??
Click to view ctlss's profile ctlss // 2 weeks ago
Just short of a 6 figure income would be under 100,000.00 a year. If that is before taxes, then I can see where it would be hard to make a payment on a 250,000.00 loan. Is that income combined, because if it is then when you weren't employed it brought your income down to even lower than that. Momof2, I am not sure why you would think that there is no reason that they should not be able to make their payment. The payment on a loan this size may b...
Click to view Momof2's profile Momof2 // 2 weeks ago
Something is seriously wrong make "just short of a 6 figure income" and you cannot make a mortgage payment on a $250K loan?
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   Mr. Obama is asking for input from citizens on how to deal with the financial crisis affecting all. My answer to him is as follows:The crisis
actually began in 1968 when Congress removed the 25% gold backing
previously required for the issuance of Federal Reserve Notes and allowed
the banking system to vastly increase the money supply by monetizing
the value of real estate. Authors at the time, like Martin Larson and Irwin
Schiff protested and predicted this would lead to a vast inflation followed
by a deflationary crash. Their prediction has now come true. The only
solution to the problem is to cut all mortgage notes in half, revalue gold
to $1,000 per oz (and silver to $20/oz) and reinstate the reserve requirements for all new Fed Notes issued,to at least 20%.
    Next, Congress will have to start issuing gold or silver backed US Notes
directly to the public to pay for government infrastucture jobs to absorb
unemployment, ie the red label Notes issued interest free by the US treasury.
A tax increase on the rich to retire the US Notes will also be necessary.
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Why is this not in the news? 

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   Unfortunately, most of the reporters in the News media were born after
1968 and have no clue what America was like when we had honest, lawful
money and an honest banking system.
   Not more than one in a thousand Americans has ever seen a red label
US Note or understands the difference between a Fed Note and a US Note.
   For those interested, US Notes are issued interest free directly by the
US Treasury and they are used to fund emergency situations like the
Great Depression public works projects and World War II. They are highly
inflationary unless a simultaneous tax is imposed in order to retire them
gradually from circulation. Also they need to be backed by silver or gold
and the "will pay to the bearer on demand" reinstated on the note, which
disappeared in 1968.
    For the government to continue borrowing to bail out Wall Street and
Detroit is pure insanity and will lead to the collapse of the dollar. Revaluation
of gold and silver to market prices and issuance of US Note is the solution!
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Vicitims Testimonials

YouTube - EMC Vicitims Testimonials

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