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occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Oct. 26, 2007, 7:35AM
Lengthy standoff ends in Spring with man's suicide

A 12-hour standoff ended this morning with a north Houston man lobbing Molotov cocktails at Houston Police before taking his own life rather than vacate a home he'd lost to foreclosure.

James Hahn, a chemist, had told police he would not be taken from the home alive, said Capt. Bruce Williams, an HPD spokesman.

" 'You know what I do for a living and you know what I am capable of,' " said Williams, recalling one of the conversations police had with the man on Wednesday.

The standoff began at 1:10 p.m. Wednesday when police said Hahn pulled a gun on Precinct 4 constable deputies who had attempted to serve him with a warrant for eviction at the home in the 21000 block of Covington Bridge in Spring, authorities said.

It would appear that Hahn had prepared for the standoff. He had nailed plywood over windows and doors and stuffed insulation into cracks. A cache of weapons and explosive devices were found in the home, along with a gas mask, chemical suit similar to those worn by Haz-Mat crew members.

Williams said it explained why Hahn didn't vacate the house after police shot tear gas into the residence on three separate occasions in the hopes of bringing the standoff to an end.

Williams said Hahn was recently divorced, depressed and struggled with financial problems and drug addiction.

"We believe this particular individual was not going to go peacefully," Williams said.

Throughout the day police said Hahn had set small fires in several places in the home. HPD SWAT officers arrived at the home about 3 p.m. Residents living in nearby were asked to leave their homes until Hahn was taken into custody.

About 11:20 p.m. Wednesday, police repeatedly spoke to the man using a loudspeaker they hooked up in his backyard in the Covington Bridge subdivision..

"This is the Houston Police Department. Come out your front door with nothing in your hands and listen for instructions," an officer said. "You need to come out now."

It was just one move in a series of efforts throughout the evening Wednesday to remove the man without deadly force, police said.

Sounds of tear gas being deployed into the barricaded man's home drew Tammy Sample out of her home late Wednesday.

Sample, 51, came out to investigate with her Yorkie, Bruiser, in her arms. She said she wouldn't be able to sleep until the standoff was resolved.

"It sounds horrible, but it was kind of exciting at the beginning," Sample said. "... Now it's just scary because you never think it's going to happen where you live."

Sample opened her home Wednesday to another neighbor who was denied access to her house as a result of the standoff.

Shirley Bell, 43, said she returned to the neighborhood about 3 p.m. to find police blocking her way home.

Bell said she never thought the siege would last so long.

"It seems like for whatever comes, he's ready," she said of the man.

Sample agreed. Prior to the standoff, it would appear the man was preparing for something, police said.

"He had installed surveillance cameras and boarded up his windows," Sample said. "He was ready all right."

Shortly after midnight Wednesday, residents could hear police pleading with the man again to surrender.

"We're not leaving today. And this is only going to get worse for you come out now," a SWAT negotiator said.

An hour and a half later, Hahn shot himself as officers closed in on his home.

Residents noted there had been a number of foreclosures in the neighborhood lately.

But none imagined that Hahn would take his life rather than leave a home that no longer belonged to him.

Chronicle reporter Dale Lezon contributed to this report.

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Who said the home was no longer his millions of U.S. citizens have been kicked out of homes that lawfully belong to them this year alone.

Almost all the foreclosures which were the borrowers fault were because the lenders set up the loans to fail perhaps the borrowers lied or bit off more than they could chew but we will all pay for the lenders greed and they have the greater knowledge of the process so the majority has to rest with the so-called professional lenders not the idiots who thought they could make $2000 payments on $1500 net monthly income. I'm not saying the irresponsible and deceptive borrowers should be let off the hook I'm saying the truth needs to be told that profit is made from foreclosures and the lenders write to loans whether the borrower can pay or not.

These lenders have sophistcated analytics and detailed credit and finacial history on the borrowers they are lying when they say they are being fooled and losing money on the foreclosures.

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This is all so tragic and sad...When will it end?

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srsd wrote:
I know srsd I feel the same way

This is all so tragic and sad...When will it end?

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4 justice now

You took the words right out of my mouth. Although, some of the information in the subject report might persuade one to assume otherwise, such as the comments about divorce, drug addition and financial hardship, it's very likely that this whole tragedy, as well as the divorce, drug addition and financial hardship may have been a direct result of the Mortgage Servicing Fraudsters and their insatiable greed.

May this poor man's sole rest in peace.

My Opinion,

R, 4J
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Nye Lavalle
I told you so... I have been waiting for circumstances like this to happen. Soon, these people, devoid of hope and their psyches, will take those molotive cocktails and guns to the homes and offices of the Chris Carmans and Larry Littons of the world and then BOOM, faster than a speeding bullet, maybe some of these crooks will wake up! It;s ony a matter of time, sad to say!'

God bless this poor man and all the souls hurt!
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Yep you told'em
The only trouble though is that whenever you bring it up, Lavalle, it comes across as more like cheering it on as opposed to just plain forecasting.
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Nye Lavalle
Yey, why dont you let me cheer you on? You're a MORON! We need intelligent people in this fight, not MORONS! You hide behind a fake name, with no chachkis to show who you are. You could be the balless Chris Carman for all I know. Run and hide moron then why don;t you do us and the world a favor?

Geesh, telling them so is paying the FOUNDATION for when it happens, the innocent victims and their families [i.e. receptionists etc.] CAN SUE their companies or those who were warned [i.e. the execs], can't seek compenstion when it happens!!

When you gain a little intelligence AND a life, let me know who the actual balless gutless moron is, will ya?
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Portland, Oregon


Deputies: Couple commits suicide after foreclosure notice

KATU On Your Side

This is a press release courtesy of the Crook County Sheriff's Office

On October 23, 2007 at about 1 p.m., the Crook County Sheriff's office responded to a welfare check at 4800 Northeast Mill Creek Road in Prineville. When Deputies arrived at the scene they discovered that someone had used heavy equipment  to move a steel 5th-wheel frame to block the driveway of the residence which was located about 200 yards from the home.

The neighbors told deputies they had attempted to check on the elderly homeowners earlier and were concerned after the couple did not answer the door and there was no sign of the several large dogs they owned.

Deputies proceeded on foot to the residence and discovered a strong gas odor outside the residence. After checking further it was discovered there was a 1981 Cadillac Eldorado running inside a locked garage. Deputies breached the door and checked for any victims of the heavy Carbon Monoxide fumes and discovered the door to the tri-level home had been propped open with a rock.

The vehicle was turned off and the garage doors were opened before the deputies proceeded to another door outside the residence.

After deputies discovered the outside door from a deck on the 2nd level was locked they breached that door and discovered the body of Raymond Donaca, age 71. Along with Mr. Donaca were three Golden Retrievers that were also deceased.

The deputies continued to check the residence and found the body of Deanna Donaca, age 69 in the upstairs bedroom and another Golden Retriever at the top of the stairs who was deceased.

Deputies worked through the hazardous fumes and attempted to open the windows and doors of the home so they could investigate the scene. The Crook County Fire Rescue were called to assist after the deputies on scene began feeling sick from the carbon monoxide fumes.

Fire personnel brought a large fan and breathing apparatus for the deputies to use during their investigation.

At this time it is believed that the Donaca's committed suicide after attempts to save their home following a foreclosure notice left them believing they had few options.

The two sergeants and one deputy involved in the investigation were later treated and released at Pioneer Memorial Hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning after suffering the ill effects from the fumes.

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