Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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H. Gosh

Hope everyone had a peaceful Thanksgiving.  We will never have a Happy Thanksgiving until the issue of Mortgage Servicing Fraud no longer exists, but we can at least have a peaceful one. 

To bring everyone up to date - H.R. 3837 has been passed by the Financial Committee and is now in the House.  This bill recognizes Mortgage Servicing Fraud and calls for a study of servicing issues.  We know this is not perfect, nor is it enough to put a nail in the coffin, but it is a start.  The above link will take you to a press release, and if you google H.R. 3837, you can read the bill. 

This bill also deals with appraisals.  For you HADD readers out there, we have one big "fish" in our sights where we can prove appraisal fraud, so you may want to pay attention to this bill.  Can you guess which well known builder created an illegal subdivision?  How do they want to fix it?  Behind closed doors, out of the public's view, with a "hold harmless" agreement issued by the local municipality. 

We have interesting days ahead.
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~~~~OH MY GOD!

"This bill recognizes Mortgage Servicing Fraud and calls for a study of servicing issues."

I'm tickled pink, & purple!
Thanks guys, and gals for all the hard work of getting MSF recognized, I can't wait to read the bill!

Thank you for the Peaceful Thanksgiving wishes, and the same to you.

What is HADD?

and does the illegal Subdivision builder have the initials B, and K? That's who I'm thinking, cause there have been many, many a prob, with them here.
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Oh I've read this already.

H.R. 3837, the Escrow, Appraisal and Mortgage Servicing Improvement Act:

H.R. 3837 addresses the critical need in the current mortgage marketplace to enhance appraisal independence standards.  According to a study released by the October Research Corporation in December 2006, 90 percent of appraisers reported feeling pressure to raise property valuations to enable the completion of a transaction.  To rectify these problems, the bill establishes enforceable national appraisal independence standards with tough penalties, improves federal oversight of state appraisal regulators, and strengthens appraiser licensing and education standards.  It also aims to enhance borrower protections by improving mortgage servicing and requiring escrows for individuals more likely to experience difficulty with repayment.  The bill offers a comprehensive, balanced, and progressive set of solutions to solve these complex, abusive, and deceptive mortgage lending practices.

How is "requiring" ESCROW for sub-prime borrowers going to improve Mortgage Servicing?

It's not, it's going to allow Servicers to continue their fraud, by placing policies........ sending Insurance companies checks,  charging your loan account........... then canceling the policy.......... Servicer then receives a "Reimbursement check" from the Insurance company.

Servicer gets to keep the "Reimbursement check" and not issue a credit to your account.

Servicer gets to charge you for insurance.

Damn, they just made a double profit, and guess what?????

Your house is Uninsured.

If you base the above on an $850.00 annual Home Owners Policy, that comes out to a cool $ 1,700.00 profit, in their pocket and UNACCOUNTED for illicit collection of funds.

If they do this to every borrower they can make how much per year?

****I know this for fact because this is what they have done to us consistently every year.
Just one of their many schemes they've used on us.
I love my papers~~~~~~~~~~~

H Gosh, thanks for the post, now we just need them to understand the many many ways borrowers are fleeced through Escrow, and the other accounting features they use.

If that can be explained to them, and they get it, then and only then might something finally be done about Mortgage Servicing Fraud.

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H. Gosh

I can give you an explanation for the "escrow".  Congressman Kanjorski penned this bill.  Here in the ole poke you in the nose, Developers were lying to the home purchasers and telling them that their taxes were $1,500 a year.  Well, yes they were - for "protected conservation or forested land", which is what the land was BEFORE the developers got a hold of it.  When the first tax bill was due (2 years after closing, because our officials are just so efficient), people were hit with a $30,000 tax bill, causing either 2nd mortgages to be assumed or mass sheriff sales, both, as you know, leading down the same path.  With the requirement for "escrows", that opportunity to lie is gone.  Also, not every sub-prime loan will be subject to "escrow".  And if there is an "escrow declination", then counseling will have to take place to assure that the potential mortgagors know what they are getting into.  The escrow account terms will also have to be written in stone - not what we have now, where the Servicers just set up escrow accounts at their whim to tack on extra fees, etc.  The mortgagors going in will know exactly what the cost of a house will cost them, not find out 2 years late that whoops, they can't meet the payment.  You must understand that this is a culmination of the Hedge Fund meltdown, real estate fraud, appraisal fraud, mortgage servicing fraud, developer fraud, etc.  The Bill is not perfect, but we need to get "Mortgage Servicing Fraud" legally recognized so we can go forward, otherwise all we are are "deadbeats" that ruined the economy of the United States of America.   What we need to focus on is the "studies".  If this bill is to go forward, we need to do our work.  AND if it is passed, our work will truly begin.  I will state again -- we need to recognize one issue -- we have the phrase "MORTGAGE SERVICING FRAUD" encapsulated in a Bill, and the opportunity to bring Mortgage Servicing Fraud to the attention of Washington, DC.  That in and of itself is something. 

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Thank you H.Gosh for all the hard work you have done and will continue to do. You were a huge part of this bill being written and for bringing the information forward because the people in power thought everything was running along just fine. You are an eye opener!!
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H. Gosh, Thank you for explaining this. I guess you are the one to know.

After reading you're second post , i'm still tickled pink & purple, and still gotta say a BIG THANKS!

I had read the bill before, (a few days ago) and felt the same way.... Like it was too too open, as if for ---continued--- room for illicit collections on unnecessary, or unwarranted ESCROW.
Again thanks for explaining.

"The escrow account terms will also have to be written in stone - not what we have now, where the Servicers just set up escrow accounts at their whim to tack on extra fees, etc."

How does this now affect the Current borrowers who are continually extorted from via the ESCROW account?

Example: Our original loan docs DO NOT include ESCROW of any sort.
Our Loan was not sub-prime.

I have since discovered that ESCROW fees were placed on our account, by the Original Mort. Co. (keep in mind, this was not showing on our billing statements, and we had no idea of its existence. or should I say....... the couple of times we found out there were Ins. probs, we had the matter taken care of "so we thought". We still however, had no idea what they were doing was intentional at that time.) So the question is, is this law going to do any of these following things?

1. Hold Mortg. Servicers accountable for Escrow with the CURRENT loans as well, or will this be based solely upon "NEW LOANS" effective the day after this bill was passed?

2. If this is going to be a Grandfathered Clause, with us being "claused"...... How will this bill effect our loans, and all of the ESCROW ERRORS that have occurred to date?    

3. Will there be a MANDATORY reimbursement on the accounts that have been illegally ESCROWED? (I say illegal, because it was unwarranted; with "PROOF" of adequate H. O. Ins. solicited by the borrowers.)

"The Bill is not perfect, but we need to get "Mortgage Servicing Fraud" legally recognized so we can go forward, otherwise all we are are "deadbeats" that ruined the economy of the United States of America.   What we need to focus on is the "studies". "

4. What has to be done to get "MORTGAGE SERVICING FRAUD" recognized?

5. What can "WE ALL" as consumers (of loans Serviced by these entities do to help with the passing of such laws to PREVENT against "MORTGAGE SERVICING FRAUD"?
6. Also, what can we do to ensure that the current loans, be "Grandfathered" into the bill?

The current holders of loans (borrowers) can not be excluded from this bill; as this would create a severe backlash from the Servicers in their attempts to gain as much funds as collectively possible, (with these current loans.) This is based upon them not being able to collect illicit fees through ESCROW, and their inability to fraudulently Service the "new and upcoming" loans in the same fashion as they have done for years now, once the new bill is passed.
And you have to know that they would try to collect as much as possible, through the current loans, causing yet more collections of funds not rightfully due to them, and creating the fake defaults, and processing FORECLOSURES against innocent victims.

H Gosh,

What can we do to help ensure the safety of the current loans?

What can we do to help with the laws that should be passed against, for, and about MORTGAGE SERVICING FRAUD?



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H.R. 3915 provides new regulations and licensing requirements on mortgage loan originators. In addition, it requires these originators to make a reasonable determination that the consumer has the ability to repay the loan or that a refinanced loan will provide a net tangible benefit for the consumer.

Remember his name,

Representative Adam H. Putnam of Florida,

chairman of the House Republican Conference, equated the bill with using “a sledgehammer on a gnat,” saying it was an exaggerated response to a problem afflicting a relatively small percentage of people.


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Joe B

     His top 20 campaign contributors this election period include:

Evans Properties

American Bankers Assn

AON Corp

Associated Builders & Contractors

Growth & Prosperity PAC

Independent Insurance Agents of America

National Assn of Home Builders

Becker Companies


So, 8 of the top 20 contributing companies have ties to homebuilding/lending/insurance!! Of course, let us not forget the lawyers, who usually put money on both sides of the aisle to cover the bets! So as usual, just follow the money!!


The largest package of dollars by far came from the category of finance, insurance and real estate.


  Commercial Banks



  Savings & Loans



  Finance/Credit Companies



  Securities & Investment






  Real Estate






  Misc Finance



His personal wealth is also somewhere between 2.5 and 7.5 Million dollars, so he is clearly in touch with the commoners!! However, even more interest ting is the fact that his personal investments are held 68% in Real Estate, and 27% in Commercial banks.

So, his own personal interests/economic future are clearly heavily in favor of this industry, and therefore, are going to be against anything that goes against his personal piggy bank.




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I disagree that we can't have a happy Thanksgiving until our issue is resolved because we have the opportunity for eternal happiness with Jesus and our lives are only temporary. However hatred of evil along with love and hope for mankind  is the highest sense of purpose you can have outside of devotion to God.

This Adam H. Putnam is the living embodiment of evil and should be arrested and tried for treason and crimes against humanity on the highest level. It's far past the time when these violent criminals need to be indentified and exposed as Facist dictators.

John 8:44


  You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.


That means you Adam H. Putnam who is an anti-christ.



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