Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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To Whom this May Concern,


MSFraud Administrators posted a letter I had written about the Bail Out and LaSalle National Bank as Trustee and OCWEN Federal Bank, which I appreciated.

I was reluctant to give my name since the case was coming up for trial in a few days. Before trial, I obtained a new attorney that understood what was going on.  LaSalle as Trustee came to court with NO NOTE,.  The only witness was with Ocwen who was not a party to the suit, and they had records which did not give us credit for payments.

Our attorney asked for a Demurer because LaSalle had not proven their case and the Court Sustained it.  LaSalle asked for a new trial and it was denied. 

In February 2009 the court granted attorney fees to us.  This case was filed in March 2004 and has gone on for 5 years.  LaSalle has filed a petition in error, and are appealing, so it has not ended yet!


I have heard Oklahoma Judges are starting to look at the whole picture of what is happening in these foreclosures. 

Our attorney told the court we do not know who the holder of the alleged note is and LaSalle’s attorney replied "he guessed LaSalle was", then he told the court he worked for "OCWEN".   LaSalle Bank's parent company was sold in the fall of 2007 and on January 9, 2009 it was published LaSalle's name was changed to Bank of America.

The holder of the MBS has still never been identified



Main Entry: de·mur·rer
Pronunciation: di-'m&r-&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Anglo-French, from demurrer to file a demurrer, literally, to stay, dwell, delay, from Old French demorer, from Latin demorari to delay
: a plea in response to an allegation (as in a complaint or indictment) that admits its truth but also asserts that it is not sufficient as a cause of action —compare CONFESSION AND AVOIDANCE
NOTE: Demurrers are no longer used in federal civil or criminal procedure but are still used in some states. General demurrers are replaced in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure by motions to dismiss for failure to state a claim on which relief may be granted. Special demurrers are replaced by motions for more definite statement. In the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, a motion to dismiss or to grant appropriate relief takes the place of a demurrer. Demurrers are sometimes used to question a court's jurisdiction.

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Well, it's about time someone starts looking at the whole picture of this mess!

Too bad I live in a state (SC) that will be one of the last.

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LaSalle is & always was crooked. They were partners in crime with Superior Bank & then Tallman. It was the shadier side of lending at the time.

Several years ago there was a fire in one room at the downtown Chicago main office of LaSalle Bankl. It devasted ONE room. They said that room contained old records.  
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h gosh
And how old is "old records"?  This bears further investigation!  Would you care to share your source of info?
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The Equitable One
The longer we "keep the ball in the air" the greater our chances of prevailing. More and more people, including court officers, are becoming aware. That only helps us.

My struggle has gone on for 16 months now, and is not over yet.

I'm hopeful the court in my case will have gotten some exposure to some of the more frequent media stories that have been appearing in just the past few months. Tonight, for instance, Dateline ran a more in depth and accurate segment than I have seen on network TV thus far. certainly the courts seem to be largely ignorant of the issues and facts. They also accord pro se litigants almost no credibility.

I keep thinking the longer I fight the more likely I will prevail. The facts are certainly in my favor.
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The fire was in early december of 2004. I know as it shut down most of the downtown (chicago) I worked just a block away & walked down to see the mess. Many people were trapped, hurt, but none killed.

I remember seeing on the news casts about what was housed in the office that the fire started. It was most definitely "records" The floor above it was commercial paper, any bets that the floor directly affected was residential paper?

I remember reading much later that the fire was deemed "faulty wiring" but only because they found nothing suspicious & the fire was burning so hot that they litter ally couldn't tell.

It just seemed very suspicious because at the time- the news papers were full of foreclosures that LaSalle was trustee for. Most of them the Superior Bank loans. I mean- they were listed one after another.

They also were connected with the corrupt ABN-Amro.

They got theirs. They found themselves in bad trouble early & were gobbled up by BOA.

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Thanks for information.   
"At the conclusion of the plaintiff’s case the Court sustained the defendants demurrer to the evidence and rendered judgment in favor of the defendants ". 
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