Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I Am Begging You

January 31, 2008
To: Litton Loan Servicing
Attn: Larry Litton
c/o Minnie Rodriquez

To whom it may concern:

After months of frustration with your company as well as Titanium Solutions. I have finally decided to write this letter and send it to all departments of
your company. I am hoping that one person will take this matter seriously. I will also be sending this letter certified to you as well as faxing the information
to the department supposedly handling my case. I have been ignored. Not listened to. I have been trying to make a payment to your company for almost two months now. (FULL PAYMENT) of the past few months I have been unable to pay due to the constant problems of Litton telling me I cant make payments certain ways. I am trying to give you my hard earned money and you wont accept it. I have put all of my Loss Mitigation paper work on file with Titanium and when it came down to me making the payment they told me I wasn't making it to them I was making it to Litton. When I spoke with Daryl of Litton Loan, I explained my story about what had happened and the time wasting of trying to go through Titanium and how frustrated I was and just wanted to make a payment. Well Daryl told me he would get back with me and I called for three days straight trying to get through to him. When I finally had to have someone at your service email him he called me back with a "payment plan"...Apparently my mortgage has gone from a 6.5 - 8.9 in a matter of months and also his payment plan was my payment going from $1214.10 to up over $1700.00? I hardly believe this is a payment plan that someone who is trying to come to agreements with your company is to help? So when I asked him how this would help me he said, well have you discussed your situation with Titanium. I just about flipped out on him because for a half an hour I explained to him how I couldn't get through and get anything done with Titanium and how I wanted to get this handled through Litton. It was as if he didn't listen to anything I said and came back with some payment plan, that a person in foreclosure can hardly afford- and just expected me to deal with it. I am able to pay what is over due and I have been for almost a month now and I keep getting harassed, my house is not up for trustee sale and I have people banging on my door to try to purchase it. I recently had an appraisal done on the property and due to market conditions the 990 square foot 1973 condo is going for a little over $114,000.00 The 1214 square foot unit just short-saled at around $52,000.00 I believe. My loan is for the amount of $210,000.00 in which I have put $25,000.00 down and also have been paying only on interest to your company. It is amazing to me that you are going to raise my rate now to an 8.9 and continue to change my payments every 6 months. I am willing to pay you the amount that is overdue if we can come to some sort of agreement, and also if someone in your company WILL LET ME MAKE A PAYMENT!! I am begging you to let me give you money and I am being tossed from one part of your department, to a loan solutions company (Titanium) that sounds like it is being ran from someones home!
I want to give you money to pay my past payments. My notarized paperwork is on file with Titanium. I no longer want Daryl working on my account as he does not listen and is 100% unreasonable. I have asked to speak with corporate and they will never give me the number or transfer me to complain.

They will not return my phone calls and they even have hung up on me. They have also been rude. I have sent them a payment and they even sent my money back and said that it was not enough and that they do not take personal checks. They will not even take a bank transfer from my checking account. Every time I call I pay a ONE time fee of around $14.00. How am I supposed to recover and get you the money on a depreciated property if you wont accept it?
What was the point of sending all of this to Titanium when I finally got the payment it wasn't even a correct payment. She told me that the loan would be at 7.4% when I spoke to Litton it had went to 8.9%? I have a job and I can afford my payments if we can come to an agreement, but at this point with my property being worth around half of what I purchased it for and my payment on a 990 square foot OLD condo being $2000.00, tell me why I am not just going to walk away and go rent a larger condo down the street for $795.00? Im trying here! Im trying to pay you, I have the money I can make what I am past due on if you guys will work with me also. The amount of 3% which you will have to pay a realtor and also the money that will be lost on this condo in trustee sale or foreclosure will much exceed what you are trying to squeeze out of me. I am a hard working person, and this is why America is hurting so bad and banks are going under. Its people like me that if you would just try to hold up to your side and not try to scrape every last penny out of a poor single female who is trying
her dam nest to give you all of her money, we could see a huge change in everything if your customer service would actually listen and resolve our problems.

Its no mystery that all of our taxes go to pay the interest loaned from large banks. Give me a break here. Take my house out of trustee sale and let me at least try to hold up to my end of the bargain before you go and place this home for not even a third of whats its worth because your employees dont take the time and effort to help people PAY YOU. I will send ten copies of this letter to all of your departments until I get a response from someone who actually cares about the fact that I HAVE THE MONEY TO GIVE YOU and YOU WONT TAKE IT!

I had come out of my deep depression from being an unemployed Realtor, I have managed to get everything back on track and get the money to tend to my obligation and Litton put me right back into depression again with their total lack of cooperation. I am not able to refinance nor take out a home equity loan which was promised me from the time I have taken out this loan my payments are now $500.00 more than when I started. I used my entire inheritance from my dead grandmother to make the down payment. My property is now worth HALF of what it was. Can you imagine my frustration? Please I am practically begging you for help in this matter.

Litton constantly mails foreclosure notices and has sent my information to random people who wont stop contacting me. They have put my whole world on blast with the trustee sale. I have random men knocking on my door at all hours. I can be sure at any time Litton can claim we owe them extra money and if we cannot come up with the money while we dispute their claim we may lose our property. Its a threat that will only force YOU to lose money as none of this makes any sense on why its been so hard to resolve this with you!

Please help!

Worried and frustrated Litton Loan Client.
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Litton Is Deaf
Larry tells everyone to contact your lender, don't be ashamed.

He doesn't say ANYTHING about hearing us.
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Of all the strange stories about Litton, this one really takes the cake and with icing.

These predators don't do a thing that doesn't profit them in some way.

I'm thinking maybe there is a PMI issue?  If there is insurance he doesn't
lose a dime to foreclosure.

Litton is usually just a mortgage servicer collecting your payment and wishful thinking that it would be applied correctly as you want it done.

They do occassionally buy loan themselves.

Who is the noteholder?  The odds are good to excellent that your original loan has been securitized.  If Litton is the servicer, who are they sending the money to?  They'll be making what they call "corporate advance" and you want to know who they are paying.

Maybe you haven't heard about the predatory loans and the predatory
mortgage servicers because you are an honest person with ethics and you
are not used to dealing with the scammers.

Maybe you haven't heard about the secondary market behavior that absolutely defies any kind of logic.

You may have to get yourself up to speed on these issues.

These ARM loans are set to bankrupt you.  So what?  There's insurance on the loan if you did not put down 20% and they want alongwith any other
spare change you have.

If you want to stay in that condo, you'll probably have to get a lawyer
that won't be much help to you. 

Another trick they use is that they have set goals.  They are going to want a large lump sum payment from you to bring you current and to AGREE that
they have done nothing wrong that you could sue them for in the workout

If they are sending you a bill each month, look to see what the additional charges are for.   Late fee assessments, drive bys, broker price opinions
up the wahzoo and some other charges like the corporate fee advance
charge that you receive.  All these charges they make will eat up your equity.

It looks as though you are pretty far down the foreclosure path, so you should always have a plan b in place.  They could foreclose upon you at any day now.  You should read the foreclosure laws of your state.

Having savings and making regular deposits to it could be a good idea.
You would call it an escrow account in case you have to show to a judge
that you have offered to pay, they return your payments and refuse to accept checks from you.  Seems like unreasonable conduct on their part
but they have a reason and it is not because they are stupid.  It is a scam
pure and simple and there many other companies doing the scam and fleecing the borrowers.

I'd put it in a 401K or IRA so they can't demand the  money from you
and then start the foreclosure process all over when they taken your last dime.  This has happened to borrowers many times.

You have done everything you can to fulfill your obligation and it is still a no go.   Prepare your plan b so that you still have a roof over your head if and when they foreclose.

You should read through this site and you will find a lot of borrowers
complaining about Litton.

Don't get depressed over it.  The scam has been in place over 10 years now.  Lots of people before you have lost their homes to the scam.

Start looking for ways to fight back and it couldn't hurt to get a
lawyer opinion BEFORE they start foreclosure.

Go to the HUD website and look for the RESPA section.
You could start writing your QWR (Qualified Written Request) letters
cc:  HUD, FTC, your originator, Your state's attorney General, your
state US Senators.

Things are starting to change a bit, a very small bit for borrowers that
have predatory loans and predatory servicers, so there may be some
relief ahead.  If your state has judicial foreclosure. Federal Judges  
are requiring that whoever brings the foreclosure case, prove they
have the right to foreclose and must bring the original  note to court
for inspection.  There is quite unbelievable attempts to explain why
they don't know who owns the note.  They can't tell you who they
send the monthly payment to yet their records show corporate advance.
That means they are paying somebody.

Write your story down and send it to your action news reporters and whatever your local newspaper is.

Sorry you are going through this.  Everybody's story is a little bit different
but the underlying binding is that the servicer is assessing fees they don't
deserve.  The fees are their profit center since the pooling and services agreements give the servicer the opportunity to keep for themselves any
fees or penalties for their profit.  In return the noteholder gets their money
from the servicer every month whether you pay your mortgage or not.

I thought your letter was good but hopefully your next letters focus
on what the servicer has done wrong in RESPA letters with all the cc's

Let us know if you have any questions or more input to give.
As always, don't provide too much information about yourself
because Litton monitors this site.

Have you tried putting into your web browser
Litton Loan Servicing Complaints

Try that and see what you are dealing with.  It defies logic what they
do to borrowers and yet they persist.  Only one reason possible.  They
are making big bucks from their behavior.

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Sorry to say, this has been LARRY LITTON'S MO for years.  He only wants the equity in your home!  I sent certified checks, registered mail, they still held a number of them for MONTHS, cashed some, returned some, and lost one!  Still they continued to try foreclosing. LARRY LITTON IS A TERRORIST! and soon our government has to recognize this, either by the states or the feds.
Larry Litton both Jr and Sr. are America's worst, and soon if Goldman has not removed  both Jr. and Sr, they are going find them so costly that Goldman is forced to dump them, and the many individuals can proceed with individual cases against them personally!
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