Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Conflicts of Interests — Federal Judges’ Pensions Invested in Toxic MBS

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More Living Lies courtesy of Stephen.  Since Neil Garfield's vacuous arguments continue to exposed as merit-less by courts across the country, and he is exposed as a swindler in an ever wider variety of online venues, it is essential to that he attack and seek to discredit Federal Court Judges, who are actually doing a terrific job.


The Federal judiciary as been at the leading edge of foreclosure fraud throughout.  This was shown by Mr. Roper in his posts going back to 2007.


Since these same judges are rejecting the specious arguments of this swindler, he finds more and more creative ways to attack the judiciary as a cover for his own crimes! 

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Stephen has been working this judicial corruption argument now for some time.  It has a great deal of appeal for distressed borrowers who made legally incorrect arguments, failed to make various deadlines or otherwise failed to follow the rules or were otherwise unsatisfied with the outcome of their litigation.  Stephen has bought into this hook line and sinker!


The judicial corruption story affords an especially convenient alibi for the swindlers and scam artists, since whenever a court shoots down the nonsense that they sell gullible distressed borrowers assertions of incompetence or judicial corruption explains away the con!  The borrower that paid $$$ to the swindlers in exchange for various bogus arguments and pleadings can always be reassured that the arguments were legitimate and would have resulted in a free house, but for the judicial corruption of which they have recently fallen victim.


This also makes for a very nice getaway, too, since even if the victim realizes that they have been swindled, a lack of confidence in the courts and justice better assures that the swindler's crimes remain unpunished!


It is really a fabulous swindle when those you have ripped off continue to recommend your services to their friends and never realize or report the fraud! 

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Was it BT Barnum or WC Fields that said

A sucker is born everday.

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Perhaps it is time to revisit Mr. Roper's long forgotten chronicle of the Ohio Federal decisions:


Clearing the Ohio Federal Court Dockets of Foreclosures


I found it to be one of his more interesting findings that U.S. Judges appointed by Republican Presidents were uniformly dismissing cases due to lack of standing, but that a handful of corrupt Democratic Judges appointed by Pres. Clinton continued to routinely grant foreclosures where the pleadings affirmatively showed no standing at all. 


See also:


Federal Judge David D. DOWD, Jr.'s 31 Oct 2007 Ohio Foreclosure Dismissals


Federal Judge John D. HOLSCHUH Dismisses an Additional Fourteen Ohio Mortgage Foreclosures


Federal Judge Thomas M. ROSE's Ohio Dismissals Based Upon Standing


Federal Judge James S. GWIN Dismisses an Additional Eight Ohio Mortgage Foreclosures


The EARLIER Ohio Dismissals By Judge Christopher A. BOYKO


Federal Judge Sara LIOI Dismissed Two Ohio Foreclosures Based Upon Lack of Standing on 20 Dec 2007


Federal Judge Dan Aaron POLSTER Dismissed Nine Ohio Judicial Foreclosures Based Upon Standing 14 Nov 2007


Ohio Federal Foreclosure Filings DRY UP


It should be remembered that in a group of sua sponte and voluntary  dismissals that numbered over four hundred, only one of the cases was actually defended.  NONE of Neil Garfield's vacuous arguments were presented or found to be valid.  In fact, Mr. Garfield hadn't then even embarked upon his scam.  ALL of the decisions were consistent with what Mr. Roper has been teaching us about foreclosure defense.


There is some really terrific material within these old posts!


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The swindlers are perpetually re-circulating the myth of judicial corruption.  This is always such a marvelous alibi to explain why the borrower loses even after purchasing all of the foreclosure aids peddled by the swindlers!


There are more than a few LAZY judges.  Judges are unquestionably biased against pro se litigants.  Of course, the appearance of borrower-defendants with specious arguments peddled by swindlers only reinforces this bias.


But the assertion that there exists widespread judicial corruption and that this is the reason that the swindlers totally vacuous and specious arguments are being rejected is merely the cover story to aid the swindler in making a clean getaway.


Idiots like Stephen do distressed borrowers an extreme disservice by spreading this nonsense.

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I had a dismissal w/o prejudice here in ST.Louis prior to the Boyko decisions. On my 2nd they proved they had an assignment in blank, on the 1st they had an endorsement in blank. No one would consider attacking the 1st. But now a court has.

Don't believe them when they tell you there is NO JUDICIAL corruption there most definitely is! Why else do you think this country is bleeding red in foreclosures. NO ONE for the most part is given "Benefit of Doubt!" What get's me is that not everyone has a bone to pick with the courts. I've stayed out of them my whole life, and to me I had and have a responsibility to TELL THE TRUTH! Don't think they will tell you the Truth.

Prior to me ever Suing a Fed Bk Judge, I tried in bk court to stop this fiasco. My own atty refused to file an adversary against their corruption. When I did file one his and mine were both completely taken out of the record POOF GONE!

For every American that has no way to pay because of their lies and deceit I did I felt an obligation to let them know such. Instead they let the fraudsters continue to steal uncontrollably! After my case someone else faced the same judge on a commercial level. They would of lost $40-$43 million due to the intentional bad rulings by this judge. He's cost people several thousand $$$ because they leave him on the bench! Gotta love CORRUPTION its the Gift that keeps on giving more lies!

This one below is a law suit filed by a former employee of the Logs group in 1998. While filed because of unemployment ins it discloses what made him leave employment.

1. Plaintiff initially commenced this action against: The Law Offices of ...

Their only intent is to keep people from finding out who they REALLY ARE AND LIE AND LIE SOME MORE! You don't have to be a swindler to talk about judicial corruption.

The first thing their suppose to do is identify you as the one in default. Prove that you have a way to pay and they won't do their job! Or tell you who you really are your whole life.

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