Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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What does this mean to those of us whose mortgages are in these pools? Why should we even care?
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Sorry that the seriousness is not comprehended.
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Then please enlighten me Tex. I hope the investors get justice and that those who guilty get their just rewards. I just want to know how it effects us who have mortgages in these pools?
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That was a pretty vague answer. Seriousness not comprehended? Yes I know that there are many investors are loosing a lot of money and people loosing their homes. I think this does nothing for home owners and investor and that whatever dirty dealings J.P. Morgan had done well they will most likely get away with it. So why should we even care? Spell it out.
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The reason we should care, is because it is further proof of
the massive pyramid scheme which was used to defraud the American
people of their life savings, which includes the equity they thought they had in their homes, but which turned out to be nothing but a phony burden of debt placed on most of America's
The objective of the banksters was to rob America's pension
funds. They did it by inducing homeowners to mortgage their
properties for much more than they were worth. To do this they
had to corrupt the nation's appraisers into producing phony
Next, they set up bankruptcy remote "straw man" lenders who
put their names on the Notes and mortgage. Each note was then
"securitized" and sold multiple times to multiple different
pension funds. In effect, they were "counterfeiting mortgage
notes". It's exactly the same as if they were counterfeiting
$100 dollar bills, except the denominations were much higher.
Why is this relevant to a person in foreclosure? Because it
is highly probable that the Note being used to foreclose is
a counterfeit, color photocopy and not the real Note. In most
places, the Bankster needs to produce the REAL NOTE in order to
foreclose. Most of the real notes were destroyed to hide the'
crime of counterfeiting.
Finally, someone in law enforcement is starting to "get" the
big picture and how the Banksters ran this massive Ponzi scheme.
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You folks are all so naive! This is simply a New York Democratic politician who is first conducting a shakedown for political contributions and who will ultimately enter into a settlement on the cheap which will fully preclude any further litigation or charges through res judicata. The NY AG will get several millions in campaign contributions steered through select NY law firms representing the banks. The banks will save millions of dollars and this NY settlement will then preclude judgment in any of the other cases that the AG plagiarized to prepare these pleadings. Business as usual!

There is nothing in this suit relating to mortgage borrowers. A few dollars will go to investors, millions to the attorneys, millions to the AG's campaign committee and the banks end up with de facto immunity. This is all part of the cover-up!
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IOW - Consider it schniederman's job application for Chase... He'll probably be working for them a year after he's out of office.
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