Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Recently, within the 1st two pages under EMC MUST PROVE STANDING we talked about the very group who is at the heart of the decision here. Gerald Schapiro at the helm of this network of LOGS. These guys are heartless neverminds. At the heart of the mortgage crisis no one will understand the way I do about what's going on. That even if you have a way out of a nightmare for most your stuck by people claiming to HELP! No one wants to help for the most part. I'm surprised someone got them again. Yahoo! Just builds my evidence file more. For rogue lying pos.  Not to mention how much they encourage people to lie.Don't want to have collectors get proper info to be able to do their job adequately or anything...Real Scum bags...That I sure wish someone was intent on wanting to stop the way I am. People might get fairness if people like these two are put in jail. But their power over the banking cartel is MASSIVE!

Benjamin D. Carnahan
Shapiro, Van Ess, Phillips & Barragate, L.L.P.
1500 West Third Street
Suite 455
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
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I hear ya topgun. These are the very same people I'm up against except mine is Shapiro & Felty at the same address...hmmm. Sir Benjamin stepped in briefly but when I slapped his lil tallywhacker they handed off to another attorney...and another...and

They just keep coming, and going. And this decision is of the utmost importance to my case. Makes me feel alot better knowing the supremes upheld the decision.
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The Equitable One
The link on the home page of MSFraud links to atty Marc Dann's commentary on the decision. There is a link to the decision itself.

I found it to be one sentence essentially saying the Ohio Supreme Court declines jurisdiction.

While this does not overturn the 8th District Court of Appeals(Cuyahoga County), and is therefore beneficial to Jordan and others in the 8th district, it seems to limit the application of that case as controlling to only that district. By declining jurisdiction, and by not ruling, the prior decision is not as powerful on a statewide basis.

I'm not an attorney, and am unfamiliar with Ohio law specifically, but this is my "lay man's" interpretation.

I'd rather be wrong about this than right. Can anyone offer enlightenment?

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