Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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From . It’s a tale populated with many of the major players in the national foreclosure drama: The law firm of David Stern, the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (better known as MERS) and a mortgage packaged with others and sold into a securitized trust. Here’s how it happened.  Read more at
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     The same thing happened to one of my clients in Pasco County, Florida.
He was up against the Stern Law Group and had a judgment entered against
him 3/17/09.
      He filed Ch 13 BK to stop the sale but the case was eventually dismissed. Then unexpectedly on 3/21/11, the Judge vacated the Judgment
and dismissed the case.
      My theory is that the Judge discovered that the MERS mortgage was
part of a Ponzi scheme involving the sale of the original Note multiple times
on the secondary market and that the Note presented to the Court was a
counterfeit, color, photocopy. (I inspected the Note and that was the case).
Apparently some Judges are waking up to the fraud that is MERS and going
back over their cases and dismissing those where they were fooled by the
"pretender lender" servicer into having the Judge give them a "free house",
so the Judge returned the house to its rightful owner, the only one who had
any equity in it to begin with before the Ponzi mortgage was made.
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In my opinion; I think that the new councel was up against the wall due to the fact that the Florida Bar put up new rules. The new attorneys have to disclose to the judge any fraud found in the case. That's just my opinion. But think about it. The first attorney was Stern.

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I need a reputable company to inspect note for authenticity. I believe mine to be a good quality photo copy. Please let me know.
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    You can do it yourself, just bring along two witnesses. First, feel the reverse of the Note where you signed for pressure ridge marks. If a color
photocopy it will be smooth, ie no ridge marks. Second, get an ORIGINAL
YELLOW MAGIC MARKER, (not the newer no smudge variety) and test a
small sample of the signature for blue ink. If it smudges, its ink, if not it
is a photocopy. Third, look at the signature under a microscope. If you see
lots of tiny multicolored dots, its a photocopy. if you see paper fibers soaked
in blue ink, it is a real signature.
     Make up a page with a blue ink signature, next go to a photocopy shop
and make a high tech color photocopy. Practice on that before you visit
the Court House to do the real test on the alleged "original Note".
     I predict that if it was a MERS mortgage, it will turn out to be a counterfeit color photocopy. Try it yourself! Let us know the results.
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Also google this (without the quotes)

"  fake mortgage note yellow dots "

All modern high-quality copiers use federally mandated
"Manufacturers Identification" features. 

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I need a reputable company to inspect note for authenticity. I believe mine to be a good quality photo copy. Please let me know

While I am hesitant to call this a wing-nut theory, it is on the cusp because it can lead a defendant on a wild goose chase which ends up in a defendant losing their home.
While in the military it was part of my job to inspect documents for their authenticity (and sometimes to prepare authenticated "copies" if you wanted to call them that).  While it is quite true that printers and copiers leave identifying marks on ALL documents that are produced with the machine, the ONLY way to authenticate these documents is with a forensic examiner examining the signature.  In my local jurisdiction this is not unreasonably expensive.  Most places wanted $500.00-$800.00 to do an on-site examination. ANY examination other than this will not lead to any useful results or a positive result in court.  
My initial GUESS is there are no "photo copies" of notes.  These are printed from SCANS of the original note.  The identifying marks you see on the document presented are from the machine used to produce the document. 
EVERY document has different identifying marks.  The problem is your ORIGINAL NOTE has identifying marks from the machine used to produce the document.  These marks mean nothing unless you have the machine that produced the document and wanted to verify that it was produced from that particular machine. 
Don't waste your time looking for marks that WILL be on a noteThe original note was made by a printer.  Also, my thoughts are the Plaintiff will be extremely offended and upset if you attempt to mutilate an original note with a marker to see if you can make the signature smudge. 
With a simple magnifying glass you can look for a signature impression.  If you do not feel that the note was signed with a pen, you need to pay the money and have a QUALIFIED LOCAL EXPERT with a decent Curriculum Vitae do an examination of the signature and write an expert affidavit. 

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I need a reputable company to inspect note for authenticity. I believe mine to be a good quality photo copy. Please let me know.

This is a good place to start:

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