Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Jack passed away this afternoon.
Thank you all for keeping him, and his family in your thoughts, and in your prayers.

Thank you all,
Ann Holden
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God has always guided his path.
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My deepest, most heart felt condolences to Jack's family. He was an awesome human being and will be sorely missed. Jack and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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God speed Jack . . . hope you have a shelter with no more liens!! Thanks for all that you have done and all that will be done in the future because of your hard work and efforts. See ya, Jack ...
Deby Morrow
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Jack was a factor in this world of mortgage fraud.  I hope this venue will be picked up by someone else and thrive in the future.
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Jack was a friend and will be missed.  He is in a better place now. 

Jack, know that our fight continues and you have been and are in our thoughts and prayers.

Bob & Stacy
Bob Schmidt
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What happened to Jack?  Last time I saw him, he was healthy.
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I'm sad to learn about Jack.  

What will happen to the site?
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Jack was nothing short of AMAZING!  He brought to my attention and others great cases, people and resources to fight ageist a Giant $300 Trillion criminal enterprise created from our $10 Trillion in real (but faked) mortgages in the US alone.  Jack was like the 6th grader that gave many good punches to the BIG 12th grader BULLY...

The selfless hours he poured into this web site made it look like he had a staff of 20 producing all of this great work.....  But not so.....  Jack and Ann created this site alone.

Betty I pray for your comfort after being with Jack over 30 years.  A driven man like that must have been challenging at times.  I know....  I had 4 computer service calls on my wedding day.....  And no I wasn't late just on time[wink]

Ann I am glad you saved the web site!!!

I believe this site has created a large enough following that could support a few people by changing very little.  Time may be short to save the followers too..

Ann lets talk...

Just looking to give back if I can.
Bruce Kamperman
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I had wondered why the news hadn't been updated on this site for quite some time and I finally took the time to search around and noticed this bad news. The heartfelt condolences and prayers of my family and myself go to Jack Wright's family, friends, and supporters. His steadfast fight against the oppressions and frauds of the powerful against the citizenry of this country was greatly appreciated by my own father, and now the rest of my family. I do hope that someone else takes up where he left off, his expansive repository of information and news was truly invaluable.

Thank you for fighting the good fight, Jack. You will be missed.
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oh my, I am stricken with grief.  I just now found out Jack Wright passed away.  I known Jack since 2009 via email and phone.  I am so devastated.  How did Jack died?  Please email asap.

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Dear Ann & Friends .. I am very saddened to hear of Jack's Passing. He was a special person who always had the answer for me. I have known Jack for many years while fighting our common enemy EMC.. I  know Jack was a very kind and caring person who tried to help whenever he could. He got me through many nights with emails and talks about how to move forward. RIP Jack thanks for being there when I needed you ... you will be forever Missed ..
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Please  communicate privately with me.  I was in touch with  Jack quite often from about 2009 to 2012.  I was involved with trying to introduce him to old law school contacts in Texas.  I was involved with many illegal foreclosure cases in Oregon until I suffered a near fatal stroke in 2001.  The mortgage companies (and probably their law firms) sicked "hired goons" on me.  They trashed my law office, files, home and office computers, tapped my phones, made death threats and worse.  I warned Jack many times about hired thugs being used to harrass and threaten people who spoke up and sincerely hope he was not subjected to such vile tactics. 
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Greg Collins
Wow I can't believe I got the news so late. Jack was national treasure we had been in contact since 2002 and have talked with him many times. There were several occasions when we had planned to get together but did not pan out. Due to constant police and violent thug harassment, attacks, injuries, stolen and sabotaged vehicles and obstruction of justice to prevent Deborah and I from exposing Ameriquest, Bank of America, Option One and Deutsche Bank crimes in my case and the rest of the crooks Well Fargo, Countrywide, Litton etc. etc. I fought with Jack, Nye, Anne, George and many others from the forum.

These sociopath crooks destroyed the life of a truly great man that devoted his life to the benefit of all.

May God Bless Jack Wright one of the greatest American heros in history.
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Andrea Rauch
Hello.  My name is Andrea.  It seems you knew my Dad well. I wondered if you would speak to me.  I didnt get the opportunity to know him.  Now I am an adult and I have a few questions.  Most of all I would like to know if anyone could share a photo of him with me.  I really am curious what he looked like.
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