Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Do What???
Here is what we have been waiting for in the case of June Reyno. 
I read and reread this statement and couldn't believe it.  I swear, it sounds to me (and this is just my opinion, for what that's worth) that she was sold out by her public defender or maybe this person was just too incompetent. 
I still can't believe the taxpayers aren't upset at how much money was wasted on such trival charges!!! 
If the house is still in her and her hubby's names, how could they charge her with tresspassing, re-entering and vandalism?
Oh...just so you know the illegal foreclosure was the "handiwork" of none other than Litton Loan Servicing. 

Please pass this information on to anyone that may have an interest.

The jurors began deliberation on Thursday the 18th and rendered a guilty verdict
on 2 counts: trespassing and re-entry.  However, they were deadlocked on the
vandalism charge which the Prosecutor slipped it in under the Judge's nose as a
chargeable offense unbennounced to us and therefore unlikely we could make
defense to the charge on such short notice.

The judge declared a mis-trial on the charge of  vandalism because the jurors
remained deadlocked on the vandalism charge  so I am back in courtroom again
with 12 different people on July 14, 2009.

The judge exonerated my bail but he gave orders (after hearing the tattle
tailing report from the Prosecutor) that I have been scaring the buyers and
realtors away from the house and posting signs to deter them because "I am in
denial" since I no longer own the house.  And that "I need to be taught a lesson
to never do this again".  The Prosecutor used that term being "in denial" many
times  in her closing statements to jurors.  She also said that she intends to
prove that I am a vexatious litigant.  I think she is confusing this with my
exercise (actually everyone's) constitutional rights to due process under law if
they believe they've been wronged somehow.  I'm the debtor who sought protection
from the bankrtupcy courts to save our home from foreclosure and the lender is
the creditor who must validate or prove the debt.

The prosecutor  gave a 2 hour closing statement while my attorney the public
defender closing statement lasted less than 10 minutes. It was our home of 20
years and I believed we were protected under the law and had a legal right to
remain as occupants.

Obviously the lender/bank/whoever they may be ??  wants to sell our home to make
more profit after they cheated their way through the court system in stealing
our home.  Unfortunately, before judges who are either crooked or are ignorant
of property laws.

It's simple and reasonable to stop anyone from even thinking of buying our home
or attempt to place a formal offer to buy the house and believe it is really in
the buyer's best interest to know up front what they are getting into and that
title cannot issue when there has been fraudulent conveyance of the property. 
So  what I'm doing is actually protecting and saving time for the future buyer. 
After all, why move into a house when you know that possibly sometime in the
very near future it may not to be legally yours?

Unfortunately Judge Gregory W. Pollack the presiding judge did not see my point
of view.  He ordered me to take my signs down (that was hanging from a tree on
my neighbor's side)  and prohibited me not to step foot on the property within
100 ft. circumference of the house.  I am currently living with my neighbor next
door whose home measures doorstep to doorstep only about 25 ft. from my front
porch to the house!  My attorney argued that it would mean that I would have to
find some other house to live in to comply with the Judge's order.  Well the
Judge seemed to think that would be unreasonable so he gave me some slack and
said that as long as I stay off the "public sidewalk in front of our house and
not get near our house" and just utilize the street to park my car in and out of
my neighbors driveway it would be okay.  So be it.  However, my concerns are
that if any one of my zealous for the cause neighbors who without my knowledge
hangs that same sign that's mine on his front
yard or porch;  the 100 ft. prohibition would be deemed a violation on my part
under the court order.  The houses in our cul-de-sac are enjoined and are within
the bondaries of the 100 ft. prohibition.   Therefore, even though I may not
have knowledge of the act;  I could be charged personally for the violation
according to the Judge.

Many are probably wondering, what were my expectations of the verdict?

To be acquitted of course.  But I fully understand why the jurors came to reach
the  verdict they did.   I understand because #1 we presented no evidence, no
witnesses.  Just me on the stand. #2 we could not prepare defense on the last
minute "vandalism" charge #3 The prosecutor and judge to back it up wanted me to
answer only by "yes" and "no" responses as I was on the witness stand.  And, if
I tried to expound on the subject matter on the prosecutor's line of questions;
I was reminded and told by the Judge  "Is it yes or no? Nothing more to say. 
And am I [prosecutor] correct in saying that?" or the prosecutor correct is
saying that or this?  Any other response from me other than a yes or no response
would appear to be that I am being evasive about my answer and looks as if I was
trying to hide the truth because I didn't meet the timing expectations of a
credible witness. But I know when I'm being framed and that may not have been in
my favor to say more than I really needed to
say as I was on the stand.

Also, does not help when my attorney told me beforehand not to go into any great
details and to keep my response short and just answer directly to the point from
the line of questions from the prosecutor  because he would give me the
opportunity to answer in more detail when it is his time to cross examine me on
the witness stand.

Well, he never did ask me those questions he said he would ask when it was his
turn to cross examine so that the jurors can hear from me the whole truth , Half
truths are not truths.  And, my opportunity reliant on my attorney asking me the
questions so I could provide the jurors with greater insight on the subject
matter never came about or happen.

So I am certainly not surprised that the jurors would render a guilty verdict. 
I am not disgruntled at anyone either.  All I know is that everyone has been
deceived.  Everyone has profited.  And, everyone must suffer the consequences of
a[ny] person's behavior.

I was constantly reminded by my attorney that this is a criminal charge not a
civil matter.  I vehemently disagree with that.  I believe every court case IS a
civil matter.  It begins with a complaint from one party against another.  After
all, we would all be considered guity before trial and that we must prove that
we are innocent.  

#4 The debacle that occured October 2008 when I protested the eviction by
chaining myself to the front porch of my house was because we were lied to
again!! after making a good faith effort to work with the lender.  After we met
their conditional statement that we would be allowed to stay if we could produce
a qualifying letter to buy the property.  We did.  We came through with the
qualifying letter but they did not keep their end of the deal. It's quite
apparent that it was never their intention to help us stay in our home.  Even
though my actions taken by chaining myself to the front porch  is not a natural
occurrence for people who are homeowners --we should still stand up for what we
believe to be right, just, good and proper.

I asked the public defender "Who did I injure here by breaking into a house that
I believe I still own and have paid close to $1M over the course of 20 years?" 
He said: "THE GOVERNMENT.  You injured the government."

Members of Congress and the Senators etc.  express the same outrage about all of
these  wrongful evictions and foreclosures but are still NOT doing much to stop
the banks in foreclosing on homeowners.  Most of us know why because we've been
educated about it thanks to Neil and friends on the blog. But we're still  the
minority.   Reality speaks when 12 jurors render a homeowner fighting wrongful
foreclosure (after the Oct 2008 bank bail out) a guilty verdict. At least to me,
considering these chain of events that occurred at my trial; it should not be a
surprise that the jurors would render a guilty verdict.

900,000+ hits on Neils'  livinglies wordpress blog is not enough.  So there is
still plenty of work we can do to promote foreclosure prevention education so
that 200 Million Americans DAILY are actually hitting Neil's site to learn how
homeowners can save there homes from the banks that are stealing these houses.

Until then, I think people will just continue carrying on with the lie if the
truth isn't somehow revealed from friends on Neil's blog site.  New sites are
streaming in trying to reveal what Neil's has been saying to the public all
along.  All were wronged.  Both the investor and the homeowners duped.

Kind Regards,
June Reyno
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Thank you for your support and the support of others who have contacted me through your website about the many challenges I'm facing or will soon face alone, possibly back in jail--alone.
45,000 houses have been foreclosed on with another 4,000+ more this month to add to the foreclosure list here in San Diego, California. 10,000 daily across the nation.
The media, Channel 10 News has requested an interview before my trial even began but I was advised by my attorney who is the deputy public defender Mr. Brian McNeil (619) 338-4665, Fax: (619) 338-4811 e-mail:
The address:
County of San Diego, Law Offices of the Public Defender
233 "A" Street, Suite 500
San Diego, CA  92101
M.S. C-277
Supervising Attorney: Ms. Angela Bartosik @ 619-338-4700
The jury panel came in with a verdict of finding me guilty on 2 of the 3 counts.  1) trespassing 2) re-entry 3)vandalism
The jurors were deadlocked on the #3) vandalism so a new trial will is set for July 14, 2009.
We did not present any counter evidence or rebuttal witnesses so it does not surprise me that they jurors would come through on a guilty verdict.
My attorney does not specialized knowledge about Bankrutpcy or Property Law.  He is, however,  very adaptive to learning quickly about the subject matter surrounding my arrest.
It is clear that I am being targeted.  Why?
#1-they arrested me and not my husband when we were both there at the house after I broke the window to get back into our home of 20 years.  This occurred on March 12, 2009 the day of the lock-out by the Sheriffs.  I have 3 Witnesses willing to testify as to the truthfulness of my statements that day.  Unfortunately, they were never called on the Stand by my attorney.
#2-Last minute charges and evidence on the charge of vandalism was granted to the prosecutor and we did not know she had intentions of bringing the charge and therefore could not prepare defense in the short time we were given.
#3-The prosecutor's line of questioning also further prejudiced my case because the Judge told me to answer only yes and no and not to try to explain the reasons for my response.  I could only comply to this under his direction.
#4-I was told by my attorney "not to be concerned or worried" about not being able to explain and expound on my testimony because at the time of his cross-examination of me he would give me the opportunity to explain it to the jurors.  It never happened.  I felt I was crucified then as the 3 walked away so that the jurors could hear my explanation and I summarily  excused from the witness stand.
#5-The Judge reserved his sentencing after asking me what I would like to do.  The sentencing will be after my July 14, 2009 "re-trial" for the charge of vandalism that came to a dead-lock with the jury panel.  The polling came in at 8/4 in our favor.  Not fully understanding this of course but I think Mr. McNeil can better explain why he whispered in my ear and said this is "good for us" on the poll.
My cause and my case goes much deeper than just being wrongfully arrested under some false charge by the realtor who received the charging orders from Ronald D. Roup Law Firm Debt Collector, Irvine, CA to have me arrested because he assured the realtor, sheriffs, police dept, 2 judges in Superior Court that he received an order from the Bankruptcy Judge August 20, 2008 that the "automatic stay" statutory provision was "banned" or would not protect us on future bankruptcy filings and the house was not protected because of his "in rem" motion specific to the Presley Street House.  A house that we have lived in for 20 years.  A house that serves as my place of business and income generating.  A house that we believed claimed to be "exempt" from creditors taking it because we were petitioners in bankruptcy.  A house we believed was protected under our most current bankrtupcy filing Case No.: 09-01339-LT13, Mr. Thomas H. Billinglsea, as our Chapter 13 Trustee,  and that at the time of the lock-out should have been complied with under the statutory protective order of the automatic stay 11 U.S.C. 362 (a)...that debt collectors were to immediately stop in their collection efforts.  In this case, it was our house they were trying to steal.
The most shocking thing is that I thought the Judge, Laura S. Taylor in the Bankrutpcy Court was not aware of how her granting the Order to Ronald D. Roup, Esq. caused us such great injury.  But at the adversary hearing initiated by me on June 18, 2009 in the Bk Court, she told me that she, in fact, did so grant the Order to Ronald D. Roup, Esq.
I filed opposition paperwork and yet she still granted the Motion for Relief from Stay on August 20, 2008. Our BK Case NO.: 08-06258-LT13, Mr. David Skelton, as our Trustee.
I thought "How could she do this!!??"  She knows we have an asset estate in Chapter 7 that is still pending and awaiting resolution and she grants this to a creditor who can't justify the collection of the debt they claim we owe??!
Because the Debt Collection Law Firm Ronald D. Roup, Esq and Attorney Brad Simon falsified and misrepresented to all judges involved in our case (as we were also concurrently trying to stop the lock-out) that we are "schemers, and frivolous filers" as petitioners in bankrtupcy they all believed him.  Both Judge Strauss and Judge Meyers, Dept. 61 in Superior Court heard our case to stop the lock-out.  They would not put a stop to the lock-out because after all, Judge Laura Taylor granted the Order  to Roup on the (2 year ban on the automatic stay) mischaracterizing us as "abusers" of the bankruptcy system!
I did not know the legal ramification of what Roup had done because we were not represented by an attorney. 
I have been pro se fighting this for the last 2 years with 5 Judges.  Attorneys have taken our good faith money and have sold us down the river doing nothing for us.  $100,000+ is our claim we paid for attorney's fees and costs to date.
It should be no wonder then that any attorney who says wants money I steer away from.  They have been the enabling crooks for the banks and these attorneys are as guilty as the court system by helping the banks steal homes from people that they cannot prove belongs to them with law enforcement to back them up in order to evict homeowners from their homes after the non-judicial foreclosure sale.
The Banksters have stolen our home.  They are the trespassers upon my rights and I am going to fight for my innocence whether in jail our outside of jail.  They will not deter, hinder or interfere with my constitutional right to prove my innocence.  The banks are the intruders and the lawbreakers not me.  Not homeowners who have been similarly defrauded by Wall Street.
The judge:  Laura S. Taylor in the Bankrutpcy Court and out our hearing on June 18, 2009  acknowledged she understood what I meant when I said "Your Honor understands what I am saying when I say this:..."fraud upon the court".  She shook her head and said "Yes, I do". 
Fraud upon the court is treason against the constitution of the United States of America.
5 Judges should be sanctioned for violating the automatic stay.  But, why should they think that way? when after all Ronald Ronald the thief for Residential Funding Real Estate Holdings Company, LLC dba: w/ Litton Loan Servicing & Homecoming Financial Services Network and on and on to however may more levels deep in the service pooling agreement they've taken our loan...
One Judge protects another Judge from deserving sanctions.  I saw a clear demonstration of that at my trial.
I plan to take this clear up to our President and Congress and the FBI and whoever in Washington I can get a hold of.
Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, a woman loved who is close to my heart; and, really the only one person I can say I really trust is correct in everything she is telling homeowners to do.  Stand up for your rights to keep your homes!!
I just don't think Marcy  thought that the Banks and the banks cohorts and partners: realtors, attorneys, sheriffs, police dept, district attorney's office, mayor's office would go so much as far as what they did to me by arresting me because I stood up to defend my house from being stolen by the proclaimed lender.  A "lender"  who has not  disclosed or can identify for us under law that they can produce (based on our many letters both oral and written)  demand the Original wet-ink signature note to prove to the police they had the authority to foreclose and evict us. 
The Police took the word of Geraldine Valdez, Esq. Ronald D. Roup, Esq. Brad M. Simon, Esq. 2  unscrupulous law firm(s) part of the foreclosure mills servicing as  debt collector shired by servicers Quality Loan Servicing San Diego, CA & Litton Loan Servicing Houston, Texas /Residential Funding Real Estate Holdings, LLC/Option One Mortgage Corporation/Kip Lee from Excel Properties Carlsbad, California who filed the citizen's arrest against me that they "are the new owners" of our house and who have the "legal right" to take possession of our home.
I say prove it.
Our home was recently sold to Island Source li, LLC in Minnetonka, Minnesota who purchased or transfer our note over from Residential Funding Real Estate Holdings, LLC/Litton Loan Servicing/Option One Mortgage Corporation FOR $211,500 on  April 9, 2009.  Almost 1 month after we were evicted and my arrest.  They casted aside Excel Properties Real Estate Company Jeff Wagner owner selling agent,  and later hired (to bury the hatchet and over up the evidence of their crime) RE Max Realty to put it out on the MLS asking price $350,000.
These people are thieves.  The realtors should also think of themselves as co-thieves in the process who appear to be without consciences.  And,  who should know better by promoting sales of these foreclosed vacant properties  by listing for the bank the [foreclosed] homes back in the open market through MLS from foreclosed homeowners.  After all, the banks after the $700,000 Billion Dollars of  bail out money they received in October 2008 are actually NOW triple dipping on their profits are they not WHEN THESE HOUSE ARE RESOLD ON THE MLS?
Unfortunately, the new next victim or "fool" is now the new buyer/purchaser  who will come in with a WHOLE NEW FRESH LOAN to purchase the foreclosed property obtained from FHA to buy our house.
In the meantime, June Reyno is expected to blow off and just walk away from our million dollar investment-our family home--over the course of 20 years?
This will never happen.  I will not walk away.
This is because I plan to return with multi-millions of American families who should also be able return to their homes that were stolen by thieves who work for the Banks.
--June Reyno
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   In my humble opinion, one needs to read and study the law on "adverse
possession" before trying to occupy a foreclosure. If one does it wrong, one
will be treated like a "tresspasser" instead of a "squatter". "Squatters" have
rights, tresspassers don't! Since the difference is technical, it is better to
go with a "Judge trial" than a "Jury trial" since most laymen can't tell the
difference between the two situations.
    The key fact is wether or not the "taxes" are being paid on the property.
If not, one has found a good candidate for "adverse possession". One must
never break into the property by damaging it. Usually, one can find outer
door hinges somewhere and simply remove the pins with a hammer and screw
driver. It is never good to break a window! Make sure you transfer your ID
to the property, turn on the utilities in your name, and either buy a tax certificate on the property or pay at least one year of delinquant taxes.
By doing it correctly, one keeps it a "Civil matter" instead of a "criminal matter".
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This is a letter from June Reno posted on the Livinglies website.

June Reyno – June 23, 2009 Letter to President Obama about my police arrest

June Reyno – June 23, 2009 Letter to President Obama about my police arrest
(Please write, call, copy this letter as reference also to President Obama  for yourselves, for me and the community of homeowners who have lost their homes or will soon lose it)  Refer links to websites for him–Thank you.
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear President Obama:

We have a modest home here in San Diego CA one of the highest hit states on housing foreclosures.

We borrowed money from our equity in April 2006 to cover business debts and other debt obligations so that we could maintain our high credit score to obtain loans in the future. We are responsible citizens. My parents raised me in a military environment and my father retired as a Master Chief in the Navy after 30+ years. After his tour of duty in Washington D.C. we came to San Diego when I was 14 years of age. So I have lived in this City for a good portion of my life. Raising family .

We are petitioners in Bankruptcy and the lender foreclosed without our knowledge. I am disappointed not just for us but for everyone else facing foreclosure in bankruptcy bacause the Bill to have the bankruptcy judges cramdown mortgages for our primary home has not passed.

We were evicted from our home of 20 years by the real estate agent that worked for the debt collection law firm who in turn was hired by Litton Loan Servicing Houston Texas and their Law Firm representing the lender’s interest.

In October 2008 as a demonstration of my protest, I chained myself to the front pillar of our house to express my disappointment over unjust rulings by judges and attorneys whom we paid a great deal of money & who sold us down the river. Resulting in the loss of our home. We were also waiting in anticipation to conclude our Chapter 7 asset estate in Bankrtupcy to cover all the debts owed to our creditors. To date, the Chapter 7 matter is still open and active.

The law firm representing the lender noted in his Motion for Relief Stay “in rem” that we were petitioners in bankrtupcy that were “schemers and frivolous filers” taking advantage of the system as we fought to keep our home from going to foreclosure. The lender foreclosed under a non-judicial trustee sale without our knowledge or notice on 2 events.  We were trying to do a good-faith work out which we now know was NEVER THE LENDER’S INTENTION to stop the foreclosure from moving forward.

We thought we were doing everything that was right under the laws that govern this country. After many false promises to do a work out to stay and keep our home from going to foreclosure the lender continued to lie about who actually purchased our note which I came to discover they did not know and foreclosed.

We have paid close to $1M for our house over the course of 20 years with nothing left in our retirement savings to show for our hard work. A house that served as a licensed day care home for foster care infants and after school children. A house that I raised my son and a shelter for our loving house pets.

We have been living with our neighbor next door fighting to get our house back that was wrongfully foreclosed on. We now know why the lender never intended to do a short sale. Because if they did they would be exposing their criminal acts. They cheated and stole our home despite our good faith showing to pay the debt.

What is most distressing is that despite our bankruptcy petition the lender went so far to have me arrested and taken to jail because we returned to our home after having no success with the state and bankrtupcy court to stop the Sheriff lock-out March 12, 2009.

Something must be done to stop the foreclosures and the stealing of people’s family homes!!

Legal representation in both state and bankruptcy court is difficult especially when you don’t have the money for competent legal representation.

We have asserted through the courts for the last 2 years that we are victims of mortgage fraud when we re-financed our loan to pay for business debts and other obligations to creditors.

When will YOU put a stop to evictions and foreclosures permanently?

How many letters of support from families across the nation do you need from people who were wrongfully evicted by the banks that have left 80,000 S.D. houses empty after foreclosure? Would it not be proper and just at this time to issue an Executive Order?

I urge you to please put a stop today this madness by the banks and other institutions so our economy can start to heal.

Despite all the hardships in fighting to keep our home we remain grateful for you as our president.

Thank you for all the good things you are trying to do for us. We understand and know the challenges you face to bring this country back to it’s feet. We want to help but it’s difficult when we have lost just about everything we worked so hard for.

When things settle down for us, I will resume doing what I’ve always enjoyed and that is volunteering in our community at the urging of you and our First Lady. Thank you for your letter.

Respectfully yours,

June Reyno/Freddie Reyno H/W

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Reyno got railroaded, just like every other victim of mortgage fraud. Face it, Superior Court Judges are riding the gravy train, have no incentive to protect the public from predatory lenders and no oversight at any level.

An attorney I recently met suggested only going to Federal Court and avoiding the State court system entirely.  "It's just a cozy family of civil servants with a job for life"
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Also remember Everyone Has Civil Rights & Liberties in Criminal Proceedings and making you take down that sign is a violation of your first amendment right not to mention your forth amendment right has been violated as well if the house is still in your name. Plus they would be guilty of defamation of character, slander of title, harassment etc... they did the whole mistrial thing because this is all a ploy to scare you away from what's rightfully yours that & they already have their hands dirty so they are trying to make your hands look more dirty. Maybe you should go to the Bar with all this attorney misconduct. You know it has become apparent to me why it is close to impossible to as an individual citizen to get any justice in court being a pro se litigant, the judges (who at one point in time were attorneys) had spent so much time in law school as well as sucking up to whoever they had to and get mad that someone walks into their courtroom & demands the right to be heard as an individual citizen when it doesn't properly comply with their special rules of federal, criminal or civil "procedure". the judges are supposed to try the law how it is written not how they interpret it, so they happily accept bribery contributions and hand down raw deals to individual citizens because somehow with their big firms and bullying tactics they think that they are better than us and that somehow makes it all justifiable. Just look at some of the CM/ECF policies around that do not accept pro se filings or require a bar license number for registration, they look at themselves as advanced and us as primitive denying us any equality at every turn.

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plus if you look at the court activity before all this nonsense it was small but now they have plenty of business. look at California alone the ratio of creditor representation (who are passionately aggressive) to debtor representation (who are passively aggressive). I hardly call that equal justice. Justice isn't blindfolded she's wearing a ski mask! and that's not a scale & a book she's holding it's a gun & a loot sack! 

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