Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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It's looking that way

It would be nice if you would at least put more then one in a tread. Please

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It wasn't supposed to be. Anyone with a real servicing problem is looking somehwere else.
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Nye Lavalle
What you have to realize is that servicing fraud s directly tied to Wall St and special servicers are subrprime servicers. The "enterprise" is the subprime/default/special servicing" enterprise. If you don;t get the connection and draw the dots, you're lost and won't win!
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O -
We know this, but we still need help along the way. Just asking if maybe you can pin a tread to add all the stock stuff to. Or maybe keep it all in one tread, that way it would be easy to find?

Just asking. thanks
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Nye's right and there has been pressure on this forum from the beginning to
address the issue of ms fraud as if it's a stand alone crime. Well that's impossible because if the lenders and Wall street were honest Ms fraud would be giant threat to them and it would be shut down faster than a terrorist running though a mall with a box cutter. Ms fraud needs an elaborate well funded and politically protected funding trail and an elaborate well organized politically protected money laundering trail.

The problem is the general public does not believe Ms fraud or see it as threat to them and it's critical to educate the public that the lenders and investors are involved intentionally defrauding the public it's looting the whole economy creating an unstable investment and economic environment and has the potential to create a disaster much worse than the great depression which will be renamed an economic speed-bump if we do not eliminate the massive corporate looting of America.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to organize the forum or threads in different groups or some other way to make the issues more clear to those who are new victims of this crime or visitors seeking to understand the situation. Thank's for the suggestions O and Ed. Many of us have been fighting ms fraud for years and need all the information we can get to solve ms fraud as a whole instead of just wonder why we presented the best defense we could and got shot down in court.

I assumed my fraud was just a crooked branch manger at Ameriquest myself at first
but the deeper I dug I realized as most of us here have that there is a corrupt system in place set up to steal homes on a nationwide level. Deutsche Bank isn't even A U.S. based bank ind it's involved in many of our cases so this actually becomes an international issue. Pursuing ms fraud from the perspective of presenting your case in local court is like expecting the Mafia to shut down because you hit a burglar that was part of a fencing operation in the head when he broke into your home.

Ms fraud really is a Mafia type organized crime.
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If there are any doubts please check the Sunday New York Times August 5, 2007- it even had nice little pictures.
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Greg,  I was just like you with the same company....I thought it was just them until I started reading all the post and links and this is all tied together and I hope it is starting to unravel.  it is like a mystery...I can`t wait to see where it ends.

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For anyone that doesn`t believe that this is like the mafia but greater....I have some e-mails that I can share that shows where e-mails have been sent to me from the people on the message board but they were intercepted by a company and then forwarder to me. I couldn`t believe that they can do things like that but I have several copies plus I have several copies on other peoples computers and in other peoples possession.

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It would be nice if you would at least put more then one in a tread. Please

Please don't let this stop you from discussing or asking questions you need
to relative to mortgage servicing fraud.

What has happened in the last couple of weeks is so huge of an impact on all mortgages.  The fraudsters are being laid wide open to lawsuits, federal investigations and every other kind of misery they have created for themselves.

Lots of us have wanted to see this happen.  As soon as wall street loses a penny, all hell will break lose. 

Nobody knows where this will all end up so it is the hot topic and will stay
that way for sometime to come probably.

Don't let that stop you from fighting for your home.  Put up a thread,
we'll respond to it.

For all the fighting we've done, all the evidence we have gathered and put into a nice evidence package, we are still losing more cases than we should be.  Perhaps it is all because nobody wants to upset wall street. 

How this fraud has continued is way beyond my ability to comprehend so we keep plodding or plotting.

I am hoping this lays open the whole plot.  It is still not being discussed
from the borrower point of view. 

Nobody wants to believe there is a scheme of fraud from beginning to end
in the mortgage business.  It's deliberate.

We can still try to help you so don't give up.

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It's looking that way
It's really Great to see them getting paid back for the things they did, I hope they all go to JAIL!

I'm glad to see this kind of stuff posted here, it does help people better understand how the Whole scam works from top to bottom. I'm not saying that you should stop, just put some of the same companies together. If any of the info can be used it will be a lil easier to find then all over the place.

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