Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Many times during our country's history individuals banned together for a common cause to fight against many injustices thought the world, and here in America. 
There is no time in our short history that even comes close to what has occurred to the AMERICAN DREAM as what continues to occur now.  The only thing close maybe just prior to the Civil War. 
Those that we trusted to oversee and prevent corruption became corrupt.  In all three branches of Government, and the new forth branch the PROFESSIONAL BUREAUCRAT or some call regulators.  When the FBI, and individual states criminal investigative units can not investigate forgery's, mail fraud, wire fraud, extortion on a very large level as we have seen for the past several years, we maybe just nearing the time when again as in past history individuals again ban together to correct an injustice. 
As for me, I felt a long time ago that these "Frauds" against the American people, and there property by banks would have been corrected, instead, we only see a couple very high profile individuals being arrested.  And it was only after some in power were touched by this did government and its bureaucrats respond.  But for the average person, justice, truth, and ethics no longer exist in your government.
So where do we go from here?  As a security consultant, many times I am asked the question "What could happen?" 
Well I do not see anything good in the near future or for that matter long term future.  There are many reasons for this, but the number one reason is, as Former President Regan stated "Government is the problem..."  He was right then, and like never before he is right now. 
The devaluation of the American Dollar is almost a certainty, the loss of the Dollar as being the worlds "bench mark" will most likely be changed to the Chinese Yen within three years.  Inflation will jump significantly within a year, we maybe already seeing that in the oil markets, Commodities are always the first to see jumps in costs, then they are passed down to the consumer months later, however, we are seeing the costs almost daily now in oil prices, changing as fast at the gas station as the oil is bidden. 
Soon it will be food, and followed by electricity, yes electricity, the governments, both Federal and State, have so screwed up our electrical grid that it could never be straighten out unless government is excluded from it.  The Green's have taken over and this system built and designed decades ago has not been up graded in 60 years,  all we have to do is look at California, and its EPA laws, then look what manufacturing has left California.  Electricity will be twice as much within 7years, if not more. 
If your angry?  Protest!  Somewhere, anywhere! just make your voices heard, we can not sit back any longer and hope someone will do what we must do ourselves.
7 years is long enough for me, no longer will I be just speaking out here.  In about a month I will be going to trial after a number of years finally, I maybe heard, and rest of the country can get copies of transcripts, and evidence I have to use in perhaps new law suits against there banks and servicers.  I will make it all available, I just want you to thank Larry Litton Sr. and Jr.  for making it available to use against them as "Newly discovered evidence"
My third deposition is being set for the week of July 20th, after the jury is picked in my lawsuit I will begin to sign retainer agreements with several major law firms that I have supplied information to.
Its very troubling to file a law suit and wait years for trail, yet in  a matter of 90 days or less a bank can foreclose and sell your home!  Something is very much wrong with this process.

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The Equitable One
Your last sentence, Gary, resonates with me more than anything else.
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4 Justice Now
Its very troubling to file a law suit and wait years for trial, yet in  a matter of 90 days or less a bank can foreclose and sell your home!  Something is very much wrong with this process.

How very true in deed!

In just a matter of days, any bank and/or servicer can steal and extort what many have worked the majority of their lives to achieve. But yet the average citizen is expected to cheerfully wait several years before they might see any form of restitution at all. 

And if/when they do, they will more than likely be either forced or scammed into becoming just another contributor to litigator's Early Retirement Fund better known as the "Class Action Law Suit" aka: The Law firms' "Cash Cow" or "Gravy Train", where they just might be so lucky as to gain enough $$$ to purchase a gun and one last meal before they...  

But that's just my own opinion


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