Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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we had a situation happen to us Friday that has really crossed the line with D. Bank...(I guess everyone knows who I am talking about)...Our neighbor called and said someone was moving our things from our storage shed so my husband went to see what was going on and D. Bank had sent people to trespass onto our property to move our things out.  My husband got our papers and took them to the people doing the work and they had already moved 2 riding lawn mowers and a boat.  When they saw the papers we have, they immediatly returned the lawn mowers and apologied and said they wouldn`t be back on our property until we get our situation straightened out.  In the mean time...our boat has been moved over 50 miles away and they told my husband he would have to go get it so Monday we will be going to the lawyers office.....the people are with a company that D. Bank hired to steal our things. 
I fell and broke both of my legs 2 weeks ago and my husband is having to take caer of everything that comes up.
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Sorry to here.  They'll do anything to get us out of our homes.

Heal quickly.

Thoughts and prayers.

Bob & Family
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Big Mac

Grand Theft Boat?

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4 justice now
No surprize here... These bastards have no ethics or morals. And they certainly won't receive an once of sympathy from me, when/if the next home owner happens to pop a few caps in their well deserving assess for trespassing. In fact, I'd say it's way long over due and beyond justified considering their behavior and the fact that we are being forced to take action because nobody else will. Not the FBI, FTC, OTS, AGs, DAs or the Courts. BTW: If anyone does get harmed it's by far more the fault of these agencies than any homeowner. They've had at the very least, six years to do their jobs and have failed, to say the least. They are a complete disgrace to their profession and to this country. And in many cases they are no better than the perps who should be rotting in prison.


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We saw lawyer Monday and he made a phone call and let them know that they had stolen our property and what we was going to do and our things were brought back the next day  They said they would not be back on OUR property. The lawn mowers and the boat all together doesn`t total much (around $15,000) but I think they got the message from the lawyer that it was going to cost them a lot more to replace them plus some jail time for stealing them to start with.  I think we got the right lawyer this time.  We also got the name of another lawyer at a large firm that is working on the foreclosures and he had us fax our info to him and he is going to start to work on it.  The local lawyer say several things that were terribly wrong in our contract plus all of the things that had been done with our payments.  He is helping us get things lined up and after talking with him, I am now ready to fight. Sometimes you fight so long you just give up but with his encouragement, I am ready to go again.  I have thought about all of you that have been fighting for so long and I think you are all the real heros in te USA.  We all know the soliders are heros but you guys are fighing a battle as well and my heart felt thanks go out to you.  You are all making a difference in our childrens futures.  I think if this had happened 10 years from now, the children are so ill prepared that they would have just let it happen so thank you all from my family and the generations to come.

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O -

Best of Luck to you srsd. Give them the good fight.

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