Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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   We've had two great leaders in US history who showed that they understood the concept of "interest free" currency, Alexander Hamilton and
FDR. I learned about this from my first Rutgers economics professor back
in 1966, when the USA still had US Notes and Silver Certificates in circulation,
as well as interest bearing Federal Reserve Notes. This tripartite currency
system was born of decades of struggle, led by men like William Jennings
Bryan. It culminated in FDR's overhall of the monetary system in 1934, when
the US went on a silver standard domesticly and a gold standard internation-
ally. Lyndon Johnson destroyed this system in 1968, when his administration
abandoned US Notes and Silver Certificates, and handed over the US econ-
omy to  USURY and fiat Federal Reserve Notes. He claimed he did this
because the silver value of the coins (mysteriously) rose above face value.
This was a lie, because all he needed to do was revalue the coinage to 2x
face value and the problem would have been solved. He sold off America's
silver hoard for $1.29/oz when even then, it cost $5/oz to get it out of the
ground.The solution to this problem is for Mr. Obama to revalue old coins to 20x face value and reissue Silver Certificates and gold backed US Notes, along with an excise tax on energy in order to pay off the National Debt.

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                           How the process would work.
    Many of us have old silver coins called "junk silver" laying around in closets
and safety deposit boxes gathering dust. We are the true "savers" in this
country. This "old money" could be put back into circulation if the US Teasury
were to print up new $20 Siver Certificates and distribute them to the Banks.
Citizens could then turn in their old "junk silver" at an exchange rate of 20/1
for the new Silver Certificates. This would give a big injection of "interest
free" currency into the economy and help those savers to start paying down
their debts, or paying off back taxes they owe in order to reduce the national
and state debts. It's been estimated that at a 20/1 ratio, there are billions
of these old coins out there. The US government only needs to bring them
out of retirement and get them circulating again. The turned in silver could
be stockpiled in the US Treasury to build up that old hoard of silver that
President Johnson sold off for $1.29 / oz. This would also strengthen the
credit rating of the USA to foreign creditors, because they would see that
the USA means business in protecting the value of the dollar and paying off
the National debt. It would strengthen the value of US government bonds.

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The Equitable One
Article 1, sections 8 and 10, cover currency issues.

What we have is not in compliance with the above.

No amendment that I am aware of has been ratified to alter either of these sections.
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  to quote:" Congress shall coin money, and regulate the value thereof" and
               "No State shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender
                in payment of debts"
   The original Notes referred to above were merely "checks" payable to the
beared on demand. The note was not the money, it was an order to pay real
money, ie gold or silver coin, in the amount on the Note.
    What the Johnson Administration did was not only unconstitutional, it
was done knowing full well what the end result would be, namely a progressive transfer of wealth from the "working" class to the "Japs"
on Wall Street. Truely, when the truth comes out, he will go down in history
as a bigger traitor than Benedict Arnold.
    What Americans need to understand is this, DEBT = SLAVERY! The purpose of the change to fiat currency was to enslave the American people
with debt. Under the current system, it is impossible to be debt free because
no new money is issued unless a debt is created. Only the principle is created, not the interest, which guarantees a deflationary depression and
a massive transfer of wealth to the "insiders". This must change!
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