Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Call me old fashioned. Or, just call me old.

Thousands and thousands of victims of mortgage servicing fraud are finding this site and the forum and are faced with wading through more pages of cut-and-paste and url link crap than they can be expected to read, let alone understand. They don't post. They are overloaded. There is no way they can hope to find help unless they are speed readers with more hours in the day than real people with a life to deal with.

This forum has once again been derailed. This has become a mob.

Some people around here need their own blogs. And guess what, guys - blogs are free and easy to use.  But then again, you can't ride on the coat-tails of the msfraud site and your own hit counters might reveal how few people read and thus care about what you have to say. I realize that's an ego hit but the information market is what it is.

The issue of mortgage servicing fraud is being deliberately and professionally diffused. (I seem to have a sense of deja vu about saying that many months ago.)

If you have any doubt about that, just look at where all the attention is being paid in the real news media.  99% of the writers and reporters can't tell you what a mortgage servicer is, let alone how they can and will take advantage of borrowers in this market climate.

That doesn't happen by accident. Outcomes in the public arena can be, and are managed. 


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O -

Ideas are Great! Let us know what needs to be done or what you think needs to be done.
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Joe B

     I think the first thing that needs to be done is divide the information into two types of posters; those that are helping or trying to help people, and those that are here to hear themselves speak, or who post the same thing on 5 different threads, or simply post OT news articles, etc.

     You can sort through these things pretty quickly. Usually in the first couple of sentences, you can figure out what someone is saying--real or fluff. There are even a few posters who only have one thing to say, but say it eight different ways.

     As you say, as a newbie, I defy you to read the board right now as it sits tonight, and know where to go to get the help you need. It is full of OT threads, news articles, people that have changed the topic of the thread to something that is unrelated to the topic of the original post, etc.

     If I were new, I am just not sure how much help I could find very quickly... Maybe I would get frustrated and leave, or maybe I stick around. But I am not sure I can find the help I need without an awful lot of work.

     Maybe I am off base, but it would be a start in my mind...


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Moose & JB

  I have to say I agree with both of you! As I am a newbie looking for information to help me! Although I have gotten a wealth of information thus far, lately it takes to much time to look through each and every post to determine if it will help my situation. If I were to come upon the forum now I am not sure I would stay.  As you stated alot of the post say the same thing, but in several different ways.
 Thank You thus far for all the information, it has been a great help!
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I have a tendency to want to post alot so I post here instead.

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Hey Kathy....could you post the sites again?? Please?   I keep getting e-mail instead of the sites..
Thank you so much
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