Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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MGIC re-evaluates merger with Radian Group

The Business Journal of Milwaukee - 6:34 PM CDT Tuesday, August 7, 2007

MGIC Investment Corp. said Tuesday that its management has preliminarily determined MGIC is not obligated to complete its pending $4.9 billion merger with Radian Group Inc., and has advised the New York Insurance Department of the company's position.

Management of MGIC (NYSE: MTG) said it re-evaluated the company's position in light of developments last week with C-BASS, a company capitalized by MGIC and Radian (NYSE: RDN), that is being hit hard by the troubles in the subprime mortgage market.

C-BASS, of New York City, is a limited liability company that is a subprime lending affiliate.

Shares of MGIC plunged last week after the announcement that its entire $516 million investment in C-BASS could be impaired.

Radian, a Philadelphia mortgage insurer, has informed MGIC that it disagrees with MGIC management's preliminary assessment.

MGIC's management also is reviewing other developments that may affect MGIC's obligation to close the deal, MGIC said in a statement.

Whether the Milwaukee-based mortgage insurer concludes that it is not obligated to close the merger is a decision that will be made by its board of directors. The board will not be asked to decide until MGIC's management has completed its analysis, the company said. In connection with management's analysis, MGIC is requesting additional information from Radian. MGIC's management said it does not expect its analysis will be completed until next week.

MGIC's stock was up $1.56, to $35.09, in after-hours trading on Tuesday.

Radian management issued a press release late Tuesday afternoon stating it is not aware of any developments that would impact MGIC's obligation to close the merger.

"Importantly, Radian has fully complied with all of its obligations under the merger agreement," the company said. "Stockholders of both companies have already approved the merger, and we continue to believe that the transaction is in their best interests."

Radian executives said they remain committed to the transaction, "and look forward to completing it as promptly as possible.

Radian stock was down $2.61 in after-hours trading, to $20.62.
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For months now I have been calling for the General Counsel's of LITTON LOAN, CBASS AND MGIC to resign, its now to late for them, they face PERSONAL Liability now in management of their respective positions.  They have all engaged in misconduct, and fraud, as well as unethical conduct as lawyers.  They all will be subject to the beginning to litigation involving them personally, thus the beginning of bunching through the protective Vail of corporate protection.  MGIC, and CBASS General Counsel's have engaged in known misconduct that has lead to the intentional mis-information to a publicly traded company and its stockholders.  Months, ago I attempted to and talked with Curt Culver about the problems with CBASS and Litton Loan, he referred me to the MGIC general Counsel, I still have those notes and emails, They can not say they were not warned about what was coming.  I even contacted Curt Culver twice to arrange a luncheon meeting before I left twice for New York City.  I was ignored.  Their is no hiding for Curt, Larry, or Tony any more, the dots are connected, and they lead to even a bigger fish that started this all in the 90's! 

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4 justice now

You're the Man!!!

I for one, certainly appreciate all the hard work you have done to expose these greedy bottom feeding bastards.



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