Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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My husband & i are facing foreclosure on our home.  We filed chpt. 13 bankruptcy about 2 yrs ago....which helped with our bills but no so much with our mortgage....only gave us a little more time with the house to fall behind even more.  We have a 80/20 loan on our mortgage....80% is with Litton Loan & 20% with GMAC who transferred our loan to FASLO.  Faslo agreed to settle with my husband & i for $2,000.00....which was setup to be paid in 4 installments at $500.00 & we were told they would considered the loan PAID IN FULL.  Our problem is with Litton....we contacted Litton to explain why we fell behind 12 months & to try to get a loan mod....we were then told to send in a payment of $116.40 & another on the 4/24/09 & this would keep us out of foreclosure until the loan mod was complete.  A week later to date we received a letter from the attorney Glaser & Glaser stating the debt had been issued to them & we had 14 days to pay what we were behind on....which is $10,000.00 or foreclosure would be carried out through them & we no longer needed to contact our lender which is Litton because they are handling everything now.  I give the attorney Glaser & Glaser a call to explain that my husband & i just spoke with our lender & someone in their Loss migation dept & we had reached a agreement.  The attorney Glaser said they had no records of this & were going to contact them to see if a update had been made concerning our mortgage account.  My husband gave Litton a call today to only be told they could not approve a loan mod based on our credit first & we have to much debt to get a loan mod with them second....but they still asked my husband questions about his employer & income.  We have heard & read many horror stories about this company & we just would like to keep our home....for we have 3 kids & they deserve a nice home & neighborhood to growup in.  I had also sent all of our paper work into a man name Bob Gamache who was suppose to be a loan mod expert....only to be told he didn't find any signs of us being ripped off which was kind of weird to me because a couple of years ago when our mortgage was still kinda new, i contacted another attorney in FL who i read some of the numbers to in our loan docs & he indeed told me that we had been taken & it would cost some money for him to take on & finish out for us.  We couldn't do it then because money was tight as it is now.  We just would like to keep our home, get a reasonable fair payment & to be treated fairly.  Is that too much to ask?  We are in the state of VA by the way....someone please respond back we only have 2 weeks before the foreclosure.

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Dear Ne Ne,
    When your back is against the wall and time is running out,like a trained
warrior, you need to ask yourself, what's the worst could happen, accept
that, and your fear should go away. At this point your mind will clear up and
you'll be able think outside the box and find an unconventional way to fight
back. Fear paralyzes the mind and makes it difficult to see your options so
you need to deal with that first if you want to survive this ordeal.
    If the foreclosure sale is in two weeks, you need to study the clerks
or trustees rules so you understand them inside out. Right now you need
a delaying tactic and you should find it in the rules. Back in the Savings
& Loan Crisis of the early 90's, I faced a similar situation, so after studying
the rules of the foreclosure sale I found a loopwhole to delay the ultimate
sale. It involved attending the sale,bidding high enough to win the bid, put-
down the minimum deposit and then not returning with the balance. The
sale had to be rescheduled for three months into the future. I did this again
a second time before the Judge threatened me with contempt. By then I
had found a solution to my problem hidden in the foreclosure papers, NO LICENSE! Seek an ye shall find! God be with Ye!

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