Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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While many complain about the actions President Obama has taken since taking office, no one who has been here long can complain about the latest action he has taken. Once and for all Fannie and Freddie must disclose to you if they are the owner of your note and mortgage!

This is a BIG victory for consumers and I want each of you to follow my instructions and also to pass it along to EVERYONE YOU KNOW THAT OWNS A HOME to prevent people from becoming victims in the future.

Go to these two sites and type the information they request. Within seconds, the results will tell you if Fannie or Freddie own your note/mortgage. Whatever result you get, print a copy and sign and date the copy your printed and the time you received the document. Also, save one copy as a PDF.

This will help you establish a chain for the future in case the loan gets assigned out or repurchased. So go here...

For Fannie Mae:

For Freddie Mac:

Let me know what each of you find and Moderators, PIN this one and place on front lines. I'd like to see how many they actually admit to owning and start tracking loans they own that were not properly assigned!

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Freddie is not and still waiting on Fannie

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freddie say no on mine still waiting on fannie
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No with Freddie still waiting on Fannie.....

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cmc you are the person with the ownit mortgage i was reading about...I sent u an email to talk about it .....I too am ownit

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I emailed you back this morning. I'll send it again if you didn't get it.
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I hope I didn't get my hubby in trouble looking for this info. because we gave up the house and they wanted verification that he is the owner.  I don't think it sold yet, there hasn't even been a for sale sign up, and I think the tax records are still in my hubby's name.  So, fingers crossed I didn't do a check that I wasn't authorized to do - Freddie is not the owner and Fannie will get back to us.  Via email I guess.

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Lionel Tribby
If Fannie or Freddie aren't specifically foreclosing on my property I have to ask why I would want to confirm whether or not either of them hold my note? If Saxon, Litton, Ocwen, EMC, SPS, ad naseum aren't savvy enough to be able to keep track of a note that they portend to own, I have to ask the question why would I want to potentially do the note holder/servicer's job for them? From a purely legal standpoint in an individual foreclosure action, why would it be better to prove that an entity other than the entity foreclosing has my note in its possession as opposed to simply proving that the foreclosing entity has no legal standing to foreclose? If Fannie and/or Freddie aren't the foreclosing entity would it not stand to reason that they don't realize that they have the note in question? WHY would I want to alert them?

It seems to me that if a note in question was suddenly located it would simply make it that much easier for Fannie/Freddie and the foreclosing entity to come to an equitable agreement to return the "lost" note to the foreclosing entity thereby making all things right in the world... I think I'll pass on asking them....
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Nye Lavalle
Geez, are you kidding? If Fannie or Freddie own, you have leverage, especially like a case we had yesterday in lawsuit against a bank that has said that despite the fact that we knew Freddie owned, they filed assignments, notices of sale and have filed affidavits that another well known bank owns!
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Our mortgage is paid to Aurora but Freddie verified they own the note. 

When we purchased we were directed by the developer to designate the purchase as either primary or second home.  We were told it wouldn't in any way affect us but would help make the condos to be warrantable for future sales.  We classified it as investment property at closing because anything else would have been fraud. 

So do you think Freddie is now the owner because they took over Aurora's loans when Lehman's went under or did the developer dupe Freddie into thinking that the ratios were in line for owner occupant vs investor?  We didn't know up until today that Freddie was the owner of the loan.
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