Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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The following was sent to us as it appeared on The NATIONAL WAMU HOMEOWNERS SUPPORT GROUP at

I think this is a very important issue. 

I recently filed a complaint against JP Morgan/Chase Home Finance for the 1099A they mailed me since they would like to f/c in the name of an unsuspecting "trustee" of the REMIC trust leaving them with the liability of such a criminal process of foreclosure. They then claim the property as theirs with the full fair market value based upon the original bogus appraisal they swept under the rug in 2005. Then they sell the house using the trust so the duped investors can take the loss thus screwing the Trustee, the investors, the entitlement right holder(me) and the US Taxpayer. 


If you have received a 1099A from Chase Home Finance yet you were foreclosed on by another party such as Deutsche Bank, US Bank, BOA or other trustee for a REMIC trust you need to verify what is going on as you either have a void and fraudulent foreclosure or Chase Home Finance is cooking the books and committing tax filing fraud. 


Remember, tax reporting is a huge clue to the party in interest and you may also request your Individual Master File and IRP transcript and report to review all the missing 1099s you have not received from the banks(your fiduciaries). 


I would further start to request that the Fed or Treasury provide for you the entitlement right holder's info from the National Book Entry System records as required in securitization procedures under their regulation 31 CFR 357. You may also request info from them in relation to the seizure and liquidation of WAMU once you review 31 CFR 202.6 in relation to public debt securities.(your instrument) 


Since the fiduciary responsibility lies with party alleging they hold your instrument, you may want to inquire why someone completely different would file such bogus tax filings causing you and the US taxpayer such imbalance in your tax file. Do not accept the bogus comment on why you should not worry since if it was a primary residence you will not have a liability as that is part of the inherent government induced fraud to cover up much of their involvement. 


The filing should at least give reason to file such with the court and request further discovery into the real party in interest. If CHF wants to claim the REO value of the property while pushing the liability off on the "trustee" and the REMIC trust for the loss this I would say is an additional violation of their criminal statutes 18 USC 1005 for false accounting entries with intent to defraud the US and carries a fine of at least 1M and 30 years in prison. 


I recommend everyone that has received a bogus filing of a 1099A from Chase Home Finance to review the parties in your foreclosure, notify the court with the filing of a criminal information affidavit and motion to vacate and declare the order void with the alternative of a complete accounting to include the Federal Reserve and Treasury National Book Entries, the DTCC records for all CUSIPS issued, the bank subsidiary ledgers for transfer and ultimately the United States Standard General Ledger entries which are mandated to be held at the "transaction level". 


For the best effect, I would recommend sending the complaint to the Head of Criminal Investigation in Washington DC for the IRS Victor Song at and


The more that have them and the more that call for a criminal investigation the more review may take place. The cry that needs to ring throughout this country is " OPEN THE BOOKS" and let the sunshine in. You may additionally want to make such notice under 18 USC 4 Misprision of Felony so that any party refusing to respond with a complete investigation can be held as an accomplice and in Obstruction of Justice. 


Also it is a good idea to accept the oath of office of the parties you are notifying for the value and surety they hold returning such as a bond against them to perform as they have accepted the benefits of their office as public officials thus making them liable for their actions. 

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I was confused as to the 1099A I got.  Do not know if this makes any difference but we were discharged in BK.  On the top:  For Return Address Purpose Only--listed Wells Fargo Bank, NA and a Des Moines address.  In the body of the 1099A the lender is listed as Fannie Mae. Wells Fargo Bank, NA foreclosed on us.  Wells Fargo said they were the owner of the note, and property was transferred to Fannie Mae in Jan 2010--date the property was reverted back to lender.  Is this 1099 correct???

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