Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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4 Justice Now

They have bought our Politian’s, our Courts and our Judges. They have destroyed countless lives, families, and entire neighborhoods. They have ruined economy of this great Nation, if not that of world. They have harmed our Country’s reputation, and the pride of its citizens. They have committed treason on a most grand scale, and destroyed the hope for many, of ever having a future that is free of agony and gloom. Yet, they have remained unfettered and have been allowed to go free about their carefree, privileged lives, untouched by all the misery and grief which they created, all in the name of greed. If our courts are no longer a means of obtaining justice and retribution… then I say we must do whatever it takes to prevent these treasonous scoundrels and they families from ever having the ability and freedom to enjoy the benefits created out of their unmatched treachery and thievery. If war is ever righteous thing this would be a rightous one for certain.





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    For many of the victims of unlawful foreclosure, there is a remedy. Since
the title was stolen by fraud, by entities that had no ownership of the Note,
there is a cloud on the title.
    The remedy would be an action to Quiet Title and try to get the property
back, free and clear. One would have to review the court file of the foreclosure and see if the Judge properly enforced the law or if he just
rubber stamped the foreclosure because the defendant did not defend (97%
of the cases) or a faulty judgement was entered even though the defendant
did put up a defense (3% of the cases). These are estimates of attorney Niel
Garfield of
     For those on the verge of foreclosure, send a "qualified written request"
demanding that the servicer reveal the identity of the true Note holder. If
they can't do it, one may owe nothing! Then stop paying and wait for them
to try and foreclose or, be proactive and file an action to Quiet Title, ie go on
the offensive!
     Right now, many of these so called "loan mods" are an attempt by the
servicer to write a new mortgage because they realize the old mortgage is
worthless and the homeowner owns their home "free and clear" right now, but does not realize it! Mortgage means "death gamble". If the borrower dies
before it's paid off, it is due on death. The other side of the coin is that if
the original lender (died) was (dissolved) before assigning the loan, then the
homeowner won the "death gamble". No servicer is going to tell you this. They will try to trick you into doing a new loan. If you ask about the old loan
they'll just tell you not to worry about it, it's all taken care of, and about that, THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH!
      What's happening right now is alot like what happened back in the 1930's
when many lenders went under. Many people ended up owning their property
free and clear after the lenders went under. I suppose it also happened during the early 90's during the Savings and Loan collapse. Those who weren't foreclosed on before the banks went under, ended up with their property free and clear. These are my opinions only, based on my research.
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  to answer your question:
Qualified Written Request: RESPA 12 USC Section 2605 (e)
   The best thing to do is to study the web site and also get
a version of the laymen's or attorney's handbook that was given out at the
NOV 1-2 seminar. It is very informative!
    Understanding the mortgage meltdown from the investor's point of view
will indicate to the homeowner why on mortgages written between 2001 and 2008, the debt may no longer exist, and they may own their homes free and clear right now, but don't realize it! The servicers understand it.That's why they are trying to write NEW LOANS, not modify the old loans which no longer
are enforceable.
    It's complicated but it's true! One needs to study it to get the big picture
of why it is so. It's like a puzzle, once you put all the pieces together, you
will "GET IT"!
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4 Justice Now
Thank-you! Mike.

While, I simply wanted an honest and lawful loan (home refinance) to cover the cost of the materials I used in the renovation of my home, which I labored three years; but instead was defrauded out of all my equity and have been mentally tortured for the past six years. Yes, a free home might help offset the damage that has been done in my circumstance.


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