Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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From friday until today, I think we are being heard!!  Thats the good news! The bad news is I really don't think Congress is getting it.
Nothing about "Servicers" is within the bill, I feel pretty certain that significent changes to the orginal bill will be made.
Hold persons and corporations responsable for what they contribued to this. Like Larry Litton Sr. and Jr. through Litton Loan!
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Gary ms fraud is the smoking gun of massive intentional fraud. The general public believes the banks and investors lost money on bad loans going into default.

The fact that so many lenders and Wall street investment banks intentionally forced the defaults though the servicers proves intent to defraud on massive scale and intent to collapse or at least endanger the lending system.

I'll simplify even further the banks claim they don't want foreclosures when in fact they are forcing foreclosures.

Ms fraud quite simply is the smoking gun evidence of massive money laundering and crime.

We keep chasing the money trail and explaining the intricacies of fraud and certainly we need to do that to provide evidence of method and motive but the bottom line is ms fraud in and of itself  is the evidence.

Basically asking Congress and Senate to incorporate evidence of massive fraud when the donation trail goes straight to themselves is asking them to write their own prison or worse death sentence based on treason.

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Greg your right on point, I think what has occurred, is that an unexpected number of people in opposition to this "Bail Out" now have called and contacted their congressmen and senators voicing our opposition.  So the bill introduced is now dead, but another will rise, and be passed, and those that vote for it will say something to the effect, that they had to do something.  And it was difficult, but they felt compelled to vote for the modified bill because the alternative would have been more serious for the American tax payer. 
Be ready for that when they vote for the modified bill.
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4 justice now
I too would assume that they don't get it. Except for the fact that it is just too blatantly obvious... Nothing would ever inspire public confidence as much as simply executing existing law. Locate and prosecute all of the CEOs/Management, etc responsible no matter what. After all most of the work has already been done for them. For the most part we already know the: who, when, where, why & how associated with this entire fraud. It all comes down to a very simply fact: How many in our Congress/Government have clean hands? We shall see.

My Opinion

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Jane Doe
Being an EMC victim- I am having some luck with showing my reps the FTC charges & settlement. Then I explain that it's fraud like this that is distroying the very loan pools that they want the tax payers to purchase. It's fraud on both sides. They caused their very own demise.

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I am inspired to take up my fight to tell this story...again.  After this happened to me almost a year ago now, I contacted some media and such, got no response.  They have to listen now.  700 Billion is on the line.

I told my story to a woman in my book study group a few weeks back.  She missed last week but was there tonight.  She said "I have thought about you so often in the past week as this has all unfolded and what you said about how this could make Enron look like a parking ticket..." and then she offered me her assistance.  She is a personal aquaintance of my Senator, Amy Klobuchar, and said she will do anything to help me pass on my knowledge of this crime to the Senator.

But, I am not stopping there.  I am currently writing up a piece titled "The Smoking Gun of the Financial Meltdown" and I intend to send it to every news organization, media commentator, and political campaign I can find!  Someone WILL break this story because now that it's got a $700 BILLION price tag, some journalist is going to want to break this story.  It's going to make someone's career. 

I'm also going to file all the complaints I should've filed months ago, but felt too overwhelmed and disenfranchised to before now.

I dreamt the other night that I was desperately trying to tell this story to the public and my voice wouldn't come out.  I tried and tried and only choked on my words.  The more I struggled to speak, the more ineffective I was.  Needless to say, this dream was a nightmare.  I woke up relieved I had only been dreaming...and determined to WAKE UP AMERICA!

I say "GO Gung Ho!"  Tell everybody you know.  Write an email account of your story and send it to everyone in your mailbox, be sure to include links to this site.  Do all you can, with what you have, from wherever you are.  Do it.  If not us, who?  If not now, in the midst of the greatest robbery this country has ever known, when?
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