Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Here's what Ed has posted on another site:
"...You can get my listed phone number by looking up
Ed Cage, 1804 Cross Bend Rd., Plano Texas
PS: It's very long range but you may wish to consider the James Hoyer law firm in Tampa Florida. You can Google them up or call 1-800-651-2502. They are building a class action lawsuit against EMC to help bring them to justice. They know all the Bear Stearns / EMC tricks, or at least most of them. This BS/EMC entity is as corrupt of a registered company as there is in America Mr. Need.(No kidding) If you leave early they will cheat you out of more money as you leave. Guaranteed. "

It looks like Ed is trying to build a class action suit and is drumming up a little business for the firm and himself!!

I just wish he had been up front about it!! Don't you??

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Hmm, I thought I read that. Thats why I asked. I have been in contact with Hoyer some about the news and a radio show I was on. If he is working with them that's cool. Just wanted to know, What he was going to do with the doc's?
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In case you are new to this forum, you might want to consider why we
don't like class actions here. 

This is not the first we have heard of this class action here and that is
what the Hoyer firm does.  They get the scam.

With all the evidence that they had in the Fairbanks case, they managed
to get a $500.00 settlement for the average class member.

Some may have received more through the reversal of fees charged
to their mortgages.

The settlement dollar figure was grossly inadequate.  A lot of borrowers were fleeced out of thousands of dollars so that $500.00 check was more like a slap in the face than justice.

The hope that borrowers would be treated much better due to the inclusion
of "Best Practices" that outlined their scurrilous business practices and change them, eliminating what we see as fraud and they use the word deceptive which means the same thing.  It just sounds nicer.  It sounds less criminal somehow.  Fraud is fraud.  This wasn't clerical error they made, it was a deliberate fleecing of the borrower.

No provision for oversight/compliance of this settlement did not get the desired result for the borrower.  It was also supposed to get a message
to the rest of the servicers that they were expected to voluntarily
comply with Best Practices.  Yeah, that didn't happen or this mortgage servicing problem would have disappeared long ago. 

The FTC had to go back in and submit an addendum to the settlement
docs tightening the language so there would be better compliance.

So that is what you get from a class action suit, a suit prosecuted by
the FTC and HUD to bolster the class action.

I haven't heard a single person say they are happy with the result.

The conclusion we are left with is that the class action suit will not save your bacon. 

It would behoove you to work even harder to protect yourself as best you can and keep looking at lawyers to represent you.

The worst excuse from a servicer I have ever heard is that there is no
technology for a computer program available to process the payments
correctly.  Incredible as it seems, it appears that excuse is swallowed
as true and correct.

Hire a programmer.

They are simply not qualified to process mortgage payments if that excuse
makes sense to anyone investigating them.

They couldn't process my payments properly and correctly and all I had
to pay was principal and interest.  I had to fight them nearly every month
to correct their errors.


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     Thank you. I couldn't figure out what Ed's angle was, although it never seemed to feel right. I recall people asking him why he was asking for info, and he never answered their questions. In fact, he got very defensive whenever anyone asked what he was doing, which sets off alarm bells to me!

     It never felt right, and I couldn't figure out what he was doing, and I believe I have now. I don't care that he is fronting for a class action firm. It doesn't matter at all. In fact I hope he has success, and can help bring the Bear to its knees! It would bring me great pleasure to see this firm  completely explode (not implode!!), and scatter its remains throughout Manhattan!! However, I think that Ed could have and should have been more up front about it.

     As I recall from one of his earlier posts: "...Mr. “Beenawhile” the reason I have credibility is because I post my real name, real address, and an email address, just like one of my heroes: Nye Lavalle.  He also has nothing to hide. My phone number is listed under Ed Cage in Plano Texas and I get calls as well as emails. You will not be taken seriously challenging the credentials of others..." So, credibility equals posting a name and address, but hiding the real reason you are posting and asking for information!!

     So, I don't know about how most people feel about class actions, but I echo what Dee has to say. It makes the lawyers wealthy, and may call attention to a bigger problem. However, if you are looking for individual relief from a predatory servicer, this ain't gonna do it!! This is a clear option. It is slow, and likely not going to bring you a great deal of financial relief. However, it also doesn't require much effort, and it can help you out. Just educate yourself if this is a path you intend to head down!
     If you have troubles with Bear and Emc, etc. give Ed a call and he can set you up with his contacts to add to the class. I think this is a good option for some of you, and you should consider this. I am sure that Ed can bring you up to speed on the status of the class, and the plan going forward.
     So now that you know Ed's motivations, you can go forward with good information. Ed, it's no sweat that you want to do this, just tell us what you are up to. We will be far more accepting, and far less skeptical if you just come clean.
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Ed Cage

Me 2 ON: ------------------------------

“Ed, What are you going to do with this info?

Did you say you were working with Hoyer?”

Me 2 OFF ------------------------------


Dear Me 2:

What “info”?

     And no I don’t work in any way with Hoyer except that they contacted me to see if I wanted to join their class action. I was impressed that they clearly know what they are doing but they declined to make me a lead plaintiff against Bear Stearns EMC. However they did say I may be “eligible” to become a member of their class action. 

     I have since determined and posted that there are a half dozen other class actions against BS/EMC.  Many victims in here are looking for affordable solutions so I often suggest they consider a class action. But I also point out that personal litigation is much faster and you can also get all or part of your reasonable attorney and legal fees back if you prevail. The personal litigation route will cost you an estimated $5-8,000 or more and take an estimated 18-24 months.  But there is also the remote possibility of a top *secret* settlement from Bear Stearns if you sue EMC individually and you have an iron clad case.

     On the other hand the class action route requires no money that I know of, takes an estimated 36-60 months, and may deliver only a portion of what you feel you are owed.


Since I currently only know of one class action source (James Hoyer) and have heard from a reliable source that there are a half dozen more class actions being put together against Bear Stearns’s EMC, does anyone know of any other EMC class action firm names? It is not a priority with me as I am strongly considering other methods of recovering the $7-8,000 Town & Country, AMC and Bear Stearns EMC owe me and my wife after only 2 ½ years of flip-flops ,fraud and blatant outright lies by Greg Fedler of Bear Stearns.  Another consideration is that my case is strong enough and well organized and consequently substantial punitive damages are possible.


Additionally I would prefer that Bear Stearns impending downfall be high profile in nature to at least discourage other mortgage criminals like Citi Residential and James Brantley.  


Ed Cage

1804 Cross Bend, Plano Texas 75023



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Ed, You say what info, The info you ask for in this thread is what I'm asking about. You are asking for evidence right? If so I would like to know how you are going to use it. If you need to let me know by email thats fine. 
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Joe B

     Personally, I would love to see a large number of these banks/I-banks, etc. bite the dust. However, it is just extremely unlikely. I know there is a huge amount of bad news, write-offs, insider trading, credit tightening, etc., but frankly most of these big players are strong enough to weather this.

The rest of this post is crystal ball stuff and personal opinion only... I have no idea if I will be spot-on, close, or completely flat-out wrong! However, here we go:

     What I think is going to happen is that a number of the smaller banks will struggle mightily, and then get swallowed up on the cheap by some of these others. A handful of the small to medium banks will flat out fail, and their failure will leave a bit of chaos in their wake. Watch this sector carefully, because there will be all kinds of fraud and abuse, and very little oversight in these areas! This will take years to uncover and correct. Many people will suffer a LOT.

     The federal government is going to "rescue" most of the bigger banks either directly, or through creative investment vehicles. Don't forget that nearly every state and major US University provides huge sums of money to these banks either for their retirement funds, or their endowments; this cash cow will continue! I am not sure we will see a Chrysler like bail-out necessary, but I wouldn't rule it out if things get really ugly. There is likely to be a merger or two in some of the larger banks as well.

         I know you are focused on the Bear because I think they hosed you personally. I know how it feels (Fairbanks), and I have my own vindictiveness lurking here-- trust me!!!! Here's what I prognosticate for the Bear. There will be some high profile cases, maybe even a class action or two! The investors will raise hell and either win, or get a handsome payoff that we will never hear about. We will just see them get suddenly quiet!!

     There will be some other big payouts, and some of the suits may actually see a courtroom. I suspect all of this will significantly impair their earning for the foreseeable future! Perhaps even the federal government will grow a pair and get in the fracas. However, they won't shut them down, they will just procure a fine (probably a BIG one), slap them on the wrist, tell them not to do it again, praise the "victory" in all the press to show they are actually doing something, and move on... I also suspect that the Bear will face significant layoffs and perhaps wholesale firings in some of their divisions. BUT, I think that they will survive, and will not completely destroy themselves.

     However, as much as I would love to see many of these big players destroy themselves, I just don't think it is likely...

     If you are able to take on the Bear, go get them! If there is something that you need help with, let us know. Also, if you uncover anything that may help people not associated with the Bear, please share it! We could all use a victory. Many of us are "in the fight," and totally understand. We will try and help, and hope you can uncover something to help us as well!

Fight on!

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Ed Cage

Me 2 ON: --------------------------

“Ed, You say what info, The info you ask for in this thread is what

I'm asking about. You are asking for evidence right? If so I would

like to know how you are going to use it. If you need to let me

know by email thats fine. 

Me 2 OFF --------------------------


Dear Me 2:

As I have previously posted multiple times, I’m primarily interested in abuses (often illegal) of "suspense," "escrow," and "corporate advance" funds.  This is where most of the illegal exploitation of mortgage customers and premature foreclosures (always illegal) exist. You can and should post them in here so others can see how these illicit schemes perpetuate and go unprosecuted. 

      I asked "What info?" because nobody yet has posted any examples.

      I am building a case against what I believe to be the two most corrupt mortgage fraud firms in America:

1) Bear Stearns owner of EMC (Greg Fedler of Bear is the most completely dishonest person I have ever encountered in any form of commerce or venue)

2) Citi Residential (Currently mouth-pieced by the infamous mortgage fraud criminal James Brantley of Ameriquest & AMC infamy)  


I am not affiliated with James Hoyer or Mortgage Daily who I also often plug in the normal course of dialog.  Both are viable sources for the victims who read this forum. My primary focus is bringing Bear Stearns to justice. I consider Bear to be the ultimate *Satan* of criminal fraud all the way from Wall Street right down to draining the funds (often illegal) and premature foreclosures (always illegal) of the young, naive, elderly, minorities and uneducated as well as guys like me.  I used to think I was a top notch numbers person and street savvy to boot.  The first part is still very true but it turns out I got cheated myself out of thousands so the "street savvy" claim will have to be re-earned.


Please post your examples in here so others can benefit. Your name is not necessary but the name of the perpetrator firm would be helpful.



Ed Cage

1804 Cross Bend, Plano Texas 75023


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Ed Cage
Harry Stephenson wrote:
"For 2 years I have been battling these people. I am self-employed and during the winter monthss my work slows, I called and asked if I could pay ahead so I wouldn't miss a payment. Two weeks before Christmas I got a call telling me I still owe more money for my Dec. payment . When I explained that I payed ahead (NOV-APRIL) they said it was placed into an escrow account and still need to pay 8,ooo more, thats more than 4 times my taxes plus for the last 7 years I'ved paid my own taxes. When this nightmare started I owed 30,000 I noq am told I owe 49,000. I have a lawyer he can't make any progress. I would like to know about the civil suit and am coping these complaints to take to see if they help. I am very glad I googled EMC and my prayers to all of us. If anyone can help please E-Mail me at SUBJECT: MORTGAGE THANX "
Dear Harry:
Bear Stearns the *Satan* of mortgage fraud owns EMC. EMC is defunct (they are trying to keep it a secret) and you will now be dealing with Bear Stearns and "Customer Advocate" Greg Fedler. If you can believe this BS is far worse than EMC.

You said, "I have a lawyer he can't make any progress." Ask your lawyer exactly what is causing the lack of progress...(Something appears to be missing here.)

But do whatever your lawyer tells you to do. Your attorney's input on your individual situation is far more valuable than most (Not all) of the guard house law you will get online from well intentioned people.

Please post an answer from your lawyer on the lawyer question I suggested above if you don't mind Harry so others can benefit. There is something *wrong* with the situation you described imo..

Ed Cage
1804 Cross Bend, Plano Texas 75023

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Ed Cage

Here's yet another example of "suspense" and "escrow" account abuse by Bear Stearns/EMC:


Craig wrote:

"I currently have an ongoing situation with this company as well. After paying off my loan they sat on portions of my escrow money that should have been refunded and came up with unjustifiable charges(not payouts) without any plausible explanation. Currently trying to work this through with the available regulatory bodies."


For those of you stuck with the Bear Stearns/EMC mortgage fraud machine, the best advice I can give you is:

1)  Ask for proof accounting of all of your charges and payments that aren't principal and interest.

2) Bear Stearns will virtually always give you a "Payment history" which is semi-worthless in that it will not have a proper accounting of all of your "suspense" and "escrow" and "corporate advance" charges, payments and reversals. (This is where massive amounts of fraudulent activity takes place which leads to accelerated and unjust late charges, foreclosures, etc.)

3) After BS tries to trick you on your request for "suspense" accounting data, (And they will) send a *Certified* letter to EMC/Bear Stearns specifically asking again for the second time and copy your second request to the AG of Texas Greg Abbott as well as your own AG if you live in another state.

4) **IMPORTANT** Never believe anything EMC/BS "Consumer Advocate" Greg Fedler tells you without proof.


Ed Cage

1804 Cross Bend, Plano Texas 75023



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O -

Was that an email from Harry or was it posted on the net?

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O -
It was posted on topix EMC Fraud Forum:
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O -
Thanks Shag.

Ed, How long have you been here? as in reading and posting?
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Ed Cage

       emc crook wrote:

       “I send in a check of 10,000 toward the principle since they jack up my interest

       to 12%. send it in 9/11/2007. They deposit today 10/25/2007. Emc is the worst

       mortgage company in this world. Screw up my credits with 2 late payments

       since they don't credit them on time. Bear Stern stock get hammered, I hope

       they will drop even more. God will punish those who have sins and do evil

       things onto others.”


Well said "emc crook"
Indeed those are some of the many reasons EMC Mortgage is out of business for all practical purposes. I had a similar experience when I sent in an est.$4,000 on Oct. 30, 2006 at exactly 8:25 am *documented*(signed) via Federal Express. One payment history had it received at Nov. 6, 2006 and as a bonus it was intentionally MISAPPLIED. Yet another payment history from EMC had the entire amount credited in early Jan. 2007.

The mind boggles..


You can look far and wide, but you will not find two more corrupt mortgage fraud criminals than Greg Fedler of Bear Stearns and James Brantley of Citi Residential. Incredibly these guys are even worse than EMC..  I would strongly suggest that you make a demand to  for all of your “suspense account(s) activity.  Emphasize that you do not want their standard payment history. (It does not have a proper accounting of their suspense account data.)  EMC/Bear Stearns will likely send you a semi-worthless payment history no matter what you say on your first request. On your second demand for a full suspense account disclosure send a certified letter requesting same and copy it to the Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott in Austin Texas.

Ed Cage
1804 Cross Bend, Plano Texas 75023


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Mr. Ed, Why not ask your Good Buddy Nye for Evidence? I bet he will not help you. Good Luck!

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