Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Hi Guys,

This "dream" I'm going to relate is what I've worried about for all the previous and current victims from the "bad guys".

I dreamed that our attorney sat through a conference call with LL's attorney and they told him that I shouldn't post any derogatory comments about them.  Most of you know I'm pretty quiet, only call out a spy or try to offer assistance about what could happen.

That's what this dream must have been.  What could possibly happen if a victim has them dead to rights and how the good 'ol boy system can work. 

So let me tell yu what concerns me and what I dreamed that could happen to a family.

A victim and his attorney could have thought that the LL's had to go by the rules and have a proper hearing.  No way, the bad guys can just go and use an old warrant signed by a, Cough, Cough!!, excuse me, judge, that believes in integrity.  Then, the honest sheriff makes a generic call to the victims attorney, to CHA. (cover is the first word)

The victims attorney then emails him and tells the victim about this call and says to call him at noon so he has a chance to call the sheriff.

The sheriff evidently didn't like the documentary done on them last week and decides to pay an early morning vist to the victims family, coming up the back way because they have integrity and are brave.

The family just got up and hears banging on their door.  Before any of them can get to the door, a large protector of the law, bursts through the family's laundry room door with a taser pointed at the mother of the family in her night clothes.  She evidently posed a threat to the Large!, Brave! "lawman".  The large brave lawman was followed by his film crew.  He wanted his brave actions recorded evidently.

These model lawmen were then followed by somewhere between 5 & 8 other patrol cars.  This family was heavily armed.  They had an unloaded 22 rifle in their closet, just in case a big, 'ol wabbit came in the yard. 

The husband was hancuffed immediately and forced into a patrol car.  He is in pretty poor health and had trouble getting into the back seat so he was assisted by the brave lawman.  They then closed the doors and let the husband in a very warm car, making sure he was comfortable.  He was thoughtful to be sure the husband in poor health didn't get too cool.

In the meantime, the extremely dangerous wife came out to speak with her husband and she was refused to speak with her husband.  Then comes the oldest son and he is ordered to go back to the porch and sit, which he did.  He was pulled up and hancuffed so tightly that he had no feeling in his left hand for many hours after he was finally released, 4 1/2 hours after his bail was posted.  The bondsman had never bailed anyone out of jail on an "interferrence" charge before. 

The young son was awakened when his inconsiderate mother was calling 911 because her husband was having some minor chest pains and breathing problems.  He was stopped at the door and told to go upstairs, in a very nice way, to pack his bag and get out of his home.  The young son has ADHD, and sudden change confuses him.  He stopped, turned around, fell to one knee and was trying to gather himself.  The brave lawman, asked him several times if he wanted to go to jail and the young son replied each time, no sir.

This evidently wasn't the answer the big, brave lawman wanted to hear, so he jerked the confused son up, handcuffed him and put him in a nice warm patrol car.  These big brave lawmen were so thoughtful.

The young, confused son is still in jail that night, because the arrresting officer was thoughtful enough to not file charges against him until after the days docket had finished.  The lawman was just being considerate, I'm sure, because the young son didn't have a roof to sleep under anyway.  Such thoughtfullness!

In the meantime, the husband is nice and warm and in the backseat of a patrol car, down at the bottom of the real driveway, waiting for an ambulance.  The nice lawman left the car running so the exhaust could help the nauseated, sweating, pain in chest and unable to breath husband in the backseat so he could be comfortable. 

The wife in the meantime was being filmed as she tried to pick up a few items of clothing for her family.  Especially when she went to the closet holding the armory.  The 22.  She was thinking of going for the gun but the officer with the taser and the handgun watching her just didn't give her an opportunity, especially when the camera was on her.

Some bad Dream, huh!

Well, the rest of it is pretty simple, the family has a son in jail, the husband was released from the hospital bleeding profusely from where the kindly nurse had removed the IV.  The kindly doctor released him with his blood pressure somewher around 176 over 96.  The doctor said that since the last report from the husband's cardioligist that he had only a small leak in one of his valves, there was no reason to keep him.  The doctor didn't want the husband to miss an opportunity to go visit his older son in jail.  Unfortunately, the husband had already been given a court date and didn't get to go visit his son.  He wasn't aware of this until the nice nurse did the blood letting and after 4 hours allowed the husband to go to the restroom.  The nurse had problems with memory.  Like water, and remembering answers when given.  She said she didn't treat the husband like a deadbeat but the husband isn't sure.

It seems the husband was walking the 60 feet or so to the restroom and he felt something hit his leg.  He looked down and it was blood from his IV removal.  The kindly nurse put a larger bandage over the spewing blood and opened the door to the restroom.  Oh, she didn't do that for the bleeding husband, she went in and washed her hands.  I guess she was upset the husband had left a 50 foot trail of blood on their floors and she got blood on her hands.  She didn't seem very concerned that the husband had blood all over his shorts, shirt and arms and legs.  They did tell the husband to watch his step after he was finally allowed into the restroom because they had to mop up the blood.

The dream ends when the family kept calling the humane society looking for their 5 dogs.  They believed the kind, brave lawmen when they said that they were calling the humane society.  A neighbor to the very dangerous family found their dogs and called to oldest son on his cell after he was released. 

The son then went and got the "dangerous" dogs and they are safe with the part of the family that isn't in jail.

The family was then doing okay, they had to go to the wife's mother and father, both of which have their own health issues as well as their parents that are all in their late 80's. 

That's about where I woke up from this cozy dream.  Boy, I'm glad this doesn't happen in our country.

Fortunately, we all have civil rights and are equal under the law.  Lawmen wouldn't ignore Federal Stay's or Federal restraining orders.  When we ask for an investigation into a fraudulent encumbrance, we get an investigation, unless of course we are in Federal Civil litigation. 

Then of course, we get a fair hearing in court when we ask for one, EXCEPT!!!, when we have been removed to federal court and are in Federal jurisdiction.  This of course is very helpful because the family has no way to stop a Trustees Sale.

Now none of this would make sense unless I get to the funny part.  The lowest court in the state ruled against the Federal jurisdiction for the LL's on an unrecorded, unsigned, completly never before heard of document that just appeared on March 26, 2007.

Then, on top of it all, the property is in the husband and wife's name, recored legally and unencumbered.  Oops, the brave lawmen said that that didn't matter because the lowest court had ruled.

Boy, I hope this never happens to us.  Best I coud remember, the youngest son was taken to jail in a pair of shorts, no shoes or shirt.  I'm sure the floors were clean.  The husband and wife did get away witha pair of sandals each and the clothing they slept in. 

I'm sure that this couldn't happen to a good, hardworking family in our country.  Remember, we all have rights, as long as we don't have to go against the "good 'ol boy system" and the brave lawmen that get caught on tape in a documentary.

Since I didn't have a place to sleep and I haven't eaten all day and my youngest son isn't with us, I thought I would share this "dream" with all of you.

I certainly wouldn't want to do anything like saying bad things about Deutsche Bank or Litton Loan.  They have given my family "very special attention". 

We certainly intend to return their "very special attention" in the weeks to come. 

Hey Jr. & Sr., Me and the family intend on joining Gary at the pool party.  Do we need to RSVP or just P?

Appreciate all the thoughts and prayers from each and every one.  Keep the faith and keep on working.  Gary knows how to reach us and our attorneys are fixin'.  Our family is strong and I promise to live through this.

Virginia tells me, It isn't Bob's way, it's Gods way.  We'll keep our faith, ya'll do the same.

Hope you all learn something from this dream.  Don't take anything for granted.  Don't let your guard down. 


Documentary coming out soon!
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God Bless you Bob were praying for you. 
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O -

That really SUCKS Bob, Sorry to hear that you all had to go through that. WTF?

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Hopefully, you have a plan B for living arrangements.

You have done everything you can to save your home.

Assuming your foreclosure was one of those done that are termed
"illegal foreclosures" the act of taking your house now completes the fraud,
IMO and new causes of action with a new statute of limitations or at the very least you should be able to amend your complaint in Federal Court.

Make sure you know what your choices are.

Another nightmare completed.

I am sorry this has happened to you.  If there is anything I can do, let me know.

I guess it is a little hard to see what good guys that Larry Litton thinks
he is to borrowers.

And in the end, he says, “I sleep well at night. I believe we have the best business practices in the industry today....

When Larry Jr. and Litton publicist Donna Marie Jendritzen said they wished the media could hear from some of the 70,000 borrowers whose homes Litton saved last year, the Press asked how that wish could be fulfilled. What resulted might be indicative of an apparent disconnect between how Larry Jr. believes his collectors treat borrowers and how they are actually often treated.

Mr. Litton said that for most of the loans in his portfolio, he had unlimited discretion to modify the loan terms.



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What about Bob?

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Hey All,

We have our seventeen year old back with us.  Got all the boys and all the dogs, it's a good day!

We're all a bit out of sorts, but I guess this is expected.  LOL

Appreciate the thoughts.  We are moving legally.  Seems slow to us, especially when our neighbor told us that our belongings were being loaded in trash bags, and being "disposed" of as trash.  Clothing, baseball card collections, wall art, Liquor Cabinet with accessories (ouch!)  Things that evidently must look like "trash" to some people.  Can't cry in spilled milk but it is pretty damn hard to know that someone is digging through you wife's dresser and through my own personals.

They have all my files, computers, office equipment, personal records, our insurance licenses and on top of that, Derek and I might lose our Insurance Licenses because of the charges against us.  Out of all the shoes that Stacy & I had, we had a great shoe outlet, I'm wearing a pair of sandals and she is in sandals too. 

I'm sorry to vent but this is almost too much to bear.  Civil Rights my A--!

We were given none.  My only hope is that we can bring this to a judge with integrity and will look at our exhibits.  I believe we are in front of just such of a person in the next round.

Sorry about being a little down, will get some rest and be back at them.

Thanks fo the thoughts and prayers.

Bob & Family 
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talk to Jack ASAP

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I really am sorry. I am going through a spat of ill health myself. Isn't that a first amendment right : free speech. Its a shame you even have to go to such extremes to even get your voice heard/    Your case is one of the ones I am following along with Mike. You guys are our heroes: You, Mike, Jack, Nye, Moose, Ann, Dee, Don't let me leave anyone out.

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This sure seems a whole lot like what Hitler and Stalin did.

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I have never spoken or heard from Jack, even though I contributed what we could at the time.  I'm kinda losing faith.

I do want help from all of you.  Our attorney, Chris Gilreath, Gilreath & Associates Tennessee, may be losing faith and may be being pushed away from us by the bad guys and their attorneys.  I'm asking for my family's sake for any prayer you can muster.  We can't lose him now.  He needs faith and strength.

He needs to be reminded that the Federal Judge stated in his Order of the TRO that the Plaintiffs (Us) should win on the preponderance of the evidence presented.  We lost the TRO because we couldn't put up a $109,000.00 cash bond. 

Imagine that, ruined credit, no financial statement and $200,000.00+ equity gone.  Just couldn't understand why we couldn't get that bond?

Course, I don't think I ever mentioned the $558,000.00 cash bond the General Sessions Court wanted, plus court costs, in order to appeal "HIS" decision to the Circuit Court (Circuit Court could have set-aside the foreclosure).  This wasn't bad enough, it seems that everyone else in Tennessee an in the US can plead indigent and sign a Pauper's Oath in order to appeal.  Not us.  The Judge refused our request.

Don't know why I'm beginning to become bitter.

Need you help!

Bob & Family

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We are all here for you Bob, Jack's behind you too. Hang in there I still get upset about all this and have been out of my home for over 5 years.The people in this country have become passive to the point where they would rather lay down and die to avoid conflict but they are waking up and will take action soon. We will get justice either here or in heaven that's 100% certain. You and your family are in our prayers. At sundown Friday Sabbath starts for us and we devote the whole 24 hours to God so you and your family will get special attention.
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4 justice now

If you are ever forced into confrontation and/or combat with those fine upstanding good ole boys of your dream, just let me know. I'd be glad to help even if it means starting a long over due revolution against those in control of that well balanced, lawful and just legal system we are all forced to enjoy so very equally in your dream. I'm sure there are many others among us who would be more who would be more than happy to display their own unwavering support for such a fine and equable system of justice, as the one in your dream. In other words: I'm not the only one here willing to help.

Gee... and I thought I had gotten screwed in a big way. No comparison. We'll be praying for you. Please keep us informed, as much as you are able anyway.

Very Respectfully,

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What about Bob? wrote:

To submit story ideas, news tips or birthday listings, send an e-mail to

By phone

(941) 361-4600

By fax

(941) 361-4699

By mail

P.O. Box 66
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