Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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After reading this site for several days now, after learning just over the last week or so of Litton's theft of our money, and soon our home, I decided it's time to jump into the conversation.

After closing in Feb. '04, mortgage #1 of our 80/20 split mortgage was sold to Countrywide by April.  May saw mortgage #2 sold to Wilshire Credit Corp. 
By May '06, we had been (what I would now call) steered to foreclosure and into Chapter 13.  Between the two events, foreclosure and us seeking the protection of bankruptcy, Litton assumed the loan.  I distinctly remember saying at the time "who buys a loan in foreclosure?"  I Googled Litton and saw the horror stories of "late payments"/lies, but because of the bankruptcy, we figured "well, we're stuck with these people, better watch our a$$es and hope we can get away from them after the discharge in 3 years.

For a year and half now, we've paid our mortgage payments each month - without acknowledgment from Litton.  Our rate has adjusted twice so far this year after the ARM kicked in in March.  We kept doing what we needed to do to keep our home, or so we thought!

On Nov. 14th, I got a notice from my homeowner's insurance that we were due a pretty significant refund.  Litton had paid our year's premium right out from under us.  Our insurance has been on auto-pay from our bank since the first premium was paid back in '04 and we have a no escrow loan.  I knew immediately that something was wrong with this picture.  Countrywide had tried numerous times to "force" us on the insurance thing.  Litton's been caught red handed.  Thankfully, my agent has kept some of the faxes she sent as requested proof.

So, some Googling and digging has brought me here.  The numbers don't lie. After reviewing my statements from the inception of the loans, virtually everything we've paid has gone up in "fees" and "suspense accounts".  We've made no progress.  None.  Our credit was, IS, ruined at the moment.  Our only way out is to convert to Chapter 7.  We're not leaving without a fight though.  And by that I mean they can have the house, we can't stomach giving them another red cent, we've got a lawyer and a voice.  We'll be sure to use both.

The past few days have been an emotional rollarcoaster.  The sheer magnitude of this nightmare on the American people is enough to overwhelm me and it's happening to me as I type this.  We were never going to be "allowed" to succeed.  Our life for the past 4 years has been built on lies.  As a woman of faith, I look forward to what life has in store for me, a whole new adventure!  Yet, to look back, and to even look at the haunting disturbances around me, I cringe and I cry.  I sincerely hope to be Litton's last victim.  I will shout from rooftops if the opportunity arises.  Newspapers, radio, TV, blogs, emails, I will utilize whatever I can to spread the word about what is REALLY going on in "sub-prime" loans.

They blame it on the ARM's.  ARM's SCHWARMS!  Our rate didn't adjust until this year, yet Countrywide and Litton were raping our equity from DAY ONE.

They say "sub-prime" as if they mean "sub-class"  I am a mother, wife, adoptive mother, foster mother, board member of my church, board member of a local non-profit, and someone who did EVERYTHING to clean my credit (after college credit debt ruined me the first time around) and keep it clean.  But I was never going to be "allowed" to succeed.  Just like no person ever "deserves" to be raped or victimized, neither do "sub-prime" borrowers deserve to be raped and victimized by a freakin' number (credit score) that has no way of computing a person's real character or intentions.

I resent the implication that because I didn't have the same amount of financial literacy as those that remained safe from this crime, that that somehow justifies that it happened to me.  Just like sexual rape, one of the best weapons an abuser has is the fear of scrutiny in the victim.  For months my husband and I felt so SHAMEFUL about our situation that we didn't even tell our families and closest friends what was happening with the foreclosure and the Chapter 13.  We felt like financial idiots for falling behind, that it really was our own fault for not always paying on time.  Now, we know it wasn't our fault, we'd been set up to fail this game.  So now we own it.  Yep, we're bankrupt.  And I'm going to tell everyone who will listen.

Litton, silence was golden for you.  That ends today.
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Just as a side note - the term "credit WORTHINESS" should be thrown out.  In my point about sub-prime as sub-class, I meant to point that out.

As long as we use that term, "credit WORTHINESS," companies will plunder the "less amongst us."  Lower score = lower value/lower worth.  Sickening, but clearly true. 
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 Amen!I couldn't agree with you more! Best of luck!
God Bless You!
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I Second That AMEN
God Bless you..I am also a soon to be adoptive parent of my two foster son's. I am very active in our church..I read my bible almost every day and I know that all the people who have gone against us will pay in the end for the sins they have committed against God's children.

You are right..our loans were given to us with the intent of foreclosure.

I believe and trust in whatever one of the posters on this board posts.
That would be H.Gosh. Something is in the works and heads are going to roll. The good Lord will take care of us because he knows all and the criminals against humanity will pay.

Keep on fighting and keep on believing and never forget the Lord has you by your right are not going through this alone. He is right there with you..If he is for you who can come against you!! 
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April, you are a "Classic" LARRY LITTON Victim!  I'm willing to bet, they also "Falsely" reported your payment history damaging your credit, and interfering with your ability to get away from them. Sent your payment notices late, along with so many other tactics, Oh I almost forgot, they wanted to place that "Worthless" forced place insurance policy on you, and its premium is 4-6 times the amount of the one you were paying for.
If you look closely at the insurance policy YOU ARE NOT INSURED!  Only Litton Loan and CBASS I'm betting.  This is but one of the TERRORIST LARRY LITTON KEEPS YOU IN DEFAULT.
April, please check out on this site if the Policy Number matches one of the two that are located on this site. 
Oh I forgot, I'm betting Benny Hibler is the employee that may have falsely reported your payment history.  And please look at the section of I posted recently on Civil Rights suits against Lawyers, it could apply directly to Larry Litton, employee's of Litton Loan, and lawyers, I let you know, as my discovery in my litigation is just going to begin.  My suit against Litton Loan here in Wisconsin is moving forward after yesterday, It INCLUDES PUNITIVES!  I'm coming to Houston Larry!!!
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