Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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PRESIDENT OBAMA has headed for his desk a bill that would ratify the illegal practices revealed for the past three years on this blog and for the past three weeks and mainstream media. He might just as well issue Robo signed presidential pardons for the thousands of people involved in defrauding homeowners, investors and the entire judicial system. Send him a letter and tell him not to sign it.

Under the guise of simply reflecting changes in technology, the bill would force state and federal courts to recognize and accept the notarization from another state. This would be true even if the notary signed in blank. It would be true even if the witnesses were not present despite the recitation to the contrary signed by the notary. It would be true even if the main person signing the alleged document was not the person named as having signed the alleged document. It would be true even if the main person signing the alleged document was not present or identified by the notary. In other words under this new bill passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate, both essentially bought and paid for by the financial services industry, all of the illegal, improper and criminal acts performed by the “lenders” (mainstream media insists on using this term even though it is not true) would be made legal. That sounds like a pardon to me, how about you?

If Pres. Obama signs this bill it will become law. At that point, more than half of the meritorious defenses of borrowers (homeowners) or petitioners in bankruptcy courts will go down the drain. The fact that this bill even got introduced without the mainstream media taking note is not really surprising considering the fact that mainstream media has failed to grasp the true  scope of this fraud which began with the first sale of a fake mortgage bond to an investor. A fake financial services product was marketed to investors who believed they were lenders and to homeowners who believed they were borrowers, both of whom were mere pawns in the Wall Street game. In fact they supplied the only two ingredients that Wall Street wanted —money from the lenders and a signature from the homeowners. The nature of the document was immaterial. Now that the foreclosures are obviously fake, lawmakers responsive to the demands of the financial services industry have quietly passed a bill in both houses of Congress that would allow the fraud to be ratified and the perpetrators to escape any accountability whatsoever.

If Pres. Obama signs this bill he will be condemning the victims of this fraud to bear the full cost of the losses. If Pres. Obama signs this bill he will be awarding the perpetrators of this fraud all of their winnings. In case anybody hasn’t been looking, another development which has been ignored by our mainstream media is that countries around the world are looking for an alternative reserve currency to replace the once almighty US dollar. The reason they are looking is because they no longer have confidence in a system that produced a Wall Street scheme which in essence depreciated the value and viability of currencies and economies all over the world.

If Pres. Obama signs this bill he will be giving a signal to the world that the United States will be more vigilant, more sophisticated and much more involved in enforcement of laws, rules and regulations already existing in the marketplace and upon which all investors, lenders, homeowners, borrowers and foreign governments had placed reasonable reliance and suffered to their detriment. The loss of our status as the issuer of the world’s reserve currency will have profound consequences on our nation, our citizens, our businesses, and the prospects for generations of Americans yet unborn.

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Boiling Over
The Democratic Majority in Congress is resolved to override the President's veto of the Digital Robo-Signing Act (H.R. 3808) before Nancy Pelosi loses her majority.  The Digital Robo-Signing Act is Sen. Chris Dodd's going away present to the big banks.

Rep. Barney Frank already has the skids greased for this bill tomorrow.  They even have their stooge Rep. Robert B. Aderholt (R-AL) pushing the bill so that they can blame the Republicans for the bill after its enactment.

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" . . . a word on the “MERS Whitewash bill” floated by John Carney last week. Carney has been bloviating about this for well over a month, based mainly on speculation. He may have the history of Congress making mischief on behalf of the banks on his side, but he really doesn’t have a clue on this issue. Foreclosure operations are state issues governed by state laws, and lawmakers know they would have a difficult go of trying to adjudicate a constitutionally viable solution that would indemnify the banks in this case. They’d have to stick out their necks quite far, and it would almost certainly be challenged all the way up the legal ladder. The outcry that would ensue during that time would be tremendous. I’m not sure it’s something that risk-averse politicians would want to put up with. And Carney certainly has no evidence one way or the other. I’m happy to fight something that exists, but nothing does at the moment."

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While the ENTIRETY of the Crystal MOORE series of Video depositions is COMPELLING, I would encourage each of you to REVIEW the video deposition Part 3 and in particular the portion between 9:04 mins (~10:46:30) and 11:30 mins (~10:49:15):


Crystal Moore Deposition Part 3.mp4


Therein, you will hear Ms. MOORE explain that she has given her employer a digital version of her signature, WHICH IS APPENEDED TO DOCUMENTS SHE NEVER READS OR SEES, APPARENTLY WITHOUT HER KNOWLEDGE.


I believe that this video needs to be SHOWN TO THE CONGRESSIONAL STAFFERS and the CONGRESSMEN who believe that the Dodd-Frank Digital Robo-Signing Act (H.R. 3808) is INNOCUOUS.

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Im about an hour into this congressional hearing and so far its a joke!!!  This Arnold guy from MERS claims that the counties who record mortgages mess them up. And that's why we all need MERS.  He has provided diddly squat as examples and nobody's asked him to provide proof.  Yet Ms. Thompson states that in the hundreds of foreclosures that she represented in court that there existed a meritorious(sp) defense and congress wants proof!!!

So Arnold's word is God and Ms Thompson's is no good without proof.

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H.R. 3808 was rejected!

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William A. Roper, Jr.
The Washington Post has a story online from the AP about the defeat of the override attempt:

House sustains Obama veto on mortgage bill

 Good job everyone!

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Is there anyway to find out the 185 that voted against?  If so, I would like to email, fax, call and mail these a$$hole$ a piece of my mind and the evidence of fraud & place them on notice that they should start looking for another job. 

Power to the people.................well, for this brief moment at least
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The Equitable One
If you'd like to see how you guy or gal voted on this see:

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Looks like MERS knows what party to send their thank you checks to.
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