Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Who's On First?
So far, I have contacted Mr. Thomas A. Kelly, Senior Vice President of JPMorgan Chase to find out if my mortgage may have been in pooling, I also contacted the SEC, I got a reply from from the SEC and 2 from JP Morgan CHASE.
I told them that Ameriquest and HSBC committed fraud and others crimes regarding my mortgage and asked for his assistance's to find out if my mortgage was in pooling at any time.
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Who is Tom Kelly?

I seem to be getting lies from someone at JP Morgan Chase named Thomas Kelly. He said he was with Media relation, NOW I am being told He is the VP, Of JP Morgan Chase. Speeking of Who's on first?

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Proof & Evidence
This BELOW is a letter from and to JP Morgan Chase in October 2007. From Tom Kelly

Robert Aaronson has compliance responsibilities for our mortgage business.

Again, he only has responsibilities for mortgages we originate or service.

Tom Kelly
Media Relations for Chase

phone:      (312) 732-7007
cell:            (312) 848-5265
fax:             (312) 732-5976

             10/24/2007 03:06           
             PM                                                         cc
                                       Re: Ameriquest mortgage             
Mr. Kelly,

I didn't say the mortgage was paid off in 2004, I asked about getting info
regarding the pay off and the pooling info. I feel ameriquest has not only
committed fraud against me but also might be committing fraud against the
investors and or the stockholders.

I asked if you had a compliance officer? If you do, would you please
provide contact information.



And this reply below is from Today.

Good afternoon Ms. xxxxxxxx
I am writing in further response to your email correspondence dated February 18, 2008, addressed to Mr. Thomas A. Kelly, Senior Vice President of JPMorgan Chase, and given to me for further review in the offices of the Executive Resolution Group.

In order to assist you, it is necessary for me to discuss the matter with you further.  Please contact me at your earliest opportunity.  You can reach me at
(888) 310-7995, extension 1189, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.  

Kelly L. Wogan
Mortgage Officer
Executive Resolution Group Supervisor
Phone: (888) 310-7995, extension 1189
Fax:  (614) 432-8240

I don't think I will be calling him.  But I will be sending him faxes and more emails.

By the way, Everything I send also go's to CC: Roland Arnall, Chris Orlando and a few in the Government.

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emails from Chase
This is a email from Chase today.

Markana xxxxxxxx:

I have received an e-mail forwarded to me from Mr. Thomas A. Kelly, Senior
Vice President,
regarding concerns you have with your mortgage loan.  I
have been unable to locate a Chase account using the information provided
in your e-mail.  In order for your concerns to be addressed, please supply
a loan number or property address related to your mortgage loan.  You may
respond to this e-mail, contact me by telephone at (888) 310-7995,
extension 7297, or I would be happy to contact you by telephone at a number
and time you wish.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to speaking with you.

Richard Sanford
Chase Home Loan Servicing
Executive Resolution Group
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FYI about Cuomo complaint
Subject:Re: FYI New York AG Andrew Cuomo complaint Ameriquest mortgage
Date:2/18/2008 2:52:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
Dear Mr. Kelly:
Re: Complaint to New York AG Andrew Cuomo.
FYI: I am filing a complaint against ameriquest, their attorneys and now you and JP Morgan/Chase for adding and abetting Ameriquest in committing fraud, withholding evidence, obstruction of Justice, Stock fraud, Pooling fraud, Predatory lending, Insurance fraud and many other things.
I have asked for your help in the past but got put off. If you could look into this I would be Grateful! I hate to file complaints for no reason.
I sent the email above out on Febuary 18, 2008.
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My Reply


Re: JPMorgan Chase
Date:2/19/2008 10:48:12 PM Eastern Standard Time

A quick question about Mr. Kelly. This below is from Tom Kelly on 10/24/2007 and he states that he is with Media relations, Is he both VP and Media relations at the same time?
Subject:Re: Ameriquest mortgage
Date:10/24/2007 5:42:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)
Robert Aaronson has compliance responsibilities for our mortgage business.

Again, he only has responsibilities for mortgages we originate or service.

Tom Kelly
Media Relations for Chase

phone:      (312) 732-7007

cell:            (312) 848-5265
fax:             (312) 732-5976

I, CC: it to all of the the people above including Byron Dorgan and Bob Casy
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not given
Seems odd, about the two positions, but is it possible that Thomas Kelly received a promotion from Media Relations to V.P.?

You should do a search of the name Thomas Kelly and print everything you find.

Pulled from a search:

JPMorgan Chase: Media contacts Tom Kelly Credit Card Services Paul Hartwick ... Asia Pacific Ray Bashford ... - 23k - Similar pages



J.P. Morgan Chase probing data breach shown in You... A Washington, DC, workers union locked in a labor dispute with JP Morgan Chase is ... The video ends with a message urging viewers to call Tom Kelly, ... - 141k - Similar pages [ More results from ]


Tom Kelly - MarketWatch Topics News about Tom Kelly. Commentary and archival information about Tom Kelly from MarketWatch. ... J.P. Morgan, B.of A. named in slave-reparations case - 31k - Similar pages


Tom Kelly: The Real Estate Communicator And, if capital markets players like JP Morgan find mortgage securities no longer ... Tom Kelly’s book “Cashing In on a Second Home in Mexico: How to Buy, ... - 12k - Similar pages
Tom Kelly: The Real Estate Communicator And, if capital markets players like JP Morgan find mortgage securities no longer ... Tom Kelly’s book “Cashing In on a Second Home in Mexico: How to Buy, - 12k - Similar pages
Do further research...... you may just find what you are looking for.

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A few months ago, I tried to find out who the compliance officer at Ameriquest is and I got a run around from everybody I talked to.  I was told everything from, he is not in to we don`t know anything about a compliance office. I was finally tranferrd to an automated answering machine and it didn`t even have a name on it. I have sent 2 letters with ATTEN: COMPLIANCE OFFICER (after dealing with this for a while I wanted to send a message ATTEN. S#&$head) but never got a response. The last time I tried to call Amriquest it was answered as Citi Residential.

What number are you calling to get Ameriquest?   The one I have rings Citi Residential.

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Ameriquest pro missed to replace my house and settle in April 2005, Then they didn't. Mary Jo Shelton had something to do with that.
I have not called ameriquest since that time. Get everything in WRITING.
I found out that Thomas Noto was the compliance officer and their attorney from reading it in the news. He is and has been withholding evidence and adding and abetting Ameriquest and Roland Arnall in committing fraud against us.
Joannne Davies, said in an email that he was no longer there last year after I requested he answer questins.
You might try to find the complaince officer for Citi.
 Was or is JP Morgan on your loan with ameriquest? The were on mine.
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I think it would be interesting to ask him why the loan was returned to Ameriquest.

I think we know the answer but it would be good to get it from the horse's mouth.

What I don't like is after they sell your mortgage is that the purchaser
seems to have the option to return the loan to the originator.

There are so many poorly written loans that do not get returned to the originator, I have to wonder what is so special about your loan that they
would return it to the originator.

You must be annoying the hell out of these

This is the beauty of a vague question.  The reader will most likely
think they know and can guess correctly what you mean. It seems to work for you.

There are many ways to skin a cat. 
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LOL If they want to play thats fine with me, The more checkers I have on the board the, The better. Thanks for your support.

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The Ameriquest attorneys are next on my FYI about my complaint against them to Cuomo. It's says on the complaint form that I need to let the people that I am filing against them. That's why I sent the letter to Mr. Thomas Kelly.


I don't think the Ameriquest attorneys are going to like my letter to them. I am including HSBC in the FYI Cuomo letter to them and the rest of the GANG! Then I am send a copy to the Netherlands.  Guess who it's tooo? I need to find his home address.


 Ameriquest attorneys address

Joanne N. Davies
BuchalterNemer, A Professional Law Corporation
18400 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 800 | Irvine, CA 92612-0514
Direct Dial: (949) 224-6221 | Direct Fax: (949) 224-6209

Switchboard: (949) 760-1121 | General Fax: (949) 720-0182
Email: |

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Hey Me 2,  After reading your post this morning, I also sent e-mails to the people that you have posted the e-mails addresses of. I am so glad you posted the names and e-mail addresses.  I have sent the an FYI letter that they might find a little interesting.
I have not seen JP Morgan on our papers anywhere.
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SRSD, I hope that you might find some help but be careful.
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markanna, it seems that they do not want to give you anything in writing but keep INSISTING to contact them by phone. I don't know if it is legal or not to record in your state but the reason they want to talk to you by phone, is so that they can tell you lies and you have no paper trail to back up what they tell you. It's a trap they we as well as a lot of others fall into. The phone is their weapon. Send a Qualified Written Request letter. There are examples of this on this site. You are doing the right thing. Do not give them the chance to lie to you on the phone.

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O -
I said above that I would not be calling them. That is good advice.  Get everything in writting. That's what I do.

I never talked to any of the ameriquest attorneys, I got everything done in writting so I would have proof.

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