Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Here’s an attorney in New York/New Jersey who gets it!!! He represented a client at the “ninth hour” in a foreclosure matter- summary judgment for bank already ordered, court granted permission for sale of house. Sale even took place with plaintiff/bank buying back house. Somehow got court to halt all activities in case, with a hearing held mid-November. Based on this attorney’s argument, court allowed his firm approx. 4 weeks to file answer to bank’s affidavit!!! Attorney has great opportunity to highlight fraud that was perpetrated against homeowner. Will keep you posted on the outcome!!! We strongly believe it’s gonna be positive for the homeowner!!
In the meantime, if you need a great attorney in New York/New Jersey who gets it, do not hesitate to contact:
Farrel Donald, Esq.
Brooklyn, New York
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The Equitable One
That is encouraging news.

Do you have any pleadings you can share?

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Sure, send me your email address.

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That's awesome!!!!

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I have seen a variety of questionable posts to this Forum endorsing lawyers.  I would point out that there is one compelling reason to suspect that this endorsement is on the level:

Brooklyn is in Kings County, NY, which is ground zero for Justice Arthur Schack and an activist Supreme Court bench which has routinely denied relief to mortgage foreclosure plaintiffs.

Any reasonably intelligent attorney regularly practicing before the Kings county courts could hardly remain clueless to what is happening there.  And if a defense attorney simply read the published opinions of the Kings County bench from the past two years, virtually every effective defensive strategy applicable to New York has been identified and chronicled by the Courts.

In short, any competent Kings County attorney who aspires to effectively represent mortgage defendants ought to be more aware of effective mortgage defense strategies and better able to stitch these together than those attorneys practicing in areas where the courts have not yet caught on.

Be careful though in hopng that such an attorney can be effective in other states, given that mortgage laws differ considerably from state to state!
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Encouraged, if you had the slightest doubt that the post about the attorney was "questionable" all you had to do was send me an email or send the attorney and email, or even call him as his phone number is listed there.

I'm still trying to understand your argument, and indeed am unable to follow your logic.  To begin with, Judge Schack is only ONE judge in the entire New York court circuits! How many other judges are doing what Judge Schack is doing? Indeed, we are fully aufait with the rulings of New York Judges Schack, Drain, and  Spinner! Yes, we are well apprised of what is happening in the foreclosure industry all over this great country, in Missouri, Arkansas, Florida, Massachussetts, and California. Just in case you are not aware because you did NOT ask, the case referenced above was in Queens County, New York and NOT Brooklyn as you might have thought. The attorney got involved in the case AFTER the home was actually approved by the court for sale, and his argument must have been forthright and convincing enough to make the judge allow him time to file an answer to the bank's fraudulent claims, when all had appeared to be lost for the homeowner.

Encouraged, if you had doubts about the post, the proper thing to do would have been to contact me or the attorney to check on the legitimacy of the post, before taking upon yourself to attempt to discredit what was posted. Please, please, please check out the facts before you attempt to put someone or someone's post down.

Indeed this blog exists to help homeowners in distress, and to share valuable information with each other that will be beneficial for honest folks who are struggling to save their homes. We would never try to mislead folks - we are professionals! And too, here is an attorney who left corporate law in order to work with the ordinary man on the street!

So, please check out your facts before you begin to "question" one's motives.
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