Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Florida, Thompson: Jack tattles to Governor Crist about Bar Corruption

I know about the Ft. Lauderdale AG’s quest to receive information about corruption in Fl Default Law Group and I have asked for a complaint form to send information and told the person collating this information that she should not stop with them and why. Is this connected with the Statewide Grand Jury? Also, if you know about the Grand Jury I would love to testify against these Bastards.

On Friday one of my personal cases put me to a big personal test on a number of counts. This case had not been prosecuted for almost 20 months and the Court under FRCP 1.420 issued a Notice of Failure to Prosecute giving any party to right to take some action within that period on August 21, 2009. On October 21, 2009 the Clerk of Court issued a Motion to Dismiss but allowed a window of 5 days before a Hearing set for November 4, 2009 (yesterday) for a party to file a Showing of Good Cause as to why the case should continue.

Which brings me to last Friday at 4pm when I did what I hoped would be my last check on lack of activity. As always my wife predicted that they would do something at the last minute, which they did, well, not quite as they filed their Mickey Mouse Showing of Good Cause, which did not even attempt to show any cause, good, or bad, but which blamed us for failing to respond within 20 days of receiving service, (which had not been perfected and a false statement was filed by PROVEST LLC), other than a request for “information” which was in fact a Request for Production of the Original Note, thereby attempting to reduce Discovery to an informal request and used that to file a further Motion for the Court to Order Default upon us.

This is a case where our Attorney has filed an appearance but Jeff had told me before I saw the information that something had been filed in the Court that he was going to be out of the country from Friday morning until Tuesday to attend a family wedding. Danny, my son-in-law from upstate NY and I got out the Civil Procedure Rules and discovered Rule 1.090(a)(e) which states that if any time period is less than 7 days intervening Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays cannot be counted and that if service is performed by mail then five days need to be added for the mailing (again less than seven days – so no Sats or Suns) which meant that they had to mail to Jeff on October 21, 2009 and they ‘mailed’ it to Jeff’s Florida office on the October 28, 2009.

This case is so riddled with fraud including multiple breaches of Florida criminal statutes by an employee of FDLG, the Attorneys in that law firm and employees of Assignee Bankster, Countrywide that I felt I could not just rely upon 1.090, so I produced a comprehensive Motion and filed it in the Court on Monday, after intense work to put it all together. On Tuesday, thinking about the corrupt judiciary, I decided that as I technically could have been told by the Judge that I could not represent myself in producing a Motion, whatever the circumstances, that I should doubly protect my right to speak (in front of the Court Reporter that I now will never be without, however minor a hearing might appear to be) and just before nine am yesterday filed it in the Court on our way to the hearing.

As with most things the devil is always in the detail and I had not failed to notice that if a Showing of Good Cause was filed the filer of the Motion had to attend the Hearing and I sure knew what would happen if we were not there.

When we arrived at the small Courtroom I was amazed to find a huge crowd of people spilling out into the corridors. My wife was reminded of a cattle stockyard, as indeed I have been many times when attending the infamous Rocket Docket Court here. Slow on the uptake I did not realize until after our hearing that everybody there was on the same deal – Court Motions to Dismiss and that explained the crowd.

When we were called a clearly ‘wet behind the ears young greased spiked hair’ local Attorney announced that he was appearing for Adorno & Yoss who are a huge firm in Miami expecting no resistance. The woman Judge, starts by reading the Docket and it was clear that if we had not been there this lazy slime ball would have gotten everything he asked for.

She of course got to our Motion and he responded by saying that the Motion was not even on the Docket, he was obviously ‘bright’ as she was reading the bloody thing off the Docket. He then pleaded that their Showing of Good Cause was filed on time on October 28, 2009, when it was actually filed on October 30, 2009 at which point I invited the Judge to look at her screen and handed her a time stamped copy of the filing of the Motion and also gave her the Affidavit and popped a copy in front of Spikey. I also told her that on Tuesday afternoon I got hold of my Attorney and he had confirmed that my interpretation of the law was absolutely correct (which Jeff thought was creative of me to bring him into the Courtroom when he was in Vegas at the time).

Judge is now in a quandary, if I am right the Rules do not allow her any latitude so she decides to throw a lifeline to Spikey and gives him the Rule Book so that he can research the Rule (LOL) to see if he agrees. While he goes off to pour over the Rules and an excited whispering session with another slime ball, the Judge calls the next case.

Young but poised female Attorney approaches the bench and says Your Honor, I am here to plead the same as the previous case, in that a Showing of Good Cause was made last Friday and is out of time and the papers were mailed to my client and not to me and were not mailed until last Wednesday and quoted Rule 1.090. I thought that was good fun and we were then recalled an Judge asks Spikey if he agrees and he of course had no option. So Case Dismissed! So, there are now 2 cases dismissed for that reason; one after the other. As I walked out of the Court I could not fail to notice the people in the Stockyard and the row of Defending Attorneys focusing their ‘kind eyeballs’ on me and thinking how much I would love to have been able to stop right there in the pit of the Court and address the forthcoming victims by telling them that all they needed to do was to tell the Judge the same story.

However, when I got outside I was introduced by Patrick and Christian who were with me to a lady who had investment properties in the area and discovered that she had been similarly treated. I wrote the Rule on a Piece of Paper and in the afternoon she called to thank me as both of her cases were also Dismissed. So in all a blow against these corrupt monsters and a number of lessons for the observant. There is nothing that any of us cannot do if we have the determination and fortitude to do what needs to be done to overcome evil.

My new training course which I have now thrown together and I want you to participate in is aimed at education, coaching and leadership to empower as many good people as I can to see that this corruption is brought to an end and the guilty parties punished.

One final footnote. When Kim, the lady I helped to get her cases Dismissed, called me she said that during the course of her Hearing this same Judge said to her “You would not be having to deal with all of this if you paid your mortgages – would you?”

She also told me of another occasion in the Rocket Docket Court when a man was asked by the Judge “Why don’t you just pay your mortgage?” The man replied “Because our three dry cleaning businesses have failed as a result of the collapse of the economy and I only had enough money to feed my children and I decided that feeding them was more important than paying the mortgage.” The Judge replied “Really, well what about the children of the people who work for the banks?” Kim said she thought the rest of the people in the Court were about to storm the Judge!

Something has to be done about this Florida Bar. I certainly want to testify before the Grand Jury and I think we should muster as much support as we can get to expose these Bastards.

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they are already exposed, now what!!  Not that easy, they hold what we do not cash, mofia!!!!

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Congrats. My case was originally filed by Adorno and Yoss. See corrupt City of Miami fire tax settlement. Remember a lot of judges are elected and now the tide of public opinion is strongly against the fraudster mortgage companies.

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