Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Date: August 6, 2009  Time: 10:30am

Office of Congressman Baca
Address:  201 North "E" Street, Suite 102
San Bernardino, CA  92410

Tel: 909-885-2222

Please join us and personally attend this meeting with Mike Trujillo for Congressman Baca and fax your letter of support, personal experience and urgent need for help if you are being evicted after foreclosure by the banks.

Demand the funding from Washington be allocated for competent attorneys who have been educated about securitization to provide the legal defense urgently needed to help and keep homeowners in their homes after foreclosure or are now facing foreclosure and eviction by the banks!

If you have been denied a loan modification by the lender/bank, or, cannot meet your monthly obligations after the loan modification we want to hear from you!

Your Dream Home Solutions, Inc.

Fax:  951-682-5024  your letter of support and the urgent need to keep you in your home or


or contact

June Reyno, Founding Member
"National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice"
858-361-2399 or 858-361-7899

Go to:
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Hello All: (Please distribute and copy)

Please send your electronic signature to:

to help families save their homes urging Congress to pass the bill.  We are only in the 2nd Inning of the game!  The commercial markets are expected to adjust their mortgages with more empty office buildings to add to the massive residential foreclosures nationwide.  The Big Banks are holding on to houses now proposed to rent to after evicting innocent borrowers/homeowners.

The House of Representatives this week passed a bill that would authorize federally-insured depository institutions and banks to lease real estate-owned homes for a limited period of time --up to five years.  The House approved HR 2529, the Neighborhood Preservation Act, in a voice vote on Wednesday. 

In truth, it would also generate monthly payments and ultimately reduce the extent of the loss taken by the bank upon the property's sale.  See Diana Golobay, July 30, 2009.

The think tank, the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) called for passage of a right to rent law to allow all homeowners the option to remain in their homes after foreclosure.

"While this bill may allow some number of homeowners to stay in their homes as renters, it is unlikely to benefit the vast majority of homeowners who are facing foreclosure, since the decision to allow homeowners to become long-term renters will be left with the bank," the CEPR said in its statement.  "If Congress does not want to give foreclosed homeowners the option to stay in their homes as renters, it will be necessary to pass legislation that explicitly give them this right."

It appears that the Banks cannot sell these foreclosure properties quickly enough to add to their profit after fleecing the taxpayers of trillions of dollars in taxpayer debt so now and one way or another want their money through rents.  Homes that are not intended to be owned by the taxpayer renters. Homes that the banks stole and cheated from the investor/homeowners causing these homeowner investors to walk away without a penny in their pockets as they were being thrown out into the streets.

Go to: and

Workshops are currently being scheduled in San Diego and Los Angeles to educate lawyers and homeowners; bringing the 2 classes together to advocate for change and policy reform to restore and compensate the homeowner/investors pre and post foreclosure their losses.

Loan modifications by a very large margin are being denied to homeowners.  In other words, it appears as if the banks continue to deceive the public when their overall intent is to move to foreclosure because they cannot prove ownership, right or title on millions of properties.

Please join us to educate the public and those who have been traumatically injured by the foreclosure crisis.

Early bird discounts for lawyers who can get their MCLE credits $695.00 p/p and Homeowners $250.00 p/p.

Please stand by for further details.  Materials and workbooks at the workshop will be provided as tentatively scheduled for the week of September 14 and September 21, 2009.  1 day only for each class group.  San Diego/Los Angeles  RSVP required with limited seating.

We look forward to everyone's participation to help families stay in their homes.


June Reyno, Founding Member
(858) 361-2399 or (858) 361-7899
"National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice"
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Please pin this post before it gets buried under mountains of troll posts and gets lost forever.
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This from Orlando today:

57 Orlando homes set for auction

Sentinel Staff Writer

2:36 PM EDT, August 3, 2009


As many as 57 foreclosed homes in Orlando are expected to be auctioned on Saturday as part of a statewide auction of 200 bank-owned houses through Sunday.

Most of the properties have failed to sell after being on the market from three months to a year, said a Crystal Wright, spokesperson for Baker Wright Group, a publicity group that represents auctioneers Hudson & Marshall of Texas Inc.

While some experts have suggested that banks are not putting all of their foreclosed properties on the market, Wright said she sees no evidence of that based on the volume of those houses coming to market.

A big appetite for distressed properties in hard-hit states is driving national sales numbers, said Dave Webb, a principal with Hudson & Marshall.

"...there has been an uptick in home sales nationwide because of historically low prices and interest rates and the government's tax credit," Webb said. "Certainly, in the Sun Belt states like Florida, drenched in foreclosures, sales of bank-owned homes are contributing to the sales gains nationwide."


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The American dream of home ownership has been preverted to you may be abel to lease your home!

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There needs to be a moratorium on alleged bank owned properties until the fraud issue is resolved. It's outrageous homes are being sold all over the country that are stolen.

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Philip S.

screw those bills the funding for counsel is a good idea but if we want justice & our homes then everyone needs to hardpress the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs to pass HR 1728 and please don't even quote obamanation he's too busy trying to desperatley pass health care and increase the Black Budget for insidious reasons

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I attended a recent Homeowners Foreclosure Defense Workshop where I heard Neil Garfield and Brad Keiser speak which was fantastic, but they also had an actual homeowner, I think his name was Ken get up and tell his story how he had actually got his house free and clear.

If you are within a days drive of San Diego I highly recommend finding away to attend. Check out
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