Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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This petitioin is to the Secretary of the U.S. Federal Housing and Urban Development Agency, SECHUD DONOAVAN and President Obama, Shawn Donovan to change the agency's apparent policy to suppress howeowners claims aganist the banks and mortgage servicers for mortgage discrimination.  Under the Fair Housing Act of 1964, predatory lending is considered to be REVERSE REDLINING in violation of HUD's official policy that that type of lending violates federal law.  The law provides for a civil rights attorney to be appointed by HUD for the homeowner at federal government expense and full restitution to the homeowner.   In other words, this law gives we homeowners that have been victimized by these alleged corrupt lenders in the U.S. over these last ten years, a path for full restitution of damages and possibilty getting our homes back or prevention of ultimate foreclosure.

In my experience so far, the agency here in the Pacific Northwest, i.e, in Seattle has done everything they can to derail my claim. From suppressing evidence to falsifying my words in my claim that neutralize its efficacy and at the same time putting documents in front of me to take an oath when none is required by federal law.

The beauty of this law is that it comes from Martin Luther Kings' era and the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.  It provides that once the homeowner perfects their claim, that is a BIG DEAL to have HUD perfect your claim, the burden of proof of discrimination shifts from the homeowner to the bank having to prove at their great expense that they did NOT harm the homeowner with their discrmiinatory predatory and/or reverse redlining mortgage loan and servicing practices.

HUD has practically allegedly shut down taking these claims and this petition is meant to be sent to Secretary Donovan to have him direct that this law shall be upheld, that claims will be vigorously prosecuted on behalf of homeowners and that the supressing of claims by throwing them inthe trash, allegedly, will cease and desist.

Finally, that Congress will make the statute of limitations 20 years and that this will be backdated to the year 2000 as to when its new enforcement period starts.

This law is our path because it is FREE to the homeowner.

I am being stonewalled by HUD in the Seattle Region and from my view it may be :"obstruction of an administrative procedure  under federal law ie the Fair Housing Act that covers mortgage discrimination against seniors. like me as well as disabled veterans like me. In other words, targeted groups for predatory lending determined by the banks before they sold their bad loans by violating RESPA, TILA and other federal laws that prohibit using trickery and chicanery with intent to defraud the homeowner to buy one of these loans

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