Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Ed Cage



Excerpts from ROR post modified 10/23/07:


"Ameriquest Mortgage Co. / AMC Mortagage Returning our payment without reason and now foreclosing on our home Maitland Florida"


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     "We are undergoing a foreclosure with Ameriquest Mortgage/Amc Mortgage/CitiResidential Lending Inc. All the same company!! We sent our mortgage payment into AMC for the month of June 2007. We have been with Ameriquest since 2003 never missing a payment until are June payment was returned to us without an explanation. Then we get a letter from them saying that once again they are transferring are mortgage to Citi Residential Lending. After a sigh of relief we said ok, this mess is finally going to be fixed and we will be able to get back on track with our mortgage payments. Well, that was not to be. The door bell rings and there is a gentlemen standing at our front door with summons papers from Ameriquest Mortgage.

Neatly enclosed in the papers was a bright green paper that says and I am typing this word for word 'Deutche Bank National Trust Company(Yes, yet another company) As trustee of Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. Without Recourse does NOT want you to lose your property. There are programs in place that may be available to you to help you avoid losing your home and your investment.'

     It also goes on to say 'If you are interested in discussing alternatives to foreclosure, call 1-800-214-4826,Extention 201 or 204, Monday-Friday between 10:30a.m. and 5:00p.m. and ask to speak to a Home Retention Specialist. Well, she was not in her office and we are still waiting for a call back, but we are not holding our breath.

     People, please hear my plea. The only thing my husband and I have left for our old age is our home we worked our entire life for and now we are about to lose it. Sad, does not describe the ache I have in my heart as I type this report. Do not let this happen to you. Go with a good reputable mortgage company.

     My husband and I have read some of your horror letters so we thought we'd inform some of you that you are not alone. It's just so sad that the good Ol' U.S.A. has come to this. It's all about the money folks! And if your not one of the fortunate ones who was born with a silver spoon, Well, if you happen to see an old lady and man living under a bridge, it just might be us. Stop by and say hello.



Ocala, Florida U.S.A."

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Dear Sybil:

This is exactly why the financially desperate Citi Residential hired arch mortgage fraud perpetrator James Brantley who led Ameriquest to mammoth judgments due in large part to criminal fraud. Citi, faced with historic write offs and losses elected to sacrifice their reputation and risk criminal prosecution by hiring the second most infamous mortgage fraud perpetrator in America:  The infamous James Brantley.

      I will offer only a layman’s non professional opinion:

1)     I think you should go ahead and pursue the non foreclosure option. *Document* everything you do especially the date and place you send your inflated attorney fees and catch-up costs. It is here that James Brantley of Citi Residential will attempt to shamelessly gouge you.

2)     Pay special attention to your escrow and “corporate advances” and “suspense” fees; both credits and reversals and especially the DATES of application or misapplication.

3)     After you have done this either file an individual petition against Citi (I suggest you include James Brantley; he is a known fraudster) or join a long range class action against Citi Residential.


TIP: All indications are that Citi Residential will fold in 2008 due to fraud and colossal financial losses but please understand Brantley and Citi can still foreclose on your house again through further illicit manipulation of their highly incriminating “escrow” and “corporate advance” account(s).


Ed Cage

Plano Texas



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