Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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My story:


Home bought new in ’87 with conventional loan.  Mortgage co. bought by larger lender in ’98.  In ’99:


Bank to me:  “You’ve missed 5 payments:


Me:  “No, I haven’t missed any payments, you’re mistaken”


Bank to me:  “You are in default, you owe xxxxx”


Me to Bank:  “I have Western Union copies of all payments.  Loan is current”


Bank to me:  “You are now in danger of losing your home.  You owe xxx”


Me to bank:  “I know you’re trying to steal my equity”


Bank to me:  “There’s nothing you can do about it”


Me to bank:  “I can sue”


Bank to me:  “Don’t do that.  It will just cost you more money”


My attorney to bank:  “All payments are current.  This matter should not have to be litigated”


Bank to me:  “Send in your keys”

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Your experience sounds very familiar. If we lived in a country that actually honored the rule of law this sort of B.S. would have never happen. The bankster thieves would be rotting in prison where they belong with all the other dregs of society instead of enjoying fruits of their thievery.  

Unfortunately, these days all too many of our courts, judges, etc have been bought and paid for by big money interests. Along with that, about 99% of politicians here are totally void of any form ethics, morals, pride and/or honor. Therefore, the average U.S. citizen doesn't have a chance of living free as they once may have. They simply no longer have any advocates at all looking out for their interests or well being.

For the most part people are simply too busy being debt slaves to care about anything else. 



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So, who's personal bank account have you been sweetening?

Do I smell a lawsuit in the making?

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You mentioned the merger in 99'.  Is this also the time frame when the dispute occurred?  

So how did things concluded and when.  Did you send in the keys upon the Banks request?  You didn't finish the story.  Also, care to mention the lender(s) names?  Are they still in biz today?  Just curious.
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same thing happened to me except I am still fighting.  i could have purchased the house outright for what i have spent defending it. Fortunately it is a different world. My company was countrywide. -

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Sold the house at the 11th hour.  Bank inflated the payoff, didn't amortize the loan and plugged in the payments I didn't miss on the HUD-1.  Blatant Grand Theft.

Sued, went to court with all the proof you could have that loan was current, Bank reported a foreclosure to CRAs, then removed it the week before the trial, but my attorney did not present my evidence, judge pounded on me for a day and slapped ME with a judgement for the bank's defense.

Subsequently filed a complaint with the FTC, they went in and investigated the bank and issued a Cease & Desist Order against the bank a year later.

Bank is now defunct, seized by the FDIC about 6 months ago.

I still have an open complaint with the BAR, and HUD.
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Of course they did. Its amazing how the amount of principle (no pun intended gets larger as you pay down the loan).

Ouch that does  hurt but at least you are rid of it.
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Anything new going on regarding the crooked judge?


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An insider suggested that he has a secret bank account in the Grand Cayman's.  I'm told it's very common with judges.  I'm pursuing that.

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   I had a similar experience in 2004 with Ocwen as the loan servicer. They
back dated the start day to pay from May 2003 to March 2003 and put me
in default. They added late charges putting me a third month in arrears. The
funny thing about it was I was paid up a month in advance. The suit lasted
from Feb 2004 til Feb 2007 when we finally settled and they admitted they
made a mistake. It took another year to get them to honor the settlement
agreement. I had $60,000 equity in the property when the suit began so it
is clear what they were after.
   As Nietze said, that which doesn't destroy you, makes you stronger. Since
that time, the lessons I learned have saved the homes of dozens of other
vistims and I defend as an independent paralegal. I have seen so much cor-
ruption among attorneys that it boggles my mind. I have caught defense
lawyers red handed selling out their clients. It is all a big game. Finding an
honest lawyer is extremely difficult. I am a former college English instructor
so I know how to do research and use a law library. A good paralegal can
often kick the butt of a crooked, incompetent lawyer. Lawyers need the
competition, but right now the legal profession is a closed monopoly. That
is the real problem in this country.
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Wow Guaranty is still doing this? I just accepted a settlement from them after they illegally sold my house after pulling the same money order trick on me- we got a letter giving us our month to move and got a restraining order keeping us in home til things were settled.  We filed suit 3 yrs ago- discovery and depositions had us tied up but last april right before our court date they offered a settlement-  we accepted it just to get this nightmare behind us.  funny thing is they have not ahered to the settlement terms they offered us - so a week ago my attorney sent a letter telling them get ready for court or comply.   I am writing this under debbie doe because under terms of settlement I am not supposed to talk about case but since they are not complying I am gonna half comply- that being said I dont want to keep quiet knowing they are still pulling this. email me back we can exchange phone numbers

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