Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Thought some of you may find this informational...

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Nye Lavalle
Moderators TAKE THIS OFF OR ANYTHING TO DO WITH ADMIRALTY LAW!!! It has gotten clients of mine into trouble and those guys from the DeLorean Group pushing this nonsense into jail for 100 years. Don't encourage anyone with this nonsense.

Also, am writing a quick guide and a book to be out by end of summer to help people in foreclosure. Anyone looking to fight foreclosure will need to put up $5000 to $15,000 to find a competent lawyer to help your case! Otherwise, check legal aid.

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Its complete BS
These sui people are laughed at in court. Even if they have a legit gripe about a bank loan they make fools of themselves and lose.
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While I'm aware of the story surrounding the Doreen Group....This isn't the type of action I'm talking about. Everyone of us have a right to defend property rights. If a judge isn't enforcing property laws Ie: Making them show proper ownership besides copies of debts then they need to be held responsible.

Especially like in my case the judge never demanded originals. There's problems with the way I was represented. I know this to the T and will prove it...If you have a good process to get them to produce the note let me know. I'm vying for having the judge investigated for denying my property rights. Possession of original instruments to foreclose should be mandatory. The judge refused my right to this. Just because I was in bankruptcy. We're entitled to the same rights inside outside of bankruptcy court. I also live in a non-judicial state..

No one should be able to foreclose without showing evidence by possession. If they want my house they'll have to answer...Otherwise they'll continue with their illegal foreclosures.

Also for $5,000-$15,000 you are outta your mind. The legal ramifications their pulling is insane... While I haven't accomplished everything I want to yet I have avoided them taking possession of my home.

I'll note I haven't made any admiralty claims yet. The complaint I structured made sense. Or else I wouldn't still be in my home. They are still claiming to want to foreclose though. But I've also disputed them heavily. On record in a court of law, thru the county courthouse as I put the judges previous orders into record. They can't dispute what they've done. And should have to answer.

It shouldn't be this hard to point out fraud perpetrated on one for no reason. Then there is fraud perpetrated by the atty...He knew he had no interest to protect us just his income. When in reality from the very beginning I can prove this. Or else he would of let things be known right away in court. Then would of followed up TIMELY with the adversary. But my case occurred before the Ohio case and the Sr. Banko judge vehlmently denied they would make such an error as they have in my case from the very beginning. I know the fraud created inorigination. Or else there wouldn't of been two appraisals. One paid for before origination. The one paid out at origination. Then the respa laws for determining a brokers pay were adequate to where I shouldn't of been deceived into thinking I should accept the ARM, Pre-Pymt, Penalty, and YSP....

For those that don't think there's any truth to anything to do with admiralty law should read, read, and read some more... Such cases are instructional in the wording of cases....such as the case of Rhonda Lewallen here in MO, Then the Sima Schwartz case in MA.

Then of course the best case I found to make my complaint...The case I lost my job over...Richard Pandolfi vs. Chase...Or The Enforcer Inc./Nkt Land Acquisitions vs Chase.

Nye, I being a professional in this business take offense to being lied to for no reason. Everyone needs help. How many homes they've foreclosed on! The amounts you want could be just if it keeps one in their home. However, if people are behind in their mortgage chances are they won't have that kind of money to try to fight. Legal aid attorneys here in St. Louis have quoted as high as $30,000 this same atty however, I know represented someone for way less. If one is educated about the laws of this land no one wants to represent them. They legitimately do have their own ATTY CLUBS....

What a mess for one to figure out...All for always trying to do right...Admiralty/common law rights should be upheld at all costs in the defense of a foreclosure. Not everyone is insane ....

Best of Luck!
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Nye Lavalle
I am just preparing people for how and what they need to fight. That's using a lawyer that is qualified that will take his REMAINING FEES on contingency basis! Just a fact!
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