Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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As a long-term (and still hanging on) Litton Loan Servicing ms fraud victim, I've been observing the Goldman Sachs Senate hearings/SEC complaint with great interest.  Hmmm.  Synthetic CDOs comprised of RMBS hand-selected by Paulson to decrease in value, shorted by Goldman and sold long by them to others.
This is getting tantalyzingly close to my area of interest here, Litton Loan and mortgage servicing fraud.  Could someone please explain what Goldman's thought process might have been in acquiring Litton Loan Servicing in the first place?  Could Goldman's insider Litton connection be of use to them in bundling Litton manipulated RMBS and does anyone out there know if Goldman has done so?  I'm hoping for a smoking gun here but will settle for a better understanding of how Goldman Sachs may be engineering and profiting from Litton's dirty deeds.    
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Goldman helped create our debt before it was even ours, they had sold foreward ABS MBS CDO all kinds of securities, but they usually always did it through 3rd party lacky banks like fremont, countrywide etc.. so they wouldn't get their hands dirty. Goldman recognized Litton had a nack for treating their loan servicing "customers" like dirt(which is why they were going bankrupt) and Goldman saw that as a potential asset for the scheme concocted, because yeah they treat homeowners like dirt & we sue.. lawsuit here lawsuit there, they file the magic 12(b)(6) motion and the judge grants it without question, but Litton is still rackin up enough $$$ to keep the investors who bought the pools off their backs, because when one of those issues(which they will soon) show its face it's not like the ordinary homeowner lawsuit were talkin. these are lawsuits in the Trillions & you also have to understand part of the reason why judges are easy to throw families out onto the street is because their pension funds are invested in those mortgage pools and eventually the story about that conflict of interest problem judges have been keeping a lid on is going to blow. its practically why no cases go to trial, because in the event one does wall street lets the cat out of the bag on that judge and then he looks like a criminal and would prob lose his job 4ever(we can only pray that happens to them all)      

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Here's a link to a WSJ article posted by MSN on 12/17/07 discussing, in great detail, Goldman's synthetic CDO strategy.  It's an up close and personal early look at what is now the subject of the Senate subcommittee's hearing and the SEC investigation. It even names names of the now familiar Goldman cast of characters and indicates actual $$$ amounts the millions they personally received in perpetrating their fraud.  Jeez.  This piece has been public since 07 and offers greater insight than the subcommittee hearing did.  Sure wish some of the Senators had read it before the April 2010 hearings!  I'm definitely beginning to believe that the SEC and senate subcommitte hearings are nothing more than grandstanding. Can anyone out there offer any hope that Goldman/Litton and the rest of these scoundrels will ever be held accountable?  Why aren't the Feds following the lead of the Commonwealth of Mass and leveraging Goldman/Litton to compensate the innocent victim homeowners???
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