Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Auditors, are beginning to find Billions in potential claims against Goldman Sachs, Goldman is so concerned that management changes are expected to insulate both news of the problem and its board members, going back to PAULSON!
In the 60+ Million dollar settlement, Litton Loan was identified responsible, auditors are now looking at the potential risk to Goldman over the next few years and its exposure to future claims.
As MGIC/RADIAN now face numerous class actions, its D&O exposure to personal liability for there IN ACTIONS on the over site of LITTON LOAN and knowledge of what CBASS was doing is just being shown the light of day! 
I'm looking for more information on this so anyone with or having any personal knowledge please feel free to jump in and add it to this site.  I know Goldman people read this site often, anyone of you may offer somthing.
This information is from a source in NYC and has proven in the past to provide reliable information.
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The sale of Litton Loan from Goldman Sachs is almost certain, a management group that included Larry Litton was reported to have made an attempt to buy it back, but they did not offer enough, LOL  Maybe they know somthing,  Goldman may just chapter 11 or 7 the company as a total write off agaist its core business, it would make more sense to sink the ship, with the Litton's on board. And take the tax write off against their huge profits!
Well Larry, depositions coming soon to you!  You signed my loan, personal liablity, its so touching. May see you this month!
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Best of luck Gary.  I'm a Litton victim too, and have been following your saga here.   My situation has not yet escalated to where yours is but I keep an ever watchful eye on my statements waiting for Litton's next move to appear.  While I was in Chapter 13, Litton force-placed my homeowner's insurance even though I had sufficient escrow for them to pay my existing private policy, and then added on a multitude of other 'fees' for BPOs and other things, without ever advising me.  Those fees are still hanging, and Litton should return several years' worth of money for the additional price of the improper force-placed insurance to me.  So far, those multitude of additional 'fees' are still on my statement, and I check religiously to make sure my monthly mortgage and escrow payment is properly applied.  I know it's just a matter of time with Litton before they escalate things though . . . Don't turn your back on them, ever, and please keep us posted on how your case is progressing and any discovery that takes place.  If we don't help  each other, it sure doesn't seem like anyone else will be anytime soon.  Keep on fighting the good fight and thanks for keeping us informed.

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