Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Could GOLDMAN have been the largest "Creditor" to CBASS? when it purchased Litton Loan, in an out of court deal where its "Creditors" were not identified?  mmmmm
If this was true, GOLDMAN worked its own deal out with CBASS to keep it afloat, without having to put any money up front, and use the "cash flow" to buy the company that it may have already owned?
Lets do some digging, anyone else find out any information on who are CBASS's "Creditors"?
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Gold Digger
Oh Gary, Golden Sacks knew what they were doing when purchasing Litton.
Look at the undertaker in most of the loans that were underwritten from the git go...

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No question that Goldman positioned themselves for the down turn in the market, even by a few management personal over riding there entire firms recommendations, possibly some inside information for them do an about change.  However I guess what I'm asking was Goldman a direct creditor to CBASS?  I can find no information as to who the "Creditors" were for CBASS, but they are mentioned all over the place, but not named, in the Fieldstone filings for the 3.8 million, even in the sale of Litton to Goldman, it appears Goldman is not making one payment!  What gives? MGIC is claiming "no income" from the sale of Litton Loan from CBASS? 

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Any connections between Goldman and Fieldstone?

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Operative connection here is Fieldstone < C-BASS
Fieldstone Seeks to Pay $1M in Bonuses
A lender's recipe for downfall
MGIC - Investors - News Release
Fieldstone to Borrow $3.8M From C-Bass: Financial News - Yahoo ... 
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Mike just finished a blog on FIELDSTONES CEO and his "Apparent" jump from the bridge.  No connection I have found with Goldman yet.  I just don't understand the buy out of Litton, it appears no money down, no money transferred to MGIC or Radian.  I don't get right now.

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I believe we will never have a answer to this question.

First we have to look at Goldman Sachs position, one of the 12 who are invested in the Federal Reserve, so its a Fed thing....
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Remember Guys! These people are all very very well politically connected.
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