Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Nye Lavalle
(read my commentary in perens)

At Bear Stearns, Meet the New Boss

Published: March 20, 2008

James Dimon tramped through the rain on Wednesday evening and strode (gloating) into the headquarters of Bear Stearns, the embattled (battered) investment bank he hopes to buy for a mere ("chump" change) $2 a share.

Many of Bear’s 14,000 employees (many criminals) are expected to lose their jobs as a result of the JPMorgan deal. More than 400 Bear executives (mafia leaders) — seething, fearful (same tactic EMC says to use in servicing manual) and to their dismay (arrogance), far poorer (in paper digits and balls) than they were a week ago — were waiting for him (wanting to destroy him as they did so many EMC victims).

Only days after his controversial deal (TORJAN HORSE) for the beleaguered (criminal) investment bank stunned Wall Street (with glee), Mr. Dimon, the chairman and chief executive (Godfather) of JPMorgan Chase, made an appearance at Bear Stearns, hoping to win over (bribe) executives who have vowed to fight his offer. Mr. Dimon left many of them as angry and resentful as he found them.

“I don’t think Bear did anything to deserve this (laughing inside),” Mr. Dimon said. “Our hearts go out to you.” (and our middle fingers point at you)

“No one on Wall Street could have anticipated this,” (of course not, only people like myself, Jack Wright, Max Gardner, April Charney and all that cried and SCREAMED FOUL ORDER could, Wall. St couldn't) he continued. “I feel terrible sometimes when people think we took advantage (hey you guys know the game, you do it at EMC everyday). I don’t think we could possibly know what you all are feeling (and we don't give a rats azz) , but I hope that you give JPMorgan a chance.”

Over the next 45 minutes, Mr. Dimon made it clear that he hoped to retain the best employees (most productive crooks) at Bear but also made it plain that many of Bear’s 14,000 employees will lose their jobs (EMC will give you a foreBEARance agreement soon) as a result of the deal, struck at the urging of the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department. JPMorgan executives plan to cull (eliminate and extract human equity) one Bear employee after another, while keeping the best performers (those who are the best at crooked ways that match our own and could tell too much), as they move to integrate the two firms (mafia families).

A few of the executives whom Mr. Dimon faced on Wednesday, all of whom own Bear shares, pledged to fight the deal in hopes of luring a better offer from a rival bank (another Mafia family), a prospect that for now seems distant. Even so, Joseph Lewis, the largest shareholder of Bear, said in a securities filing on Wednesday that he would take “whatever action” necessary to protect his stake, including seeking out another suitor.

“In this room are people who have built this firm and lost a lot, our fortunes (our illegal racketeering profits... damn ain't Karma and paybacks a Biatch!),” one Bear executive said to Mr. Dimon with anger in his voice. “What will you do to make us whole?” (same tune EMC victims have been saying for years, only to be ignored)

The packed room of senior managing directors applauded.

Mr. Dimon responded gingerly. “You’re acting like it’s our fault, and it’s not (no, it's not our fault, but mine; since Nye Lavalle warned me back in 1999/2000 of what was going on at Bear and my bank, then BankOne). If you stay we will make you happy (we'll screw you one day in future when we are found out).”

But the Bear employee was not satisfied. “I think it’s galling you come into our house and you call this a ‘merger,’ ” the Bear executive went on.

This time, Mr. Dimon was silent. (ignorance is almost as bliss as arrogance)

But Mr. Dimon, ruddy-faced and sharply dressed in a light blue tie and white shirt, told the executives that those of them who stay might receive at least 25 percent of the value of their recent Bear stock awards in the form of JPMorgan shares. Those who stay until the deal closes will receive a one-time cash payment (payoff to shut up and not divulge inside info "the code of silence"). Mr. Dimon urged them not to blame Bear’s management, the government or JPMorgan for their circumstances. (like I said ignorance is bliss on all fronts)

Mr. Alan D. Schwartz, Bear’s chief executive, looking pale,(after taking it up the kiester and scared of getting it again when he goes to jail) summed it up. “We here are a collective victim of violence,” (yes VIOLENSE, are you puking yet, I am!!!) he said, his voice cracking. “It’s natural to be angry, and you’re not sure who to be angry at. But we have to put it behind us.” (dumdshiats aren't smart enough to be angry at me, my partners and themselves)

But there was a grudging acceptance of their fate, and a number of Bear executives urged colleagues to accept Mr. Dimon’s offer. “I’ve been here for more than 20 years,” one said. “This deal cost me big time (no more free Viagra from Ace in the men's restroom) . But if there wasn’t a deal, we’d be toast. (ha, we are toast!)”

Since the deal was reached Sunday night, JPMorgan executives have tried to characterize the situation at Bear as business as usual (we still are stealing peoples's homes and money). It is, however, anything but.

Inside Bear, it is already clear that the new bosses have arrived (sorry you missed the kiss my ring ceremony, but do as I say now and kiss my azz). On Wednesday, as Mr. Dimon made his way across the street under March skies as dreary as the mood inside Bear, a JPMorgan security guard stood watch at Bear’s entrance. JPMorgan executives have appropriated offices for private meetings and begun placing calls from the desks of Bear executives.

JPMorgan bankers are already calling most of the shots on Bear’s trading floor. Some Bear executives remained in charge of the risks the traders were taking.

Bear traders are shellshocked. “Never in my wildest dreams did I believe we would be sold for $2,” one employee said Wednesday. (well then say it was the American Dream, no?)

In the past few days there have been several instances when Bear employees have lashed out at the JPMorgan executives, creating awkward moments (fistfights, death threats, and assaults). The greeting on the Bloomberg e-mail screen of one reads: “BSC Credit Sales ...for a little while.”

On Monday, JPMorgan held conference calls with executives in various areas of Bear Stearns.

Then on Tuesday, Mr. Dimon kicked off a call with Bear’s brokers at 1 p.m., telling them that his grandfather and father were brokers (long line of Mafia crooks) and that he was confident that the merged firm would be a formidable force on Wall Street.

“I have broker’s blood (and homeowner's blood and sweat) in my veins,” one Bear employee recalls Mr. Dimon saying, adding that many of the brokers seemed inspired by what they heard.

For now, JPMorgan expects to manage client accounts from Bear’s private bank separate from its own, according to a person briefed on the situation. Bear customers should not encounter any changes, this person added, although that could change in a few months (when the rest of our criminal activity is exposed).

JPMorgan is, however, looking to use the deal to expand its prime brokerage business, which caters to hedge funds, and its commodities trading operation (as well as stealing from the middle class). JPMorgan executives also met with their own employees (and it was more high-fives and belly-laughter).

On Monday, Steven D. Black and William T. Winters, co-heads of investment banking, talked to JPMorgan’s top 200 bankers. Executives then addressed the rank and file in JPMorgan’s cafeteria.

In the past, JPMorgan has often struggled to integrate companies it has acquired. But that changed with the arrival of Mr. Dimon, who joined the bank as part of its merger with Bank One in 2004. From the start, he focused on stitching together its disparate businesses and wringing out costs.

Jenny Anderson contributed reporting
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H. Gosh

I don't know what the above posts really are trying to bring forth.  However, as a stockholder in JP Morgan, I have many questions.  Is this a "done deal"? Probably, but I have a lot to say, and I will be heard, since I own several hundred shares of JP and especially since JP Morgan Chase attempted to foreclose on me via Fairbanks Capital, and now, according to recent records filed, JP and Fairbanks NEVER held my note or serviced my mortgage.  I want explanations!!!  We can't count on our government, so we have to count on ourselves!!!!

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The Borg
I'm with YOU man.
I wasn't making light of the thread.
This ENTIRE fraudulent industry is not unlike, "The Borg" from the Star Trek series.
You are doing great work.
As said on the show, "CARRY ON!"
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Nye Lavalle
Sorry Borg, was in tennis and I knew Borg and I thought someone was making a reference to get withe the program and fit in and not attack.

Gosh, if you do have stock then e-mail me and I will tell you what to do and how we WILL make this painful for Mr. Dimon and expose how he and his bank have been defrauding many; supporting EMC's and Bear's frauds, and even the U.S. Govt!
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H Gosh,

In another post you say

A cautionary note to all Pennsylvania residents:

Our leaders in Harrisburg have declared that a NOTE is not needed to foreclose on property in the Commonwealth.  A MORTGAGE is the only instrument needed to proceed with a foreclosure.  Then, to add insult to injury, the holder of the note, even if a separate entity than the holder of the mortgage, can come in and seek judgment for payment of the note. 

Yup, you got it - double jeopardy!!!!!

So I ask have you ever gone to an attorney there in PA whose name is Cary Flitter? I ask cause he's handled another case against Chase there in PA. He knows the truth about Chase and speaks adamantly about how bad the banks are. He spoke about how bad they are in an article on here

He's located here:
Cary L. Flitter, Esq.
Lundy, Flitter, Beldecos & Berger, P.C.
450 N. Narberth Avenue
Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072
Toll Free:

I know for a fact he's handled a case such as this. Yours maybe harder since there's so many different entities besides Chase.

Chase is the issue at the heart of the matter. I know the case I came upon his name to try to get help on is
Pandolfi vs The Enforcer Inc. a note Chase was to of SOLD.
If you decide to look at the file there's a reference at the end of that file to the original case the JUNK DEBT BUYER brought against JP Morgan Chase.

Their case was brought because after the JUNK DEBT BUYER purchased non-performing notes from them they didn't want to assign the mortgages we were told we had the right to sell. I'm sure you've seen my posting about this.

I know Mr. Flitter has and possibly still is helping Mr. Pandolfi on such issues. Cause what issues were suppose to of been resolved in 2004 if their even resolved yet. Chase after selling debt still attempted to collect.

The Junk Debt Buyer did bring on the attitude from Chase by not allowing them time to follow the RESPA laws that are suppose to be in place. She apparently tried to collect immediately after purchasing not allowing a hello/goodbye letter.

My contention though is even if this didn't happen Chase took forever to get info to people who purchased debts from us.

What a FU world. The collection industry is RAMPANT with fraudulent actions everywhere. It's not just Jp Morgan. It's so deep the JUDGES are in on it as well. Regardless of how they attempt to make us feel STUPID. The constitutional violations every consumer is facing is ludicrous. These are the angles I'd be pursuing.  If not hopefully  NYE's idea may work. But I know if I was in PA I'd go to Mr. Flitter myself.

I did try to get help Pro Hac Vice-his wife did call back. Referred me to legal aid attorney here in MO. The same firm who told me it would take x amount of hours of time and all an atty has to sell is their time. To a different atty there of course but still same outcome. REAL attorneys who can make a difference are few and far in between and extremely busy to take on our cases.

Best of Luck! If I can be a WITNESS I'd be more than happy to help! I can't wait to go back in front of judges now. This has turned into a BIG NIGHTMARE all the way around.

I can't wait for JP Morgan to fall now myself.

God Bless U
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