Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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If you come fromt he same America that I do, then you will understand that "FREEDOM of SPEECH" is never completely free.

But why not?

Things we say in exercising our right, ARE our right to do so. But do we ever fully think of the ramifications that could appear, because of the inability for us to check our thoughts, feelings, discontent, anger, and tongues at the door?

If you live freely with speech the way I do, then chances are; you're guilty of saying things, you know you shouldnt have said too.

I've spoken many words whether verbally or in press, and the horrible things I've spoken or the backlashes I've made make me nothing but an American human.... To be American is to be proud, to be human is well we know alot of error.

By what we say, when we say it, and how we say it.

Even little old faithful Church attending, Grandmas are capable of saying things they either know they shouldn't, or just feel that they must.

Like immediately standing outside of the Chrurch entrace, after listening to the mass, making such comments as.

"oh dear did you see the dull blue dress Betty wore to Church today? Bless her heart she needs a new dress."

Depending on how you (as an individual are feelign that day) could take that as a complete insult towards Betty, or you could perceive it as the Grandma being sweet and feeling sorry for Betty.

If you heard it being said and took it as being an insult towards Betty, was Grandmas speech Completely Free then?

Nope, not at all. Because those simple (maybe innocent) words were misconstrued to mean something horrible, or nasty. So it had a cost. The person hearing it didnt want to hear mean things about their friend or neighbor Betty.

Within us all there is a pure heart, and when you're pure hert is at the surface it is loving, and caring, and doesnt want to be involved in reading ugly things, or hearing ugly things.

But again as humans, we make errs in our  better judgments sometimes.

Just the other day, I too was at fault and guilty. I too, exercised my right of NON Free Speech. It was NON Free because it cost me something.

It caused discontent by the person it was intended for. Should I have just kept my mouth shut, and fingers off of the keys? You betcha.
What did my brash thrashing do? What harm did it cause?

It caused that person to probably shun themselves away from, therefore, offering no help to me if I asked. Why would someone want to help me in any way, after letting my mouth release frustrations?

Their first thought is....... "I'm not going to help her because...... she said all of things to me." and We've all felt the same way, after being a victim of unFree Speech.

We ALL have been on both sides of the Unfree Speech, and both sides of it are costly.

Some forgive, some don't. It's a good thing for those that do, and for those that don't will continue to have the discontent for that person in their hearts.

Can we all agree that speech, and type isnt always free?

Noone ever knows when they might need the help of the very person they have just shunned, or been a victim of.

If you are doing something that you know is causing discontent for the other person then why continue to do it?

I promise to be more careful, of my UNFree Speech, in the now, and in the Future. (will I mess up? probably.Then i'll have to start fresh, again.)
The same holds true for all of us right?

It's all in the knowing of when to shut thy mouth, remove thy fingers, and let the dusty air settle. It's all in deciding if WE are going to hold grudges, from the UNfree things we read from the fingertips of others.

Can we all stop this UNFree speech we have directed towards others, and focus on our own cause, and the ways we will help the others who don't know where to start, or need help?

I know I will be trying my absolute best, to be using my speech as FREE-and good, Cause the UNFree sucks.

Just my thoughts.

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