Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I read somewhere a while back on here that those of us that are in bankruptcy may be able to obtain free legal help. Can someone please tell me what agency could help with this? We are in the process of fighting several items involved in our bankruptcy and I really need to find out. Thank you for your help.

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This of course isn't legal advice, but if you're in bankruptcy, you're already represented by an attorney. Most BK attorneys aren't equipped to deal with the predators and you may have to educate them, but I wouldn't suggest you try and manage two of them.


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NACA has a new program and referral services and a list of state legal aid organizations participating in this grant:

Helping Americans Keep Their Homes: Institute Announces $6.5 Million in Legal-Aid Grants to Help Families Caught in the Foreclosure Crisis

Volunteer Lawyers Project:
Their website says they can help if in Mass. or refer you:

Their attorneys are receiving some training info about predatory lending and servicing even if the quiz is a gameshow:
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Thanks everyone. My BK lawyer is very aware of the fraud going on with the whole mortgage industry. Although he has denied that it is politically motivated. He says it's due to greed. Which any of us here know just how politics plays a major role in the fraud that is going on. As far as free legal help for persons in bankruptcy, I am looking for an attorney to handle other aspects of our bankruptcy other than the MS fraud. We are trying to get some legal aid of some sort since we are in bankruptcy and can not afford a lawyer. This is due to the child support that they say my husband owes. We are trying to find a lawyer that will take the case on a contingency or some type of lawyer that may do it at no cost, due to us being under bankruptcy.

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H. Gosh

re child support and bankruptcy.  Don't look for any help. If your husband owes child support he must pay it.  You have no rights, since you married him knowing he had a family. If you are due child support you have many legal resources available to you. Please advise who is due/owed support and your state and then we can advise you

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The problem is that in 1993 he owed $6700 in arrears. In 1997 it magically went up to $17,000. (He was paying all along). In 2002 he got a statement that it was $14,000. When we asked for an update for the bankruptcy it now has magically become $21,000. The Dept. of Public Aid originated the order.
Since then we have gotten many different amounts that are owed. We have also been informed by a family member that the youngest child (who is now 25) is NOT his biological child. We went to the court house yesterday and filed a complaint and are waiting a decesion as to the status of our complaint. My husband has also requested a DNA test. We are just hoping that someone will take a look at it and see that there is a big discrepancy in the numbers. Also she did NOT have the children at all since at least 1998. The original numbers he was given in 1993 should have long been paid. We are getting no answers from them as to why the amount keeps going UP when he has been paying all this time. It has been taken from his paycheck all this time.
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