Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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John Lewis

not only has Ann's threat against 't' been deleted, but one of Ann's supporters threat to find me, and, i think he indicated put "cement filled boots" and "toss me overboard" ~  that post as well has been deleted.


As I said b4 Ann ur a POS!

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NOTE: a thread posting has again been deleted -- as current thread no 35 use to be at the beginning of page 2 ----


remember Anh --


"The server logs reflect her numerous unstable and abusive posts."


ps Anh, just in case you don't have any comprehension what a "server logs" is: it is a time stamp of all input on the Forum. eg all of your deceit is recorded.

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Dave, I don't agree with your point of view. However, I refrain to offer any comment as there are ongoing Police and FBI investigations for t and ka stalking and threat against me , my family and my house imminently before my comming birthday per their posts.

There are elderly persons and young children living in my house .  Furthermore, a retired Federal Officer also resides in my house.  We are taking t and ka's threats seriously.  t and ka have insinuated that they know our personal info and probably our house location.

Police are watching and protecting my family.  If any harm happens to me, my parents and my children, t and ka will be arrested.   FBI knows where to find them.

Dave, thanks for your concerns .  You seem to be a very nice person.  Send Jack my best regards.



Given that Ann is the person who stalks others here at the Forum and that she is the instigator of various flame wars here, it would clearly be a misuse of police resources for "police to be watching".  Police should give Ann the very same level of service and protection that they afford to any citizen and no more.  Since Ann has never been physically threatened by anyone at the Forum, any contrary report that she has was probably a crime.  Any exceptional use of police resources to either investigate Ann's false accusations or to "protect" Ann from her imagined threats would be a misuse of government resources.  Any "retired Federal Officer" who sought or encouraged any special treatment for Ann in respect of imagined threats would probably also be engaged in misconduct, possibly illegal.


If any harm happens to Ann,  it will not be because of t or ka.  It will be because Ann has continued her pattern of abusive behavior and has finally sent some person who is a non-participant at this Forum over the edge.  No one is going to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to harm Ann and no one has threatened to do so.  But harm might come to Ann in an ordinary, but unexpected way, if she fails to get her anger properly managed and under control.  Again, this harm will not arise due to anything said at this Forum.  Instead, Ann will just randomly attack some stranger with a history of violence and suffer violence in the form of road rage or similar reprisal.


A much better plan would be to get up in the morning and treat everyone with courtesy and respect.  Be genuinely nice and helpful to others and be respectful of the rights and property of others.  Avoid unnecessary arguments.  Avoid provoking fights.  Do this not because someone has threatened you, but rather because it makes life a much happier experience.  Yet in avoiding disagreeable behavior, one is also much less likely to instigate some unfortunate attack or violence.   


If I went into a bar every week and picked a fight with customers and found myself hospitalized, over and over again, one approach would be for me to go to law enforcement and demand that they accompany me and protect me at this bar where I am being beaten up by other customers.  Any competent and sane law enforcement official would tell me, "It is probably better if you find another different place to drink".  Most proprietors faced with such a situation would also elect to deny admittance to me as a trouble maker.


So this might be a very good time for Ann to seek the psychiatric help she seems to need for her paranoia and anger management problems and to refrain from attacking and picking fights with others.  Which part of stay away from that bar does Ann not get?

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