Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Just when I think this fakery, forgery and theft can't get any worse...well, it DOES!

Mortgage Gate Just Got Weirder: Counterfeit Court Summons

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With each passing day, the revalations in mortgage-gate, which has for now implicated GMAC and JPMorgan in foreclosing on mortgages without titles, and will likely soon proceed through the entire mortgage origination industry like wildfire as more and more of those foreclosed upon begin to challenge the process (we wonder just what the statute on limitations for retroactive challenges is), are getting increasingly more bizarre.

Today, courtesy of Alan Grayson's office we discover that not only are servicers foreclosing on mortgages to which nobody apparently owns the title, but that servicers, representing such reputable firms as Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, are willing to counterfeit court summons in their pursuit of a clean and efficient foreclosure mill. As Grayson's office points out: "Apparently what’s happening is that private process servicer companies may not be serving people with summons, and are simply counterfeiting the documents so they can keep the fees without doing the work.  That means that you could theoretically be foreclosed on without ever knowing there was even a foreclosure case against you."

What it also means, is that banks may have been participants in this outright criminal judicial fraud, which we are confident will be uncovered in many more cases, as this is highly unlikely to be an isolated case. And the ultimate outcome, as the Florida Bar News states, is that soon, the entire foreclosure process will halt, thereby creating a huge bottleneck to cleaning out excess inventory as more and more squatters are allowed to reside in properties that no longer pay their mortgages to anyone, now that it is obvious that nobody (ahem Freddie, but how else can you keep bailing out the banks, pardon, the GSEs, via fraudulent fund flows) owns the actual deed. “If we had everyone defending their foreclosure, we’d never get through this.”

Docs are here:

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Arkygirl, the  watson mill is under investigation in FL. Also understand that Stern has a financial interest in title companies in FL as well is promoting to "investors" in DJS that they will be expanding to do the same, Title clearance in CA.  Why each and every taxpayer in the United State's , who is enriching people like David Stern through GSE bailouts , are not outraged is astounding. 
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