Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Ok.  I read the case in the Law Lounge for JPMorgan Chase where a judge in Florida dismissed with prejudice a case where JPmorgan chase, their attorneys, and another organization committed fraud upon the court by filing a foreclosure action for a loan that they didn't own.  The loan was actually owned by Fannie Mae.

Well, I was doing some nosing about foreclosures in my area, and came across a home that is owned by one of my daughter's friend's parents.  I looked at the case and it is almost exactly like the case in Florida!!  So please tell me if I'm crazy?

- Loan was originated with Washington Mutual Bank FA
- Note was blankly endorsed by a Liz Papke
- The mortgage of course has MERS on it.
- There is an assignment from WAMU to JPMorgan Chase facilitated by an employee named Barbara Hindman.  She is a Manager in the Foreclosure Department AT JPMorgan Chase (thanks social networking site :-)  ).
****The humdinger is that I got on FNMA's website and looked up the property.  According to FNMA's lookup tool, they own the mortgage!!!!!!

I want to tell these people, but before I do, I wanna make sure that I'm not halucinating or anything.

Advice, comments, etc. are most appreciated!!!!
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The evidence is right in front of your eyes, don't deny it.

Make copies of the records at the courthouse and print out the Fannie Mae info. Show your friends what you have. Pay attention to dates, of course.

This fraud is on all of us since the government turned the implicit guarantee into an explicit guarantee for Fannie Mae. Those are my (our) tax dollars propping the shell up and I don't like being stolen from by scummy big banks.

Your friends are lucky. They will, with your help, start out waaay ahead of where most of us started so many years ago. You can probably explain the scam and produce case law. Go for it!

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Thanks.  I wonder if they can file a counterclaim for the amount that JPMorgan is trying to fraudulently obtain from them......

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Ice Legal P.A. are the  go-to guys in FL that are obtaining all these robosigner depositions. You can search out some of their work.

It seems to depend upon whether you are in a judicial foreclosure state or nonjudicial foreclosure state whether this is helpful.

Maybe your friends can get the case thrown out with prejudice, too. Maybe that would be enough. I would consult an attorney about a counterclaim possibility.

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I forgot to mention we are in Ohio and it is definitely a foreclosure state. I'll check out Ice legal.

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I'm wondering how to get IN WRITING that Fannie Mae actually owns these loans?

I briefly read some stuff on their site that kept directing people to their lender or servicer......
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William A. Roper, Jr.
I'm wondering how to get IN WRITING that Fannie Mae actually owns these loans?

Be VERY, VERY CAREFUL how you plead and place into evidence the fact that FNMA is claiming ownership.
You probably do NOT want to CONCEDE or MAINTAIN that FNMA actually IS the owner or holder.  Rather, your position probably should be that FNMA CLAIMS TO BE THE OWNER, creating a dispute as to material facts and precluding summary judgment.
Talk to a good lawyer about this!
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Oh, thanks!!!!  That makes sense.  I talked to the wife last night and told her what I'd found and she thanked and said they have hired an attorney.  I'm going to email her all the stuff I found though and send a link to this thread.

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The Equitable One
Yes, if you prove the current Plaintiff doesn't own the instruments by proving that FNMA is the owner then you've just shot yourself in the foot. Knocking one out of the way only to inform the real party just assures the real party will come at you next.

Where are in Ohio? I know of a couple of attorneys in Ohio that I believe to be good advocates.

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