Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Hello All....

I have a question for advice etc from the members of this forum.
Twenty seven months ago I executed a QWR with my lender Chase (on an old WAMU refi) and at the same time I stopped paying my mortgage.  That was in Jan. 2010.  I never heard anything from Chase for months.  My wife had to file personal bankruptcy in July 2011 at which point our bankruptcy attorney was contacted by one of the foreclosure mills in south Florida.  The bankruptcy was finished in Sept.  We have never heard from Chase in all of this time, or this law firm for that matter.  Today, I found a hanger on my front door with a little slip of paper in it asking my to call Chase.  Interesting way to contact someone after a couple of years or so....anyway, should I respond or ignore it?  I have not received anything in the mail from anyone in over two years.  I appreciate any answers/suggestions....

by the way, the infamous Florida foreclosure law was defeated!!!
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If they left a hanger on your door I would definitely try to get a grasp on what I should do. You mention your wife filing bk but nothing about your self. Usually, if a chp 7 is done in order to keep your home you have to be current. If a chp 13 is done you now have a repayment plan that should involve the arrears, plus your auto and other secured/unsecured creditors in your trustee pymt plan. Then you just make that payment to a bk trustee plus your regular  monthly mortgage.

You don't give us much info to go on. In either case usually they will want you to do what they call a reaffirmation agreement.    If there is no reaffirmation agreement and your wife filed chp 7 she shouldn't receive a ding on credit since the discharge last year on the home. They should however, have to give notice of a sale to foreclose. The sale should be necessary to take out of your wife's name.

I know of cases after chp 7 where they didn't foreclose and left in homeowners name. When sale doesn't occur the home remains in the homeowners name and is left to still care for the home so be careful!
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My wife filed by herself Chap 7.  We or she disputed the mortgage debt..did not reaffirm.  Foreclosure has not been filed.  We are prepared should that happen.  We have a leading foreclosure attorney lined up who has been successful in dragging out these cases for years
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George Burns

Not every case can be dragged out for years. If that is what you are counting on, try getting that lawyer to give you his guarantee in writing. When he refuses, then you will better understand what lies ahead.

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