Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Who's On First?
He's just unhappy because he lost...
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You really are a piece of work Aka.

Tom  you failed to even address much less answer this question : Which ones of the

above “solid contributors”that you personally verified were NOT Markana Smith?”


As if I have any obligation to tell you, or prove to you who I verified was not Markana. I gave you proof as someone who was supposedly broke could not possibly have the resources to have paid email addresses in several different states. That is my only effort to show you anything. However, in light of your incessant accusations, why don't you prove to us who you are and what actual proof you have of anyone's wrong doing except tidy little clips of posts people make and your conspiracy theories?


It seems to me that there are many people contributing to this forum and one bad egg, ooo was that a dig?...and you are the only one with this mental breakdown. I'm sure any 8th grader can tell the difference between my posts and anyone elses. It is you with the fascination my friend, not the other way around. Do you run around the house singing "I wanna be like Tom" or something? Not that that is a bad thing, I'm sure it would be several steps up from where you are right now. Oh, and I've never lost a case yet, so that's a plus.


And let me quickly point out your obvious insanity. Do you know the definition of insanity? It is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. If we are all Markana, why do you post here? You constantly put us (or Markana) down, you constantly insist everyone posting here is Markana, you constantly insist everyone (or just Markana) is after you, yet you continue to post your jibberish to us (or Markana) expecting a different result.


So who are you? We all use our names, what is yours? Where is your proof of wrongdoing? I don't want to see snips of posts that could highlight your conspiracy theories, or your rediculous ramblings about everyone being Markana, show us proof. In the mean time you will be the one considered Sybil with the hundred different names and personalities. Have a nice day bad "egg".

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There is a very sick person out there.
I think that we all need to just ignore this so called person. Let it  keep posting as much as it wants. Sooner or later "IT" may go away. If we keep feeding this thing it may never go away. We are all here to help eachother with knowledge. There is something to learn every single day. But if we let this thing get in our way than we may ruin a good thing here.

From: "CMC" (That's who I am.)
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Anonymous knows when someone is acting in retaliation to anonymity in respect to exposure of those who are not part of an Anonymous Regime, the type that have business cards with their own name on them, who because of a broken legal system make lots of $$, consider themselves to be above the law, & STAR and/or even GOD like. But (which is usually always the case in someone being highly self-infatuated & unreasonably unrealistic at the same time) it is the exact opposite. They DOGs & RATS that are UNLAWFULLY ransacking the chea$$e after they BROKE the legal system. Let this be a warning to the one exposed if you do not want anymore exposure the I suggest you leave now & never come back because "By Any Means Necessary" Anonymous will take appropriate measures to Broadly Expand more Publicly the backfire that this professional is/willbe receiving from their attempts to maintain a perfect image. As for the homeowner of this site just like the other poster suggested ignore it or better yet ignore them here but (since we know who it is) just post pre-copied posts that Hurt their Rep Anonymously in many other public forums where they might be seeking to gain credibility or potential clients guarantee.. few contributors... every post... different forums .... good as Gone. just use the web trafficking sites to figure out where to go

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PB Great Idea you mean Constitutional Congress right or Conventional Congress.... well we should start Mapping It Out & Taking Role-call I'll start;

Namehilip Shelley Age:26
Location: Orange County, SoCalifornia, Central, 9th
(County,State,Federal District, Appellant District)

as far as Dough there has got to be a grant source, non profit, even TARP funds or strictly voluntary because taking donations & even asking for contributions directly from The People doesn't seem right or supportive given the nature of what's trying to be accomplished  
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What is it you wish to know about Markie? This is an open national forum. If your looking for info you can probably find it in the threads. However, be warned Markie isn't the only one with a grudge.

Any of us here and fighting have information to show that all we're dealing with when forced to deal with these judges and attorneys is nothing but corruption at the highest levels in our communities. In other words there are numerous people here with info not just Markie. Most have NO CONCEPTION like we do of the corruption.

So there's a good chance if she's atty bashing the atty is well deserved of it. Mine is as well. His name has been mentioned previously. So have the corrupt judges in my case. But guess what we're all in the same scenario! Corruption regardless of the truth staring them in the face. I myself feel alot like Markie. I'm not insane though. Just an HONEST American whose always fought corruption at these levels for several years now. To me I have NO REASON to STOP until I'M heard. MY LIVELIHOOD relies on me being heard. Which shouldn't be so hard to do. But we the people who have let ourselves be ruled are made out to be little ants by the antics of so few. Therefore, the FIGHT IS ON!

The JUDGES know how I feel. They know I've ALREADY TOLD THE TRUTH. Truth enough to hide behind more corrupt judges. Therefore, the recourse we're left with is up to us...We need to get RID of CORRUPTION at all levels!

I'm open to helping with the Grand Jury info PB has mentioned in his previous threads. Just need more info on how to address. Something, tells me Greg probably knows about this. Maybe he'll see and chime in. 
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O -

Thank You!

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Thanks for the information PB. If anything it brings to light the things a few of us have been talking about lately. Unfortunately this is tricky territory and anyone interested in what that site has to offer needs to do some serious research first.

While they point out all of the obvious flaws in the current system, they only give you the positives of their solutions. Declaring yourself a Soverign Citizen of the USA is not hard to do and does have the benefits they claim. However in doing so you expose yourself to losing certain protections afforded to regular citizens under the current system. There are trade-offs.

I'm not saying don't do it. To the contrary, you have the ability and the right to do it. Just read up on it first and learn the pitfalls they are not telling you about before you decide.

Now with that out of the way, I'm going to do some serious research myself to determine if we could use the rights and methods they suggest without putting ourselves into a predicament.
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I too am a victim of illegal foreclosure. was evicted even though no standing and no poa by loan servicer...have all relevant docs and about to file lawsuit to get my home back-filing as plaintiff pro se because no lawyer in new york has any stones to take on these companies

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I advocate Pro Se.  That way, the judge can't stifle your attorneys beforehand and you can probably do a better job of presenting the case than they can anyway.

As backup, I'd file a complaint with the FTC as soon as possible.  If they respond with "Warrants investigation", it's a good tool for evidence.
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Barbara Ann Jackson

Count me in; I'm joining the coalition!

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I'm waiting for the Federal Reserve to provide some resources.

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