Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Question to those KNOW fr sure the answer to this question:
If a spouse forges a power of attorney, with a fraudulant notary and sells his wifes house, without her knowledge, is that sale EVER a legal sale.
This women has tried since 1991 to get her house back, but her ex, a loan guarantee officer at the VA, had/has so much protection from his attorney, who seems to control the lawyers in the area, that no one was willing to take her case.
Isn't this house hers?, so long as she can prove she tried desperately to get a lawyer to help her, but they were all intimidated by his lawyer and his job with the VA?
The sale was in the late 80's
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The Equitable One
There may have been fraud, forgery, etc. involved but she won't win anything by merely proving she couldn't find an atty to represent her. She will have to prove the bad deeds.
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Statute of Limitations
Seems you have a statutue of limitations problem.  Even if you proved fraud, it was 18 years ago.  I think any suit you filed would be met with an immediate Motion to Dismiss which is all likelihood would be granted.

Just what is it she did for 19 years to try to get it back? 
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Firstly, she has the documentation. She has the forged power of attorney and other documentation, including his statements in a deposition of him during their divorce, that admits as much. She has other documents as well, I will not go into here.
She tried to retain lawyer after lawyer, trying to get legal remedy, unfortunately, he was an assistant loan guarantee officer at the VA at the time, ne had what appears to have been a group of professional, including RE brokers, attorneys, appraisers, bankers, etc all knowingy participating in this obvious fraud, with apparent foreknowledge of immunity from criminal or civil liability, he had/has an attorney who has apparent intense and overwhelming undo influence upon the justice system and attorneys. Its no clear what the nature of the ability to turn attorneys. Whether its intimidation, incitement, some type of brotherhood, I do not know.
She never gave up, but was beaten down by the reality that no lawyer would go up against this lawyer. It was apparently clear, after reviewing the documentation, that this was far to deep and dirty, and every lawyer she retained, whether for her divorce or child support, she was up against this same undo influence and corruption. It is an unbelievable and factual matter, extremely well documented.
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you know i've seen you post stuff about the whole va loan guarantee thing before and keep noticing signifigant details about your case that are details with my case. I'm in SoCal my dad bought his house in 1985 with a VA loan, he divorced in 1991, which is i guess you could say all the trouble started... we should talk email me

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