Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Anyone know of a list of forensic auditors who are auditing mortgage notes at this time?

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Yes, but one you want to stay away from is Eva Jo Sparks in Oklahoma City, Ok.
She is very high priced and don't deliver even if you pay her.
I recommend Norm Bradford - (703) 858-1477. He is an attorney in Maryland and will deliver your report within 7 days.

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Ladies and Gentleman:

This evening I was contacted by a gentlemen in Oklahoma City that regularly reads the Mortgage Fraud Forum.   He provided me with Bill Bower's forum response to an inquiry about forensic auditors.    Mr. Bower is  also known as Creditwrench when posting comments.

I've met Mr. Bower one time, he delivered mortgage documents to my office.   Normally I don't respond to negative connotations posted on public forums.   However, since Mr. Bower asserts that he is versed about my professional and business ethics, I believe it is my constitutional right to defend myself against his negative comments.

Let me introduce myself.     My name is Eva Jo Sparks.   I graduated Cum Laud with a  B.S. degree in Legal Studies from Oklahoma City University.   I am a Certified Legal Assistant [CLA] and a Certified Fraud Examiner [CFE]. I am and have been president for the past five [5] years of the Oklahoma City Chapter of Certified Fraud Examiners.    I own Oklahoma Expert Witness.    I am qualified to testify in federal and state courts across the United States.    Further,  I consult with the FBI's White Collar Crime Division regarding Mortgage Fraud, Predatory Lending Practices and Healthcare Fraud.

I have prepared in-depth forensic audits as well as Adjustable Rate Mortgage audits for numerous borrowers across the United States.    Presently, I am working with six [6] lawyers who are representing borrower/defendants in wrongful mortgage foreclosure actions.    I have fifteen cases that have been filed in several counties in the state of Oklahoma.   Six [6] of those cases are scheduled for jury trial between March and August, 2009.    I have prepared in-depth forensic audits on all of the cases and prepared affidavits with supporting exhibits which assisted the client and lawyers in defeating Motion for Summary Judgments.    Thus, we are infiltrating the courts throughout this state.

Currently, I am preparing seven [7] in-depth forensic audits for borrowers in other states.    As of today the one and only complaint that I've heard about or read is the one that Mr. Bower felt necessary to post on this forum.

Again, I generally don't respond to negative comments posted on public forums but Mr. Bower seemingly enjoys slandering my name, publicly.    That is a dangerous move, especially when he's met me one [1] time and has no knowledge of my background and professional ethics.

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Google: “Eva Jo Sparks in Oklahoma City” Results = 30+ hits, none negative

Google: “Eva Jo Sparks in Oklahoma City complaints” = 0 hits


I’d go with Ms. Sparks.

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Hi all. I want to let this forum know that I've used Eva Jo in the foreclosure against me that was started in May 2005. It is now in the appellant court with the other side wanting to settle. After I hired her, she found the flaws in the accounting in pretty short order which led to the ultimate appeal.
She is well worth what she charges for what she does and I wouldn't think twice about not doing it again if I ever need her services.
I know this much, you don't want her on the other side of the table investigating your numbers as she will find you out! She is a very professional and classy lady that's easy to talk to. Jim Hancock
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A simple search does not show Norman Bradford as being a lawyer in Maryland or Virginia.  The phone number given is a Virginia area code.  I would suggest that the moderators remove the post by “Creditwrench”.  There is way too much misinformation on the Internet and this appears to be as such.

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Despite all that chest beating the truth is that any bank's compliance officer performs the same exact forensic audit in about 10 minutes per loan application and they certainly don't get paid hundreds of dollars for each audit they do. The reason we have the mortgage mess we have today is because compliance officers were told to look the other way and make sure the loans were approved no matter whether things were done correctly or whether appraisals were correct or even whether people could actually qualify for the loan or not. In most cases people were signed up for an arm who didn't know or care what an arm was or what it could do to their payments, their budgets and their ability to meet those payments. compliance officers were told to look the other way and get those loans through no matter what. If you want forensic audits done the right way and at a reasonable price then go to Norm Bradford or Neil Garfield at Both are attorneys and if you look at Neil Garfield's website and then go look at Eva Jo's website you will immediately know where to turn to for expert help. Don't take my word for it. Go see for yourself.
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